Friday, August 16, 2019

Hand Up If You Would Have Picked Your Grandma


Yeah. Me too. Grandma wins every time in my book because, well....Grandma.

For Rashida Tlaib, not so much. Politics trumps Grandma. Sad sad sad.


  1. What is also very telling is that if she really wanted to see grandma should could fly into Amman, Jordan and then have someone drive her through Judea / Samaria to the town outside of Ramallah where grandma lives. The fact that she has not done so demonstrates that grandma was a ruse.

    1. I read that the rest of the BDS crowd, et al, were calling her a sellout for acceding to Israel's condition that she not actively seek Israel's and the Jewish People's destruction during her visit.
      If that is indeed the case, maybe it is an occasion for her to rethink things. If she wants to see grandma, she might have to grow a pair and stand up to her totalitarian friends.
      To answer Doodad's query, yes, I, any normal person would see grandma.
      And if I wanted to fight oppression and racism, I would fight Palestinianism.

  2. Trump's tweet to Tlaib is priceless.

    Trump Says Tlaib’s Grandmother “Real Winner” of Nixed Trip: “She Doesn’t Have to See Her Now!”

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    1. Mike, since you asked...

      Every time he neutralizes the good things he does by what he says, he gives ammunition to the "other" side. He confirms everything they think about him.

      And, to be honest, is this presidential?

    2. Wrote a comment that was eaten, which sucks big time!

      Does it matter what they think? They also think half the country is irredeemable. Trump is not afraid to take on this bigotry by showing what his opponents already are.

      Let's understand they covered up massive corruption and abuses of power against him, and now they play the race card. He not only fights back, but has this way to let everyone see under the cosmetics. Others are so easily triggered by things once brushed off like a speck of dust.

      As for presidential, that has been fake for too long. It is different perhaps for a career politician and businessman. It is different in the age of social media. Was taking pictures with a selfie stick presidential? It's false outrage at work.

      Trump inherited a mess on the road to totalitarian globalism and American decline. His adversaries do not like that he is an impediment. They are fools. They could have worked with him and we would be much further along the process of fixing things. But that would expose them for their corrupt behavior. Which helps explain the overwhelming reaction of the status quo to Trumpism.

      Trump haters are a lot like pro-Palestinians. They never pass an opportunity to show what they are all about. Maybe they should be smarter. With such a mindset, especially when it's enabled by media, academia, entertainment, why not tug at their chains and let everyone see what unfolds?

    3. Let's just agree to disagree.

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    5. About what? That he is doing good things, but his methods to defend himself can be offensive?

      Do you really think in the onslaught against him, he should simply shut up? Yes, he can be obnoxious in his way, but what is more obnoxious to you, trigger words easily fallen for, or that the triggered believe and call him and his supporters Nazis?

      Trying to understand what you believe he should do different, based on reality, and if you think it would actually change the hearts and minds of those that do not want to accept the election of 2016. The way they act (they choose their behavior also) suggests that it is all about resistance.

      So what does presidential mean? The image we all want, a standard no one can actually meet, but we pretend anyway. Then we are disappointed when someone is not presidential. Is it fixed in stone? Or is it just a buzzword that actually avoids substance rather than contribute to it? The ambiguity and vagueness gets old.

    6. oldschool, I can see what some say about him not being presidential but while I get it, I have to wonder if we aren't in a post-presidential era right now. Namby pamby nice guys can't really cut it against Crazy Kim, Death To America Iranians, and brick wall Palestinians let alone a world full of massive migrant enabling that has cause no end of problems and violence and increased antisemitism. And when the alternative is Socialism, well, I gotta say....get outta town.

      Trump is as presidential as he needs to be in current circumstances. That's why the world hates him so much. They thought they had finally defeated America. And man I could go on forever trying to unwrap that statement but I suspect most here get it.

    7. Of course one can see it, but really, what is it and how does it matter?

      Maybe if the resisters would treat him like president, and not like a criminal, there would be more call to accept the outrage. They have tarnished the office no less, the bloviate fake piety.

    8. Let's agree to agree. The feigning of outrage between the MSM and Democratic Party over everything and anything Trump and the making of everything and anything about Trump is far worse than Trump's foibles.
      These talking heads in the media, well-paid for offering their opinions, have nothing to offer. They have exposed themselves. They will say the most stupid and unfounded things I have ever heard. These are supposed to be people who look at things from all sides and think things through. I guess you could say that Trump does bring out the worst in people, because he's got them defending even rat infestations in Baltimore. It's incredible.

  4. "Hey @RepRashida and @IlhanMN, Do you know who can't visit their grandfather? My children, because my father Richard Lakin was murdered by Palestinian terrorists who were paid TWO MILLION DOLLARS by the Palestinian Authority. Were you planning on suggesting they be given a bonus?"

  5. Let's remember that part of this whole thing was LIKELY a plan by Tlaib and the usual suspects to raise the profile of the Palestine issue for 2020. hey have done that but also remember that they have given mastertweeter Trump a whole lot of ammunition. Ditto everyone else who wants to lambast these Israel/Jew haters as the antisemitic face of the Democratic party. Keep the pressure on; don't defend them in some naive liberal stance that they are victims. That's why I like comments like this over at EoZ

    "Know who else can't visit their grandparents? Bobby Kennedy's grandkids, Leon Klinghoffer's grandkids, all of the grandkids of the 1972 Israeli Olymic team, Dafna Meir's grandkids, and all of the many, many other innocent Jewish men, women and children brutally slaughtered by "palestinian" terrorist murderers."

    Sock it to 'em Israel lovers.


    Israel Advocacy Movement video deconstructing Tlaib/Omar's claims.