Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Why would any liberal support Black Lives Matter?

Michael Lumish
It is a blatantly racist and antisemitic organization. 
Sam Edwards, of Canada's The Post Millennial, tells us that Yusra Khogali, BLM Toronto co-founder, wrote that "white" people are subhuman.
Following Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam, she wrote:

""melanin directly communicates with cosmic energy.
this is why the indigeneity of all humxnity comes from blackness."

God only knows why she feels it necessary to put an "x" where an "a" should be in the word "humanity." Oh, wait, I forgot that standard English is racist -- as is mathematics within some circles -- and the word "humanity" contains the word "man." Can't have that.
And, really, being black puts one closer to "cosmic energy"?
And high-level politicians and corporate executives support this heinous and violent nonsense?
This woman is not only racist, as is her organization, but she's also a stone-cold idiot.

Headline: BLM Toronto leader believes white people are sub-human, calls them 'genetic defects'


  1. Young and stupid would be mu guess for those who arent just poseurs and antisemites. Its particularly obscene for me because I can't get my kids to understand that BLM, the organization is Marxist, racist and antisemitic and therefore needs to be rejected in toto. A couple of them and their spouses have embraced the woke crap. Up until this point they seemed fairly bright. Now its, "Oh dad, you are an old white dude, You can never really get it."

    1. An old white male they said? As things are now that might be the best kind.
      Have you asked them what they find compelling about wokeness, or woeness (woe is me), other than everybody's doing it?

  2. Goes without saying that no actual liberal would, but these people are not liberals, in their beliefs, actions, or the world they seek to create.

  3. Because they can't distinguish between not supporting Black Lives Matter and saying that black lives are expendable. Natan Slifkin has a nice post about that difference.

  4. Why would any liberal support BLM? I can think of a few reasons. None which justify it.

    1. Ignorance of what the organization really stands for.
    2. Misplaced guilt.
    3. Stupidity
    4. They are LINOs - liberal in name only.
    5. Acceptance - don't want to rock the boat
    6. Weakness - they've let themselves be shamed by illiterate yet determined morons.
    7. Fear of cancellation. I'm either too stupid or too stubborn to have that fear myself.

    As for the rxcist chxckx pxx in the photo (not all x's were created equal), "cosmic energy" is the stuff you don't have to work for, the books you don't need to read, the math you don't need to study, the logic which only gets in the way, the discipline that only ruins your day of pot smoking, the real world should you every actually need to deal with it.

  5. Many, many idiots. A wonder to see the lack of depth in social activists, the intelligentsia, the politicians. Unimpressive that this is the best that can be had. If only they had some ethics.

  6. Michael you're a fucking coward. You're too much of a pussy to come out and say in big bold letters that you're a racist. So you pick out some random woman who 99% of America has never heard of and pin the entire BLM movement on her weird views to discredit it.

    Nobody in the BLM movement is talking about melanin being some connection to cosmic energy. They want the police to be held accountable for their institutional failings to Black people and others. But you don't have anything to say to that, because if you did, you'd have to abandon the weak intellectual facade you cultivate on this hellhole blog full of geriatric losers whose grandchildren are counting the days until they're gone. So you hide behind this woman that even you had never heard of until a pro-fascist website that you visit brought her to your attention.

    You're a fucking mendacious coward, Michael. You were born a coward, you live your life as a coward, and you'll die a coward. My condolences to the salmonella that had to live inside you for four weeks.

    1. For someone so upset about bigotry you're sure filled to the brim with it.

      Why don't you just go join the rest of your friends in the Hitler Youth and burn down a few more businesses and instigate more disruptive and violent mayhem in your now months long, and never ending, Kristallnacht?

      Police brutality is not this country's biggest problem by a long shot. This would indicate that you and yours have been overreacting, and that black lives are a convenient cover for a different agenda.

      I know you think you're incredible, as spokesman, (m-a-n), for all the "geriatric" geezers who deaths you're so excited over, I have two pieces of disappointing news for you.
      1. We're still here.
      2. We know when you went to school, and, from all of us all I can say is we're truly sorry about the ruination of the educational system, but you will have to suck it up and keep moving through life as a muddled thinking grade C moron.
      Poor Boo Boo.

      Were you one of the looters, arsonists, murderers, of just one of the "mostly peaceful protestors" who egged them on and gave your support. Don't you feel a little guilty about the livelihoods you ruined, the lives you snuffed out? Only a true sociopath wouldn't.
      Do you support defunding the police? Every study, plus generations of knuckle-dragging human experience predicts accurately what happens, i.e., lawlessness, especially violent crime, an eventual complete breakdown of civilization.
      Ho ho, hey hey, how many kids did you kill today?

      Now that I've read your little letter, I will address you in your own language.
      You're a copulating lying joke. You were born a joke, you live your life as a joke, and you will die a joke - a bad one.

      My condolences to all the good bacteria to which your existence gives a bad name.

      Okay. I'm through with this little creep.

    2. One other thing. Mike is right about that woman and the organization.

    3. Hi Anonymous,

      yes, yes, I am a coward (says "anonymous), a racist, and a fascist. You should try it sometime, you might like it. We gather around the bonfire at nights, which we feed with books, and sing old Nazi love songs. It's all very sweet and sentimental. The kids always have a great time.

    4. By the way, I am pretty sure that I know who the brave "Anonymous" is. He's some self-righteous doofus on Facebook.

    5. The fact of the matter, of course, is that BLM is closely associated with Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam which considers Jews "Satan" or "fake Jews" because, obviously, the real Jews come from Africa. BLM is a grossly antisemitic organization. They accuse Israel of both apartheid and genocide against the "indigenous" Arab population.

      In truth, Arabs are indigenous to Israel like the English are indigenous to North Dakota. They also accuse Israel of apartheid and genocide and believe that, within living memory of the Holocaust, it should not exist as the national homeland of the Jewish people.

    6. My bet is that anonymous is the guy who wrote this as a free-standing post on his page, not pointed at me directly:

      "I’m am saying this as a Jew to my fellow conservative wealthy privileged Jews that are criticizing poor people fighting for their right to exist. You don’t get to have an opinion on how these people protest. You’re opinion is meaningless and unneeded. The outcome does not affect you. You have no right to even open your fucking mouths on this situation because you have not struggled a day in your god damn life. If you’ve had money in the bank your whole fucking life, stick to talking about antisemitism. Stay in your lane. We don’t give a shit if you’re upset your neighborhood isn’t pretty anymore. Fuck you."

      I wonder if this guy has ever gone a day without food for lack of resources.

      I have.

    7. Oh yes, of course, the easy life. ROFLMAO

  7. BLM is just another race card scam fueled by other agendas. there are so many agendas involved it's hard to mention them all. But protection of black lives is far down the list for any organization that ignores the uncomfortable truth that most black lives lost are at the hands of their fellow blacks.