Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Trump versus Biden

Michael Lumish

My bet is that it will be Trump versus Biden in the presidential election of next year. It is a fairly obvious forecast. It is unlikely -- although it is possible -- that Sanders or Warren could take the Democratic nomination, but we shall see.

Biden is going to get a major headache from the "progressive-left" which has huge influence within the Party. This is mainly due to the fact that the American Left is, outside of political Islam, the most racist political movement in the United States. It is also THE most racist political movement in the US with significant political power.

Thus Biden will be derided by the Democratic Party base as too old and too "white"... whatever that means, specifically. And they will do so without recognizing their own bigotry toward the guy.

Therefore, Biden will need to hold off not only the Republican Party but the Democratic base, as well.

I neither voted for Trump, nor did I advocate for him, but my prediction is that he will win in 2020 for pretty much the same reason that he won in 2016. And this time I might vote for him as a protest vote against The Haters, i.e., those who despise "whiteness" and "toxic masculinity" and "Zionists."

If the Democratic Party loses in 2020 -- which is my prediction -- the most significant factor will be "politically-correct overreach"... particularly on the campuses, both high-tech corporate and academic.



  1. How many votes will hi-tech shift? It's a real question.

    Trump, as it turns out, believe it or not, seems to be the least of 20 some odd evils.
    Moderates need to take back the Democratic Party from the hammer & sickle dystopian clown car.
    I saw a FB post by a friend yesterday that was still hyping conspiracy theories about Trump. It is all reflexive. Talk about knee-jerk liberals. I'm pretty sure this individual hasn't a clue, yet the passion is there.
    The country is off kilter, and 2016 isn't where it started, but where it started plainly to reveal itself.
    IMO, Democrats have little reason to be upset by that election whereas 63,000,000 Trump voters have every right to be upset at the MSM's and Democratic Party's overreaction to the election results. Those people are not normal.
    MSM sleep-walked through the Obama Presidency, completely uncritical.
    Here is an experience I had last year. I took my wife for an appointment at the eye doctor. I wait for her for 2+ hours in the waiting room with CNN on the television, no sound, all captions. So I read 2 hours worth of CNN. In that time, there were 2 brief stories that were not about Trump. All the rest was non-stop Trump is evil, Trump is incompetent, Trump is stupid, Trump is a racist, Trump is a Nazi, etc., on and on.
    As soon as the Donald was elected against their wished, the MSM, decided it was a national emergency and gave themselves permission to do away with the rules, i.e., it's like Lincoln suspending Habeas Corpus. Who are these people? Just who do they think they are? And now the media is staffed with morons who graduated from leftwing paper mills. It's scary. They are everywhere, dressed up as liberals. Invasion of the body snatchers anyone?
    The so-called progressive left will not listen when you point out how racist and antisemitic it is.
    Q: Why does the "progressive" left love Islam? There seems to be an undeniable attraction.

  2. QUESTION: Why does the “Progressive Left” love Islam?

    ANSWER: The “Progressive Left” took its ideology from Moscow for many decades, and they continue to be heirs of the ideology of the former Soviet Union / USSR, even though that country no longer exists.

    The “Progressive Left” took its hatred of Israel from the former Soviet Union / USSR.

    The “Progressive Left” took its love of Muslims from the former Soviet Union / USSR – many of the USSR’s 16 republics were Muslim republics in central Asia.

    The USSR cracked down on all religion, except for Islam in its own Muslim republics.

    Very few people know this, but Sephardic Jews who lived in the USSR’s central-Asian Muslim republics were free to practice Judaism, even while Ashkenazi Jews who lived in Moscow were being persecuted for attempting to practice Judaism.

  3. Mr. Ali Adi [an Arab who lives in Israel] said:

    If you ask any one of them [Arabs] during a casual conversation, even the biggest hater of Israel will tell you honestly that they prefer a conflict with Jews to a conflict with other Arabs, which would naturally result in brutal, unchecked bloodshed. The Arab citizens of Israel will admit that they prefer the Israeli government to an Arab one, even if from their comfortable positions at Israeli universities they prefer to call it “the occupation.”

    I Embrace My Israeli Arab Identity
    by Ali Adi 2019 September 1

  4. Mr. Ali Adi [an Arab who lives in Israel] said:

    “The truth, which the entire Arab world already acknowledges, that the Israeli army is the more humane and considerate than the Arab armies, fills me with pride.”

    I Embrace My Israeli Arab Identity by Ali Adi 2019 September 1

  5. Jonathan S. Tobin [Editor in Chief of
    JNS dot org, Jewish News Syndicate] said:

    “... [Alexandria] Ocasio-Cortes, [Ilhan] Omar, [Rashida] Tlaib, and others making egregious comparisons of Israel with Nazi Germany are still being treated as the “future of the Democratic party” — in the words of the Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez...”

    A blow to BDS in the House
    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019/7/24


    Melanie Phillips said:

    “Yet the Democratic Party, which still attracts unquestioning support from some three-quarters of Jewish voters, has failed to discipline these women [Ilhan Omar (Democrat-Minnesota), Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (Democrat-New York), Rashida Tlaib (Democrat-Michigan) and Ayanna Pressley (Democrat-Massachusetts)] — not just for their Jew-baiting, but also for their deep-dyed anti-Americanism and anti-White racism.”

    SOURCE: In Trump vs. 'the Squad,'
    American Jews have picked the wrong target

    by Melanie Phillips, 2019/7/18


    Rabbi Harry Maryles said:

    “These four freshmen congresswomen have been
    granted far more attention, influence, and power
    than any other first-term congressmen in US history!”

    SOURCE: A Word to My Readers
    by Harry Maryles, 2019 July 17


    The most senior Democrat in the USA government,
    House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, has also condemned

    “[Ilhan] Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial
    accusations about Israel’s supporters” as “deeply offensive.”

    SOURCE: Ilhan Omar’s Pro-BDS Resolution
    Isn’t About Free Speech — It’s About Hating
    Israel and Jews
    by Adelle Nazarian, 2019/7/19

  6. Thane Rosenbaum [author of many books and
    a Distinguished Fellow at the NYU School of Law] said:

    “In this universe of automatic virtue
    bestowed upon anyone with a history
    of oppression, Jews are, bizarrely, kicked
    off the team, their privileges suspended,
    all because of their ostensible White privilege.”

    SOURCE: ‘Fiddler on the Roof’
    reminds us of age-old Jewish truths

    by Thane Rosenbaum, 2019 August 7

  7. Jeremy Rosen said:

    “We were fooling ourselves if we thought that
    anti-Semitism had disappeared.

    And if the left wing of the Democratic Party
    achieves dominance, you can be sure it will increase.”

    The One Easy Answer: Blame the Jews
    by Jeremy Rosen, 2018/11/27

  8. Rep. Ilhan Omar’s husband wants divorce after affair bombshell:

    Ilhan Omar dodges questions from The Post about alleged affair

    The estimated net worth of Ilhan Omar is $2.15 (from

    This is the same Ilhan Omar who pretends to be an oppressed minority.

    The estimated net worth of Rashida Tlaib is $800,000 – far above the average American.

    This is the same Rashida Tlaib who pretends to be an oppressed minority.

  9. Daniel Greenfield said:

    “The Democrats have made it clear that
    if they win the presidential election, they
    will restore the flow of cash to the terrorists.”

    SOURCE: Loyal and Disloyal Jews
    by Daniel Greenfield, 2019 September 1



    Will the Democrats choose a Jew-hating leader like Corbyn?

    ANSWER: The Democrats have already chosen leaders like Corbyn: Keith Ellison, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib, Bernie Sanders [self-hating Jew with no love of Israel], Hillary Clinton [accused Israel of being an occupying force], and ex-President Barack Hussein Obama [who for 8 years did everything possible to weaken and humiliate Israel.

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    1. Michael Lumish, please delete the comment by "monica" which is not written in English, and probably redirects users to a web site that spreads computer viruses and spyware.

      Then delete this comment. Thanks.

  11. Apparently, Biden's boss spied on Israel and Americans communicating with Israel.

    Remembering the progressive Zionist praise for Obama as Israel's greatest friend ever, when it becomes more clear from facts that he was the opposite, corrupt to the core, unafraid to abuse power and lie, knowing the media would look elsewhere or spinning to perpetuate the deceptions. Can still hear the lectures about liberal values.

    1. I have to agree with you. I am truly baffled at those who have told me what a great friend to Israel Obama was/is.
      What about his background and policies ever gave them such an idea? Apparently there are those who just don't trust their lying eyes.
      My own view is that Obama views Israel as something here for the short term.
      What else to make of his Iran policy which can only embolden and further the regional ambitions of the Islamic Republic?
      And then there is the arrogance of him deciding that he has a say in where Jews can and cannot live within their own ancestral homeland, and his ignoring of real international law that establishes their legal right to such. No wonder so many thought of him as a European type leader. He was.
      IMV Europe sucks. America was an improvement on anything Europe had to offer politically and socially the second John Hancock put his "John Hancock" on the Declaration of Independence. Another step and improvement on what had started in England centuries before.
      O.K. I'll shut up now.

  12. "We live in an extraordinary moment. Right now the values we hold most dear are under threat. The agenda of Donald Trump and Benjamin Netanyahu threatens the foundations of democracy in Israel and the US. While right-wing groups cheer for these leaders, J Street is building a movement to push back. Join thousands of pro-Israel, pro-peace leaders and advocates to stand up and make your voice heard this fall in Washington, DC."

    This is the text portion of J Street's new Facebook ad. I could puke. And of course, like good little students of 1984 style dystopian propaganda, there is a video that plays along. Because a picture is worth a thousand lies.
    I remember when J Street was first formed. Jeremy Ben Ami didn't fool this little rabbit for 1 nano-second. Why do others fall for this subversive crap?
    Hearing that "the foundations of democracy" are under threat from J Street is like hearing it from Pravda. This is Left wing politics in the West today - all broad strokes and hifalutin bullshit-ing.
    Add to this a Facebook acquaintance announcing (for probably the umpteenth time) that he is only against "Fascists" whom he seems to think he is coming into contact with frequently. Do any of these adolescent adults even know what fascism is? What Fascists are? No, of course not! But that's not stopping these "Dedicated Followers of Fashion."

    This is a phenomenon that I first became aware of while I was attending Berkeley, i.e., the willingness of ignoramuses to show off. To this day it still shocks me how people are willing to shout their ignorance from the rooftops as accepted wisdom. Obviously, they have no awareness, zero, how stupid and ignorant they are, and that, yes, Virginia, there are still those of us who notice, despite the applause from the others who have been cut off from Western Civilization's rich inheritance and having had replaced it with some bromides from some delinquent who read Marx for Dummies and celebrates "the Palestinian cause." Is there a lower form of post WWII ignorance?

  13. "Biden is going to get a major headache from the 'progressive-left' which has huge influence within the Party".

    And he will give the "progressive-left" a well-deserved headache. Celebrate.

    "This is mainly due to the fact that the American Left is, outside of political Islam, the most racist political movement in the United States."

    The magnitude of the American Left's bigotry is no different from that of the alt-right. The only difference between the bigotry of the Left and the alt-right is who the target is. Saying, based solely on being the target of the Left's bigotry, that the Left's is of a greater magnitude is like saying that having a boil excised from your skin is major surgery while open-heart surgery on some stranger on the other side of town is minor surgery.

    1. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

      “...I’ve long believed: that there is very little difference between the Nazis of the hard-right and the anti-Semites of the hard-left.”

      SOURCE: AntiSemitic Caricature of Me Generates No Criticism from Berkeley Hard-Left by Alan Dershowitz, 2017 October 26

    2. There clearly is a difference. How many alt-Right people can you cite in Congress, media, entertainment and universities?

    3. Exactly. The alt-Right? Where do I find them? The Left acts as if they're on every street corner - because that is their specialty, but seriously where are all these alt-rightists?
      BTW, are there really two different groups of Jews, one hated by the left and the other by the right? Any distinction is merely lip service.
      The Left's racism isn't a "good" racism, nor is it a "justified" racism. It's just racism, and they are the ones who currently saturate news and cultural media, the Democrats, and academia.
      If there is anything that can and is giving the so-called alt Right a boost in being noticed, and ergo any rise in popularity, it is a Left feigning outrage and hysteria. This is dangerous stuff and I wish they would quit, but they won't.
      Maybe someone could point out that the Soviet Union died from a terminal case of Socialism. I know some point out that fascism is National Socialism, and not the conservatism of freedom loving liberal democracies, but to no avail. It's hard for a Nazi to love the Bill of Rights. And the hard left only manages a pantomime, good enough, I suppose, to suck some people in.
      The End.

    4. "BTW, are there really two different groups of Jews, one hated by the left and the other by the right? Any distinction is merely lip service."

      You seem not to get my point. Large portions of the Left hold that Jews are untermenschen, but all other forms of bigotry are verbotten. Large portions of the Right hold that blacks/hispanics/Asians are all untermenschen, with some including Jews and some not. Are you saying that not including Jews with blacks/hispanics/Asians as untermenschen makes anyone any less bigoted than someone who only targets Jews?

      Note that I did not challenge the notion that the Left's bigotry against Jews exceeds that of the Right. But Mike did not just claim that Left is the greatest locus of anti-Jewish bigotry, but that the Left is the greatest center of all bigotry. Yes, they are hypocrites for sanctioning "good" bigotry--that which is directed at Jews--while claiming to be anti-bigotry. However, that does not make the Left's bigotry greater than that which is directed at all targets besides Jews.

      As to influence, there are enough people in Iowa who are comfortable enough with the Right's form of bigotry such that when Steve King ran against a Republican he was able to secure the nomination.

  14. As far as predictions go, I would incorporate some facts.

    To start, Biden has the highest poll numbers, and has a reasonable chance of maintaining that position. However, Sanders and Warren combined poll higher than Biden. That could become significant either as the candidates consolidate as the primaries proceed or at the convention where a majority, not just plurality, of delegates is required. On the other hand, the superdelegates, who will get a vote in the convention after the first ballot, have a reasonable chance of seeing Biden as more likely to win than either Sanders or Warren.

    None of this reflects my preferences. I would prefer one of Delaney, Bullock, or Bennet. Barring that Klobuchar. After that, Harris' support for Israel would be consolation for being too liberal domestically if she prevails.

    1. Just keep that sanctimonious little Buddha-geek away from me. (Yes, my rhyme goes with the actual spelling of his name. Or call him Fauntleroy if you prefer.)

  15. Sharpiegate? Really? The MSM has way too much time on its hands.

  16. "Left-wing Hollywood star Alec Baldwin claims he despised playing President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live so much that he once wished a “meteor” would strick him dead."

    A man's whole life can pass by without being given a straight line like this. I am too overwhelmed to even make the effort at this point.

    1. Baldwin was, of course, free not to play him. We live in a free society, and with his money, he is freer than most people on earth. Talk about privilege! He is also a bit of an emotion driven schmuck? Just a little sanctimonious. Maybe he, De Niro, and Father Buddha-geek could get a room.

  17. Gad Saad: