Friday, September 27, 2019

The March Of Return Suicide Gig


Another Friday, another dead Gazan protester, another outraged world community, upset that Jews won't let their country be invaded by bloodthirsty Gazans who just want to kill Jews. The March of Return, originally a planned 6 week protest, was co-opted by Hamas and now goes on every Friday. When I began looking at this, I was struck how almost every single Israeli news outlet framed the event as "mostly peaceful." This, despite the fact that someone almost always dies and dozens are injured while throwing firebombs, grenades and trying to invade Israel. They do no one a service by being PC and calling the riots mostly peaceful. They only encourage them and their cheerleaders around the world.

Incendiary kites are not peaceful. Grenades and firebombs are not peaceful. Invaders with knives are not peaceful. Wanting to invade another country is not peaceful. Yet the lie remains. Israel's use of deadly force has been condemned by the usual suspects:

Israel's use of deadly force was condemned on 13 June 2018 in a United Nations General Assembly resolution.[44] Condemnation has also been levied by human rights organizations, including Human Rights Watch,[45] B'Tselem,[46] and Amnesty International,[47] and by United Nations officials.[48][49] Kuwait has proposed two United Nations Security Council statements, which have been blocked by the United States, calling for an investigation into Israel's killing of Palestinian protesters.[50] The Israeli government has praised Israeli troops for protecting the border fence.[48] Media coverage of the events, and what has been termed the "PR battle", has been the object of analysis and controversy.[51][52][53][54] In late February 2019, a United Nations Human Rights Council's independent commission found that of 489 cases of Palestinian deaths or injuries analysed only two were possibly justified as responses to danger by Israeli security forces, deeming the rest illegal, and concluded with a recommendation calling on Israel to examine whether war crimes or crimes against humanity had been committed, and if so, to bring those responsible to trial

The world community can't understand why evil Jews want to avoid being killed and replaced by peaceful Palestinians. Geeze, they went so quietly back in WW2.


  1. "Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said Thursday in his speech at the U.N. General Assembly that despite Israel's demands, the Palestinian Authority will continue to pay salaries to terrorists.

    "Even if I had only one penny, I would've given it to the families of the martyrs, prisoners and heroes," said Abbas and received a round of applause from the crowd.",7340,L-5598103,00.html

    Imagine that. UN reps applauding the pay for slay efforts of arch Terrorist Abbas. Someone should burn the UN to the freaking ground and salt the earth.

    1. Only the Jews are expected to keep turning the other cheek. The Jews built Israel as a bulwark against antisemitism and the antisemites say, "well, we'll just see about that." Israel will just have to keep kicking ass, and Jews will have to learn to stop apologizing for defending themselves against the dregs of history.

    2. Most Jewish deaths in WWII occurred in Poland and Western part of Soviet Union. Contrary to popular anachronistic image, Jews in these countries didn't inhabit isolated schtettles, and men of fighting age were subject to conscription. So it was mostly women, children and the elderly that remained when the Germans came. In many families only the men that spend the war in their respective armies survived the Holocaust. The antisemitic image of meek Jews going to their deaths completely ignores this. Also, Germans did not exactly announce what their intentions were, and no one expected such barbarity from a civilized 20 century country.

  2. The notion that Jews went quietly like sheep to their death is offensive. There are many examples of Jewish resistance, most notably starting with the Warsaw ghetto uprising, but also including camp revolts, the Bielski brothers, and underground resistance throughout Europe.

    1. You're picking a fight with the wrong person.
      Doodad is obviously addressing the legend popular in the world and especially amongst even the mildest antisemites that the Jews went quietly and juxtaposing it with today's antisemitic urban legend of how brutal the Jews are, allegedly committing "war crimes" and "crimes against humanity" by the wonderfully peaceful world and Israel's fantastically poetically peace palestinian peace partners, i.e., a form of holocaust denial for sure.

  3. Thanks Jeff. I had hoped I need not use /sarcasm or scare quotes around here based on my record but if anyone was offended I apologize. joseph, your first clue should have been my use of "evil Jews." Regular posters would know I don't think like that and was employing sarcasm.

    1. Apology? Why? For a comment that focuses on a tree in the forest and sidetracks the point of the post? That pretends to be offended? Fake outrage more like it. Reminds of the way discourse occurred at DKos back in the day. When one can be offended over something so minor, has that notion lost meaning?

  4. OT

    Today's Left in all its splendor. Notice its fealty to the church of immutable characteristics uber allies. No child is safe.
    Notice also people with good paying jobs in the media with no class or sense of decency. But a lot of self-righteous ignorance. Their divorce from fact and civility has been contentious.

    1. I remember when the left admonished us to think of the children. Now they are targets of narcissists trying to outdo each other with their hate for all things Trump. I loved Star Wars; now I will never watch another thing this vile man is in.

    2. It is no longer possible to know if publicly expressed lefty political opinions are actually held by people expressing them. We have reached the state of Soviet Russia, where the first to stop clapping for Comrade Stalin goes to Gulag. I bet you any amount of money that public outrage over anything Trump is required to not be immediately Cancelled. And the enthusiasm is also measured and tabulated against your social credit score. Not so long ago it used to matter on celebrity level mostly, now it's down to every-man level. The totalitarian bastards already won. With a lot of help from Jewish Progressives (aka Judenrat). I hope they earn their comeuppance, for it's coming.

  5. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz
    said this about Israel:

    "No country faced with comparable threats can boast a better record of human rights, a higher regard for the rule of law, or greater efforts to reduce civilian casualties.

    Nor has any country in history contributed as much to humankind — medically, scientifically, environmentally, academically, culturally — in so short a time than has Israel in its relatively brief existence as an independent state."

    SOURCE: New Dershowitz Memoir
    Is a Must-Read for Israel Advocates

    by James Sinkinson for JNS dot org, 2019 September 8

    Mr. Leon Kushner said:

    “Israel is not perfect. No country is.
    But attacking the only Jewish state
    and ignoring the rest of the world’s bad
    players is anti-Semitic, plain and simple.”

    SOURCE: It’s Hard to Raise Jewish
    Children in an Anti-Israel World

    by Leon Kushner, 2018 July 25

    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “G*D will give the Jewish people strength,
    only then will the Jewish people have peace,
    and that is the lesson of the Holocaust;
    that is the lesson of Israel.

    A strong Israel is required to get peace.
    Never apologize for your strength.”

    Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement
    a YouTube video by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2016/7/23

    Lord Ian Livingston of England said:

    “Whilst the Israeli Defense Forces are not
    perfect, the obsession of focusing on them
    despite being the most moral and professional
    army in the Middle East is very strange.”

    SOURCE: Ten Baroness Tonge
    Pilloried at House of Lords Session She Initiated
    on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Children

    by Benjamin Kerstein, 2019 July 8, The Algemeiner

    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “There is yet a third strain of the current virus of anti-Semitism, this one even more difficult to diagnose. Its danger lies in its subtlety, its pervasiveness, and its acceptability at all levels of our society. This is a phenomenon familiar to all of us, yet difficult to articulate and expose: the singling out of Jewish institutions and especially Israel for special scrutiny, and the application of a double-standard to Jewish things and persons.

    This phenomenon, which currently has no accepted name, assumes a variety of forms, but its most obvious manifestation is the special and often gloating attention paid by the media, [and] by intellectuals, and by the government to any deviation by Israel, no matter how trivial, from the highest norms of humans rights, civility, and sacrifice.

    Though Israel may be deserving of criticism, what is missing is the comparable criticism of equal or greater violations by other countries and other groups. This constant, often legitimate criticism of Israel for every one of it deviations, when coupled with the absence of legitimate criticism of others, creates the impression currently prevalent on university campuses and in the press that Israel is among the worst rights violators in the world.

    We have all heard that phrase repeated many times.

    It is not true, but if it is repeated often enough,
    it takes on a reality of its own.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz
    (chapter 4, page 119) published year 1991
    by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374

  6. The WORLD BANK is ignoring the
    [Palestinian terrorist pay-for-slay]
    elephant in the room

    by Lieutenant Colonel (res) Maurice Hirsch,
    2019 October 2:

  7. "Samer Arbid, the alleged leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) terrorist cell responsible for murdering 17-year-old Rina Shnerb near Dolev in August, worked for a European-funded NGO linked to BDS, NGO Monitor reported on Wednesday."