Monday, September 28, 2020

What is "whiteness," anyways?

Michael Lumish

It always cracks me up when people say that the progressive-left or Antifa cannot be anti-white because they are white. Well, BLM is primarily white also, yet still very anti-white.

One thing to understand is that the radical left does not consider "white" a descriptor of one's ethnic background. I always thought that to be white meant to be a person of European descent and that to be black meant to be a person of African descent.

This is no longer the case.

To be white, in today's parlance, is no longer merely about an ethnic background but thought to encompass toxic ways of being (ontologies) and toxic ways of knowing (epistemologies).

Thus any black people -- like, say, Candace Owens or Larry Elder -- who opposes what they sometimes call the "Democratic plantation" is deemed no longer to be black. They are suffering from "wrong-think" or what was called among an earlier generation of Socialists "false consciousness."

And that is why the idiot in the picture below, despite apparently being white himself, wants to abolish "whiteness." He does not mean that we should commit genocide against people of European descent. What he means is that white ways of thinking and being must be undone.

The only way to accomplish something quite so ridiculous is to undermine the Western intellectual tradition, itself.

Thus to rid the world of "whiteness" is to rid the world of the Enlightenment and everything that flowed out of it, politically, socially, and psychologically because it is all tainted by toxic "whiteness."

Orange may be an evil color, but white is beyond redemption.


  1. What is "whiteness?" Apparently it's not anything good. Musician and youtuber, Adam Neely, takes a stab at it. It could have been been an interesting video on different types and styles of music from around the world if it were not for this current masochistic neediness of the anglo sphere to see itself as deplorable and beyond redemption. Or maybe it can be redeemed through prostration and enough self flagellation. I don't know, because I couldn't sit still for the entire video. But as soon as someone uses "whiteness" as a pejorative I am gone, as I would be if they used "blackness" or "Jewishness" or anything ness. They can dress this garbage up as intellectual all they want and it won't make it so.

    I have enjoyed some of Adam's youtube features in the past. He's a very bright guy, but...shit!

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  3. Among other things, it's a con perpetrated by race and grievance hustlers, taught at the best of institutions, by educators that never bothered to learn much else. They are therefore reduced to teaching about narrow things with minimal value, with a common anti-capitalist bent, even though they would never surrender their own I-phones or privileged status.

  4. "They are suffering from 'wrong-think' or what was called among an earlier generation of Socialists 'false consciousness.'"
    "Consciousness raising" was a real boon to divorce lawyers.

  5. Woke white families need to send any of their black adopted children back to the orphanage just to be safe. Colonialist SOB's.

  6. Switching topics for a moment:
    What is "wokeness?" Believing the nonsense you read at the New York Times.
    I get the Times' "morning briefing" in my email each morning. Todays' was another doozy.
    It reads like an ad for the Biden campaign. It's so blatant, I can't even believe the brazenness of the paper of chutzpah. It seems all the adults have been driven off and have been replaced with safe space types who graduated college maybe 5 years ago.

    Of course, the NYT, as the "paper of record" still has its other slants intact, for instance, its war on the State of Israel, but now even more so with Peter Beinart leading the charge for a "one state solution." Beinart hasn't figured out a few things yet, the term "solution" in the proximity of Jews could just be a warning sign of bad things ahead. Too bad grandma isn't around to help him sort it out.