Tuesday, September 22, 2020


Michael Lumish

Do not take risks. Stay at home. Do not see anyone. Do not kiss anyone. Do not touch anyone. Do not eat in restaurants. Stay away from strangers. Only trust people who hide their identities, like bank robbers, Klansmen, and Antifa.

Never touch your face.

Wash your hands.

{Are you washing your hands? Go wash your hands!}

Yay, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death I will cringe in fear and tremble beneath a blanket.

Do not visit friends or go to parties.

Stay away from your office or places of business until Nancy Pelosi and Andrew Cuomo allow.

Do not go to sporting events or parks or weddings or houses of worship.

{Rioting, burning buildings, attacking cops, and killing people in the streets are just fine, however, if done in the name of "social justice."}

Accept unemployment with good cheer, because you are not alone.

Never mind the tanking world economy because the ruination of our national and personal lives is necessary to fight this evil.

Never mind rising rates of crime and homicide.

Never mind the likely rise in divorce and domestic violence.

Never mind increased rates of suicide.

Never mind increased poverty.

Never mind increased homelessness and the consequent rise of wretched tent encampments throughout the United States.

Never mind old people sitting alone in their homes or apartments with no one to help them.

Never mind the hearing impaired who find it exceedingly difficult to negotiate a world filled with masks.

Never mind children raised to fear others.

Just keep your head down, your mouth shut, and do as your told.

Remember, it's only been six months of lockdown with masks.

Only six more years to go!

Please live safely and in fear.


  1. Replies
    1. The thing is, we have no idea when this is ever going to end. And when they finally let us get beyond this heinous cultural/political moment the world is going to be a different place.

      There are people is East Asia who have been wearing masks on a regular basis for what? Decades?

    2. Just look at the way 9/11 has changed us. Oh wait, that might be too depressing.

  2. More comedy and a bit of added karma.


    1. Thanks for a little comic relief, school. Are you still in the same city that you were? If so, things must be rather interesting.

      Oakland has not gotten hit as hard by the Antifa/BLM fascists as, say, Minneapolis, but driving downtown with all those boarded up buildings is eerie and sad.

    2. Same place. Finally made it into town after 6 months or so. It's not a pretty sight to see a city die, partly due to lunatic leaders. Removed from reality, getting paid all the while, they make dumb decisions that others must live by, not themselves, ala Nancy Pelosi.

      Maybe by election day, BLM/Antifa will be as popular as Occupy Wall Street.

  3. Sound like anyone you know?


  4. When this thing started, we were treated to horror stories of bodies piled up deep in Italy and elsewhere, just like a real pandemic. We expected this here. I live in a town of 102, 000. We have had a total of 176 cases with 5 deaths. Not your grandpa's pandemic. I take it seriously given my age and health issues but c'mon....5 deaths? I dunno. Something ain't right.

    1. Well then, Trump would have killed your entire town twice over, no? If he had just done something a week earlier he would have murdered only about 1/3 of your town. But he's not done with your Canadian village yet, buster. He's going to have you all drinking Clorox bleach for starters and then make you inhale an ultra violet lamp. Anyway, if you need more info of Heil Orange's genocidal pandemic plans, consult "Bab" Woodward, or perhaps Forest Gump, not much difference in the speech pattern.

  5. Is it safe?

  6. My wife, as Jewish as a ham and cheese w/mayo, got a text message from Bend the Arc last evening telling her that they want to send her a mail-in ballot and "oh, BTW, who will you be voting for?".
    Another arm of the safety brigades.

  7. I can't believe Cuomo has the chutzpah to write a book on how well he handles pandemics. Of course, I couldn't believe he renamed the Tappan Zee Bridge for his father. Just a hot blooded regazzo, I guess.

  8. I think I'm done with fb. I made an even-handed comment on the court and was jumped on by someone who I would say is from "that other New York"; not the part I'm from, you know, the bend over backward to try and be fair part. It does exist.

    I got comments like, "Someone warned me about you, but I thought I'd give you a chance," i.e., real low brow playground kind of stuff. He said I should find somewhere else to comment, and I said fine. And then he started stalking me on instant messenger. Fucking incredible.

    I can't wait for the Republicans to confirm another Trump pick for the Court, not because I'm dying for another Scalia, but just because the Dems need someone to get seriously in their faces and do something they're going to absolutely hate, aside from peace in the Mid East, that is. What a bunch of 4 year olds.

  9. Discussing anything but cat photos on FB is a daunting task. I stopped posting 3 weeks ago and almost immediately felt better.

  10. Leila Khaled stopped from speaking at SF State (no thanks to SF State).


    1. Sometimes the good guys win, Jeff.

    2. Every journey begins with a single step.

    3. I know, that was amazing, right? Since when did pro-Israel activists actually become effective? Y'know, my primary attorney during the Reem's thing was a leader in this thing.

    4. I guess it helps morale to know there is an administration in Washington that doesn't tell lies about Israel and align itself with her enemies in pernicious and deceitful ways, like former POTUS Opaque Pajamas, his swift boat captain and crew.

  11. OT
    Dave Rubin interview with Christopher Rufo on CRT.