Tuesday, February 5, 2019

SOTU Thread


What are your thoughts on the latest SOTU address?

I for one am hopeful since not one of the newly minted Hamas caucus wore a keffiyeh ........yet.

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  1. The whole dressed in white thing was oh so very high school.
    The young ladies, i.e., the radicals and antisemites to whom you are referring, are the "fresh new faces."
    I though it was a pretty good SOTU speech. The Dems will go right back to pretending that the duly elected POTUS is illegitimate still not realizing this says more about them than him. He sure espoused a lot of traditionally Dem positions that they now must be against so as not to antagonize the small yet active super left base.
    Trump's remarks about Socialism were a shot to the ribs of the declared Presidential candidates.
    His remarks on those 4th trimester abortions must have really pissed them off.
    Pelosi was a visual distraction like a teenager who can't sit still. Those lips which are eternally chewed yet never consumed.

  2. Democrats are so dumb. If they would only have worked with this guy, so much more progress could have occurred. The ONLY reason they say no is Trump. Instead, they resist and glom on to fakery, and all suffer.

    Overall, the speech was very good theater, with a lot of substance, and a straightforward dissection of the current issues that face the nation. He understands America, what it has meant, and how it is up to our leaders to decide. Hopefully, not socialism and the path that rips the Constitution apart.

  3. "CBS NEWS POLL: 76 percent of viewers approved of what they heard in Pres. Trump's #SOTU speech; 72 percent said they approved of Pres. Trump's ideas for immigration. "

    1. The Democrats and their media shills will be busy over the next several days to put things back in disorder.

    2. "Democrats are so dumb."
      Here are some examples of how dumb, or at least brainwashed, they are.
      It's a piece in the NYT by Bret Stephens. It's pretty good, but I found what I consider some flaws as well. Including at one point the phrase in reference to a Hamas desired takeover of a "reconstituted" Palestine, but with no quotes around "reconstituted". What the heck is he talking about.
      Anyway, I would direct you at the comments section. A look at the majority of them will tell you just how bad things really are among "progressives."
      Matti Friedman was right about the media. The results are in.
      It is too much work for me to take on every one of these lazy biased commenters and their fatuous comments alone.
      Then there is the last paragraph in Stephen's piece where I think it is quite possible where he himself is confusing cause and effect.
      Anyone, let me know what you think.

  4. The specif points of his proposals largely take the wind out of the sails of the democrats push for family rights and women's rights and such. In fact his proposals, were very broadly, democratic while keeping the focus on the bellwether issues for his base. It was very clever to let the dems and the women take credit for little more that existing because during the upcoming campaign he can use that for his advantage...more women in the workforce....under Trump and democrats cheered. Family leave act...under Trump and democrats cheered. AIDS research...under Trump and democrats cheered. Healthcare reform to preserve pre existing conditions......under Trump and democrats cheered.

    It was a master class in message control

  5. "Congresswoman Ilhan Omar suggests Jewish money behind US support of Israel
    The newly elected Muslim lawmaker provokes fresh accusations of anti-Semitism after saying that Washington’s support for the Jewish state is ‘all about the Benjamins’ from AIPAC "


    This moron needs an intervention. But the Dems have propped her up so much they won't do it. Neither will the media.

  6. I support Israel and they haven't sent me one single Benjamin. Maybe they lost my address?

  7. Well well well. Pelosi and others "admonished," but did not punish her and she kinda apologized. She shoulda got the Steve King treatment but she's a Muslim Dem so.....

  8. "AIPAC,with all its supernatural ability to hypnotize lawmakers, spends around $3.5 million on lobbying for Israel policies in a good year. “It barely even cracks the top 50, is dwarfed by the *beer wholesalers*” Zanotti writes. “In contrast, Planned Parenthood’s PAC spent $20M in 2016.”


    Another reality check about Omar et al's antisemitism.

    1. She singled out AIPAC, of all lobbies, as she always seems to find a Jewish nexus. What an adulterated, deceptive bigot. Puts Steve King to shame.

    2. It's what they do Oldschool. Gotta make it acceptable otherwise she is basically nothing.

    3. For centuries and millennia the "Zionists" hypnotized the world into thinking there was no 'palestinian' people. Turns out they had been there being totally and completely 'palestinian' the whole time from day 1 of day 1 while the entire Arab and Muslim worlds lived completely oppressed lives under the yoke of the Jews and the U.S., including too many to count massacres. Big thanks to Nancy Pelosi for putting someone on the foreign relations who could bring to light the inherent worst ever seen or imagined evil of the United States and Israel.

    4. Considering all the Jews have survived over the years, these insects matter little.

  9. Omar got $60,000 from CAIR but that's ok cause it wasn't Jews. Get it?