Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Don't EVER Forget.



  1. Some airplanes did some things.

    The crappy NYT tweeted this yesterday.

    "Eighteen years have passed since airplanes took aim and brought down the World Trade Center. Today, families will once again gather and grieve at the site where more than 2000 people died."

    They took it down after many complaints. It's like they wanna be labelled fake news.

    1. Yeah, maybe the government can do an airplane buy back. Those things are dangerous!
      "It's like they wanna be labelled fake news."
      Quite possibly a badge of honor amongst their target audience.

      But here's funny: They wrote "airplanes" rather than jets, or jetliners. I love airplanes, but people fly jets nowadays. Maybe the NYT is just attempting to be folksy and quaint without alluding to jihadists. Oops, now I let the cat out of the bag!

  2. It is not enough to remember the names
    of the victims who died when the
    World Trade Center was destroyed by
    Arab-Muslim terrorists on 2001 September 11.

    Even more important, we must remember:
    the names of the terrorists,
    which religion they believed in [Islam],
    which language they spoke [Arabic],
    and where they came from [Egypt and Saudi Arabia].

  3. Yigal Carmon [President of MEMRI dot org] said:

    Two months before 9/11, on Qatar’s state-run
    Al-Jazeera TV, [Osama] bin Laden was
    lionized in a show dedicated to him.

    He was called “the No. 1 Arab and Islamic hero”
    and “the conscience of the Arab and Islamic world.”

    The program host underlined that as
    “the [Muslim] nation thirsts deeply
    for someone who will confront America...
    not with words and slogans,”
    and said that bin Laden was
    “the right man for this important role.”

    And indeed he was.

    Americans are good people —
    just ask the Qatari Emir

    by Yigal Carmon, 2019/7/14

    1. “the [Muslim] nation thirsts deeply
      for someone who will confront America...
      not with words and slogans,”

      Without America and Britain creating all their oil wealth for them, they'd still be living in tents. What, they don't like the way we've handed over trillions of dollars? We're not clean enough to kiss their feet? They're a bunch of pathetic fanatical assholes.

  4. notice how YouTube tried to bury the vids. Too bad you can download/save the vids!

  5. The sneak attack on 9/11 really messed up this country. It is not the country it was before 9/11. That's for sure. It was a better country before. And I can say that it played a destructive part in my own life which I am still dealing with. I think the whole country is still dealing with it, and not well. It has changed us. Look at the Democrat debates and you will even see effect of this 18 years later! Our electoral politics is effected.
    In 1964, no one even suspected schmatta heads would play such a role in the future.

  6. Doodad,
    Should Justin Trudeau be allowed to host SNL? Join the cast? Or should his political/show biz career be cancelled?

    1. He should be cancelled of course, but there is a way for him to redeem himself by playing a settler in an occupation passion play during Israel Apartheid week.

    2. Jacob,
      I think you got it figured out.

  7. LOL This Trudeau stuff is amusing. I loved his Dad, Pierre, a genius even though a Commie (back then I didnt care.) His mom was a lunatic, so..... Most of the leftists here advocate cutting him some slack.....hypocrites. He should of course, if current racism thinking has any merit, be dumped by the roadside like 6 day old garbage.

    1. If nothing else, it should get him to stop coming down on others who are flawed. Then again, what's the big deal? Appropriation is almost always positive and complimentary. Those who are triggered are often a small slice who scream loudest. Is the outrage authentic, or a sword? Too bad people don't have much else to focus on. Racism is so little that people like Smollett have to make it up. It's a sign of how good things actually are that we can obsess over nonsense.

  8. I thought this was a good one.


    by Melanie Phillips

  9. It looks like Arabs may get the chance to end Bibi's political career. Shame on Israeli voters and a political setup that allows this to happen. As Caroline Glick notes

    " there is not one Arab party that accepts Israel’s right to exist. There were Arab politicians elected yesterday that have written odes to terrorist murderers on their Facebook pages. Arab lawmakers were elected that have met with terror kingpins. Arab lawmakers routinely support the Palestinian war against Israel and express support for Hamas.

    It is not racist for Israelis not to want Hamas supporters and champions of terrorist murderers in the Israeli government or receiving security briefings from the military and intelligence services. It is rational."


  10. I heard a rumour that Democrats are suing Iran over the rights to use "Death To America," as a 2020 campaign slogan.

    1. Yeah, it's a good joke Jeff but you know there is some truth ti it all. This Whistleblowergate stuff is just one more example where Dems think they should have oversight over everything THIS president says and does. It's ridiculous and dangerous.

    2. The sides are so diametrically opposed as to what happened. If only there wasn't a track record of hoaxes from one direction. Is this another, and if so, will the rank and file fall prey again? You have to figure that those infected with TDS, and who believe his followers are as evil, will invariably succumb, even more than to Greta.

  11. Oy vey.


  12. Trump should announce that he identifies as a woman, Donna Trump. Think about it.....

    1. That'll be gender appropriation. He can't win.
      Strange how impeachment starts as we get to know how much Bidens were getting from Chinese and Ukrainians.

    2. Trump, to his credit, is transparent in office. Not like the politicians before him. He is an open book. What better evidence than the transcript?

      Of course, it will never be enough. His enemies are have TDS and he knows just how to trigger them. He has exposed just how long these politicians have lied and deceived, especially to their own. Like in the cities. Like Russia. Perhaps it's the woke that are the idiots.

      In the interim, in spite of it all, things seem better, good enough that his enemies can obsess over the trivial, like plastic straws and must create hoaxes because, after all, they must represent reality. Our truth is more important than facts.

      No wonder they go after him from all sides. He threatens their corrupt ways. Trump is doing the dirty work that his predecessors were incapable to do, so kicked down the road. None of them had the gumption to fight hard and fight back, here and abroad. They would have folded long ago, or abused the power of the state against their enemies.

      If Trump is brought down this way, and who knows if that will happen, Democrats may rue the day that they harmed America this way, tearing the country apart and destroying the institutions that made their cozy life possible.

      Not that Trump is the greatest of shakes, either, but compared to the ones out to get him, and anyone that does not condemn him, he is less a danger to liberal values. AOC and Greta do not inspire confidence, nor do the progressives with their anti-capitalist, racist, anti-Jewish positions and forced conformity.

    3. They always say follow the money and this Biden thing seems to involve a lot of money. Who knows who all were involved. Trump always seems to have his ducks in a row in these things so I expect a few bombshells as this gets closer to 2020.

    4. The Democrats say they want to get to the bottom of it, but I think they reached bottom quite a while back already, are now busy contradicting the old saying that there's no place left to go but up.
      This is the party that couldn't even condemn an antisemite for her antisemitism.
      They haven't done a blessed thing I can see in the past 2+ years to try and improve the lives of the average voter.
      And when they say this is about protecting the constitution and our democracy, just what drug are they on?
      They want to pack the court, get rid of the electoral college, eviscerate the 2nd amendment and come for your gun, are demonstrating more and more a disregard for the 1st amendment, and have been actively turning a blind eye to illegal immigration while adopting the language of the open border advocates flying against the very immigration laws they themselves passed under the constitution, and use the laws in a strictly partisan way. They're not so great on Israel either. I don't believe you can be too pro Israel if you really understand this conflict.
      Today Trump brought up the idea of what this country would be like today had his opponent had won. Something to think about.
      Done, for now.