Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Appreciating nature is now "white"

Michael Lumish

Jonathan Tobin tells us:
"I write in The Federalist: Despite The New York Times’ repetition of the claim that outdoor recreation is a “white activity,” there is nothing intrinsically race-based about enjoying what Muir described as the spiritual elevation one derives from appreciating nature. Regardless of who chooses to visit the parks, John Muir’s idea that preserving nature for future generations is a sacred obligation remains valid. The attempt to superimpose a dubious race-based agenda over the cause of protecting natural wonders from exploitation has little to do with actual racism. It has everything to do with a political fashion that makes leftist groups like the Sierra Club particularly vulnerable to canceling."
Lumish says:
Of all the idiocy that has come down the cultural pike in recent years, few could be quite as idiotic as the notion that appreciating nature is "white."
This is where the progressive-left -- also known as Identity Socialism -- has brought us.

Headline: Sierra Club, New York Times Have Decided That Camping And Parks Are Racist


  1. Having lived in Canada since 1957, I can affirm that nature is racist. Every year it's the same old white snow. White, white, white. Never seen or heard of any black snow.

    1. But some yellow snow, I bet.

      Oops is some twitter tweeting twit going to mistake that for anti-asian bias like the Chinese virus?

  2. A fine piece of writing by Melanie Phillips:

    I think I agree with every single word.