Saturday, August 17, 2019

Tired of bowing and scraping

Mike Williams

{This was written by a Facebook acquaintance and a true friend of Israel.}
There is a long history of just getting along and not making waves. The Jews of Germany thought that in 1940, and very few of them survived. I think Jews would be far better off not looking for a fight, but don't back down from one either.

When it was announced that these two were coming, I sincerely hoped that the government would say no. Much to my surprise they finally said, not only no but no thanks you can spread your antisemitism elsewhere. Then instead of backing Israel many of our Jewish organizations backed the Jew haters rather than the Jewish State. That's OK, those of us who live here know that diaspora Jews still fear disapproval from their neighbors, and only want to get along.

Go ahead say the PC things that you think will help you survive, it won't but it might make you feel better. But, when your tired of bowing and scraping to non-Jews just remember that the door is open over here....


  1. Hi Mike Williams, and welcome to Israel Thrives!
    I am making waves, and a lot of enemies it seems. They will come around...eventually...once they have been ostracized enough and figure that their Jew hating friends really mean it. They are still in denial, in that, "we must have done something wrong" phase....uh, uh.

  2. Of course there are people that are chilled or stay silent, but Israeli Jews should not forget that they are a huge majority. Not so in America, not to mention the sheer difference in size and diversity. Nor are American Jews threatened like in pre-WWII Germany, or as they are in Europe today.

    That does not mean that many American Jews have not lost their way. Or that other Jews are simply malicious (and anti-American, too). But most Americans are pro-Israel. The actual haters are much less effective than they appear, even if louder and obnoxious. The same phenomenon, or worse, occurs for deplorables. However, the times are changing. Hopefully, American Jews may increasingly come along for the ride.

    1. I found this below the bottom of the article:

      "Editor’s note: Due to a high number of comments that violated our terms of service, the thread has been closed to new comments."

      Incredible. And they call Trump "unhinged."

    2. Love the doxxing justification. I would be willing to bet there are a lot more people pre retirement age who would donate, except being on this list guarantees you'll never have a job in Seattle. Has anyone notice how Millenials got around anti discrimination laws: you can be denied a job if you're not a "culture fit".