Thursday, July 2, 2020

A neglected element in Holocaust education

Sar Shalom

In teaching about the Holocaust, much emphasis is placed on the horrors, no need to elaborate, perpetrated by the Third Reich regime and the SS officer corps. However, much less, if any, is placed on the measures that the regime used to entice the German population to see what would eventually be done to the Jews as a justifiable reaction to the supposed threat posed by world Jewry. One aspect of this campaign was to start with publicizing incontrovertible unflattering facts about the Jews. These unflattering facts became a gateway drug to accepting half-truths about the Jews which in turn became a gateway drug to accepting total fabrications. Once those total fabrications were accepted as "truth," it became possible to believe that whatever was done to the Jews subsequently was justified punishment for what they supposedly did.

A similar pattern is playing itself out in how the Palestinianists propagandize about Israel's actions as they affect the Palestinians. It is incontrovertible that there is some degree of suffering, albeit considerably less than is claimed among the Palestinianists, among the general Palestinian population and the Israel exercises some degree of influence over how they live their lives. Those facts are the gateway drug for Western do-gooders to believe that when terrorists embed themselves within peaceful marchers demanding return to their homes in internationally recognized Israel and Israel deploys snipers against those terrorists, Israel is using kinetic force against the march for return as a march for return. That in turn is a gateway drug to believing that Israel is opening (nonexistent) dams in the south in order to flood Gaza trains American police departments in all the brutal methods of suppressing minority community.

Update: Many western do-gooders think they are promoting justice by calling for the full force of international opprobrium against Israel in response to her genuine shortcomings, half-truths, and alleged crimes. In actuality, they are following the same process that ordinary Germans followed when they allowed themselves to accept that fabricated allegations were genuine and thus justified what would otherwise be unspeakable allowing today's do-gooders to justify what is a vast overreaction to any bona fide shortcoming of Israel but seems like a proportional response to the monster that is depicted by the half-truths and fabrications.


  1. Not as hard for Nazi Germany or "Palestine" as one might think if one notices that a lot of heavy lifting had been done before hand.
    Still, what would you do or have done about that, have Jews live perfect lives as so not to invite unflattering remarks? There were incontrovertible unflattering facts about Germans as there are about Palestinians. The difference in each case is power: Can it be wielded fairly, honestly, and effectively. Israel and the Jews have not done as effective a job as they/we should. 1. Don't be afraid of mentioning unflattering things about your enemies. 2. Stop apologizing. 3. Lather, rinse, repeat.

    1. By "unflattering things about your enemies" I of course meant simply to tell the truth about them. Nothing more. And when I say, "stop apologizing," I mean stop apologizing for living.

  2. In case you haven't figured out my point, it is that the half-truths and fabrications told about Israel today are as valid as the ones used by the Third Reich to engender Jew-hatred among ordinary Germans. That is so no matter how accurate the true unflattering facts are, so that pointing out anything that Israel actually has done wrong does not excuse the crusade (used the way Muslims use that word) on behalf of the Palestinians.

    1. On second thought, the main post could benefit from making that point explicitly. I shall update it at some future time to do so.

  3. I did some little research about Adolph Hitler and his leading Nazi officers.

    The most interesting thing I learned about them was that they were very eager to believe many myths, legends, and conspiracy theories, as if those things were verified facts.

    Even worse, they were completely willing to act on myths, legends, and conspiracy theories, as if those things were verified facts.

    Conspiracy-Theory fans are not just harmless lunatics; when then get real power, then can cause great damage.

  4. Jonathan S. Tobin [editor of JNS dot org ] said:

    "If history teaches us anything, it is that
    a nation that destroys art and all symbols
    of the past quickly moves from attacking
    mixed-metal statues to live human beings.”

    SOURCE: A tale of two revolutions
    and why America must be celebrated

    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2020 July 2

  5. I had noticed that.

    I also notice that the America born in sin crowd overlaps with the Israel born in sin crowd.

    There are simply no other countries they have a problem with.

    I also note two prominent Somali women in our midst: One a thinker, the other a stinker.
    Here's the thinker:

    Here's the stinker:

    A supposedly devout muslim woman,
    who btw,
    as we used to say,
    "fucks like a bunny."
    Have you heard the news?
    She hates the Jews,
    they put her on the
    foreign affairs committee.

  6. OT

    Not sure if it was the mood I was in, but I was just mesmerized by this Daniel Greenfield speech:

  7. I am a fan of Benjamin Kerstein. Here is his latest offering in Tablet on the latest escapades of Peter Beinart:

    A short but good read.

  8. ...and the hits keep coming.

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    2. Mentioning his name is a good way to tempt Lumish into making an appearance here. :0)

      A friend of mine once described Said to me as a violeNt antisemite. I think he was right. He was an obscurantist liar and scuzzball. "Anonymous" can safely presume that he is one those 'palestinians' I don't give even one shit about no less two.

    3. Sleazy lounge lizard opportunist comes to mind.

    4. Does Anonymous care about Palestinians like Muhammad Daoudi Dajani, Khaled Abu Toameh, Christy Anastas and Bassam Eid? If you genuinely want to support Palestinians, as opposed to just hurting Jews in their name, support groups like Blue and White Human Rights (