Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Are you liberal? Do you care one way or the other?

Michael Lumish 

Hating on white people is not liberal. Hating on "Zionists" and, thus, Jews is not liberal.

Supporting Socialism is not liberal.

Hating cops is not liberal.

Supporting Antifa is not liberal.

Supporting Black Lives Matter is not liberal.

Supporting Hamas or the Palestinian Authority is not liberal.

Supporting dictatorial theocratic regimes, as Barack Obama did with Iran, is not liberal.

Supporting race-based hiring or admissions is not liberal.

Opposing freedom of speech on college campuses, or anywhere else, is not liberal.

Cancel Culture is not liberal. 

Black-Only college dormitories or graduation ceremonies are not liberal.

Despising the Western Tradition as "white" is not liberal.

And, obviously, using United States tax-dollars to pay the Palestinian Authority so that it can finance the random murder of innocent Jews in Tel Aviv or Haifa or Jerusalem, as the Democratic Party will do once they regain Executive Power, is not liberal.

If you are a Democrat, are you sure that you are liberal?


  1. Progressive American Jews sure aren't liberal.

    What is wrong with these people?


    1. I was talking to these nuts yesterday on FB. They are out to lunch. They really believe this crap. No amount of facts can persuade them.
      And who is the Jewish Democratic Council of America? Not exactly a household name, is it?
      From Wikipedia:
      "The JDCA was announced in August 2017 after President Donald Trump refused to condemn white nationalist and neo-nazi demonstrators for violence which took place during a rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, and formally launched in November 2017."
      In other words, they're full of shit.

  2. The New York Times says today that when asked if he would condemn right wing violence Trump said, "sure," but then failed to do so.

    Is that an old Abbot & Costello routine?

    I guess the KKK, put on a list of domestic terror groups, is no longer on the right.

    Last night was a disaster for Trump which the media/left will exploit to the fullest. Trump is a president who cannot afford a single misstep. You don't like him, fine, but when I look at what is in store for us I can't help but get depressed. Biden's legend as great champion will grow as it is hyped by the media, although even with an assist from "Chris" Wallace he still sucked. Still, Orange man's performance, which was terrible, combined with the media's eagerness to pounce, is not a good sign. For getting through it alive, Biden will be pronounced healthy and fit, even though it's a mighty big lie - too many slushy appearances to ignore.

    Joke question: Which MSM outlet is going to win the Pulitzer for its ongoing expose of all the right wing violence America has been experiencing over the past 4 years, or past four months? Plus, is there anyone this side of Saturn who doesn't realize the Chris Wallace is a Democrat?

    Will the MSM adopt the forever story line of the hard left whereby all violence perpetrated at left wing gatherings is instigated by right wing groups? I think they might already have.
    Then there's Critical Race Theory. What did Biden and Wallace call it, sensitivity training? OMG, so long Western Civ.

    1. Almost forgot.
      Antifa is an idea, not an organization? I think he locked up the left wing vote with that nonsense.

      Try this instead: Antifa and BLM and the establishment left's indulgence of them are superb recruitment tools for all those right wing militias the fake media wants you to think are presently ravaging the countryside.

      Right. Keep telling young white males that their mere existence is offensive to all that is good and wholesome, and watch what happens. We are playing with fire, but nothing must interfere with the prime directive, Obama-ism forever.
      Can you tell I'm a little disgusted.

  3. "Keep telling young white males that their mere existence is offensive to all that is good and wholesome"

    Well said Jeff.

  4. Lin Wood , Kyle Rittenhouse's lawyer is incensed that the Biden campaign has labelled a 17 year old boy a white supremacist and militia member with no proof, thereby hurting his right to fair trial.


    1. Yes, certainly, a selectively edited campaign ad to go along with the Left's modus oparandus, i.e., scream "racism."
      What Wallace and Biden were doing was trying to get Trump to say "Black Lives Matter" and "Say her name." Cancel culture in full flower in the middle of a presidential election. Is there any doubt how close to the edge of destruction we are?

      Abbott: Lou, will you condemn racism?
      Costello: Sure.
      Abbott: Will you condemn white supremacy?
      Costello: Sure.
      Abbott: Will you condemn (non-existent) right wing violence in Kenosha, WI.
      Costello: Sure.
      Abbott: Okay, go ahead. (audience laughs)

  5. Speech is violence, except when the Left does it.
    Smashing people in the head, burning and looting, and shooting people isn't violence when the Left does it. It's the Summer of Love.

  6. A true Liberal would trumpet and praise the author of recent almost wholesale unprecedented peace agreements between Israel and Muslim countries. Scour the media. How many true Liberals do you you see?

  7. A actual liberal would speak out about Biden's recent and past statements about blacks.

    An actual liberal would disagree with the idea of “white privilege,” which confirms that blacks are inferior, as an exercise in white supremacy.

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  9. Watching all the announcements telling people to vote. Why must they be told? Corporate wokeism, especially from our tech lords, is scary. If someone is too lazy or ignorant to register themselves, to show up, to care, then why should that person get to cancel a person who takes initiative to register and some cognizance of the issues? The Founders talked of an informed citizenry. Vote harvesting should be banned forever, especially when it concerns vulnerable groups.

    Why does this civic fetish only arise every four years? The rest of the time there is virtually no attention to what it takes to be a citizen and to take care of our country, lest we lose it. That would a tragedy shame. Why are people not educated about life OUTSIDE America, and that America is an outlier in human existence. Banning critical race theory is a good thing. There is too much emphasis on things like 1619, when 1776 is more on the mark.

    Many are blind, others are oblivious to the poison of new technology and social media, and what it does to the human soul. For example, see the latest on that nice, former Twitter CEO, Dick Costolo. Or from the loving American Jews at the Jewish Democratic Council of America.

    The odds are not with Trump. Never saw so many forces line up against the ONLY one that actually challenges the opaque corruption that has infested our institutions, not to mention those that have bilked America for decades. His "corruption" pales in comparison, and does not concern his PUBLIC performance of duties, notwithstanding the fake basis for impeachment, a ploy by the resistance.

    Not to mention, he is the most transparent of any modern president. If he loses, he should declassify every paper related to the abuses of Obama & Co. There is supposed to be a trove, all leading to the smoking gun meeting on January 5, 2017, and the abuses that followed. Let the people see who they voted for, the real crooks, who spied on and then subverted a duly elected president.

    Imagine that! Actual liberals care about such things because they go to the core of our Republic. The real crooks enrich themselves on the public dime and give short shrift to liberal values. They charge that OTHERS will not accept election results. Pure projection. Cancel people in a flash for daring speak their minds. Change the Constitution willy nilly, in favor of a monolithic approach that eliminates individual rights in the process. Promises of pie in the sky that has never worked before.

    Indeed, one must pretend not to notice the true chill in America. One can pretend Trump is the cause and the earth is flat. But he came from the outside. Despite unprecedented opposition, inside and outside his government, he made significant achievements, domestic and foreign. Consider what has happened for Israel under his watch.

    The rot was there way before Trump arrived. That is what he encountered, rot and division. It was exacerbated by the stylish Obama way and his penchant for identity politics. Interestingly, when people encounter Trump's ideas, not knowing, they often nod in agreement. But those wedded to BLM and white supremacist racism of white privilege will keep pretending away, until there comes a knock on the door.

    1. "Why does this civic fetish only arise every four years?"

      Because that's when it counts to the powerful. Did you ever procrastinate until Sunday night to do your homework? Never mind. For these people it's like, "shit, I could be out of the best damn job I'm ever likely to have." It's not just the money but the position and power. I had an interesting conversation with my eye doctor today who knows people who know people, like James Clapper and John Brennan, and says that it is absolutely the case. Of course, those two weren't elected but it's the same idea.

      I am of the opinion that not everyone should vote, although of course everyone should have the right to decide whether or not to vote, obviously. But saying that can getting one into trouble with the wokerati and others of the "say her name," say "Black Lives Matter" type which is exactly, according to my wife, what "Chris" Wallace and his BFF Joe Biden and almost the entire sleazy as fuck media were and are trying to do to Mr. Trump to cover up the incredible amount of left wing violence engaged in by allies of the Democratic ticket, amongst other reasons such as the fact of Biden's quite shaky record on the race issue. You are certainly correct that this is a full frontal assault on our democracy the likes of which we have never seen before by, and for, the powerful. Yet they have convinced so many with no real power and everything to lose. I guess that being able to do such things is a big part of being rich and powerful. After all, just look at world history. No picnic for sure.

      You have raised so many good points. It's not looking good, except -
      Again, I have talked to a Democrat voter today who surprise, surprise is going Trump in 2020. My nephew, in fact. He was a little afraid to mention it as he thought I must surely be a Biden voter. I was completely shocked. Also, my eye doctor told me he would be voting Trump, and gave me the name of some youtubers to watch, but he left the plantation several years ago during the Obama fiasco, as did so many others. Jewish? Yes.

      It's really hard to know what's going to happen. I do not trust the polls at all. What scares me is the totalitarian profile of big tech, and unity of the media message. Once the United States is gone, there's really no great beacon of freedom to escape to.

      Biden's a nasty old fuck. I don't trust him, his competence, word, or cognitive ability, and I would bet he won't make it through a full term and we will be left with that thing, Harris. OMG! That's when you'll the knock at the door. I can't get over how disgusting she is. I'm not going to get into why right now, but I think everyone here who has watched her in action already gets it.

      End of rant.

    2. Okay, there's Israel. That's a beacon of freedom, but a rather small one.
      Canada is probably further gone that the US at this point, but the thing is that it's the USA that really matters. Everyone knows it.

      End of rant addendum.

  10. I thought this article from Benjamin Kerstein would interest you, Mike. I enjoy Benjamin Kerstein's insightful writing.


    His current offering art Algemeiner is about Peter Beinart, the New York Times and their newly founded collaboration in trying to rid the world of a Jewish State.