Monday, October 26, 2020


Michael Lumish

{Shocking, I know.}
They say that I am too right-wing.
I support a woman's right to choose an abortion.
I favor Gay marriage.
I favor equal pay for equal work.
I oppose racism and ethnic or gendered favoritism of any sort.
I favor freedom of speech.
I marched against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan from Delores Park to Civic Center in San Francisco a dozen times, even under the banner of the A.N.S.W.E.R coalition.
I was a Green Party member for a number of years and voted Ralph Nader for president.
Aside from that brief stint as a Green, I was a Democrat for 25 years. I even phone-banked for Barack Obama.
Right-wing, my ass.
What I am is a liberal critic of the Left because the progressive-left is not the same movement that it once was. In fact, it reminds me of nothing so much as the conservative movement from the 1950s and 1960s. So moralistic and self-righteous and humorless.
They're like a bunch of old schoolmarms wrapping knuckles with a twelve-inch wooden ruler.
See, here's the thing. They think that I am "right-wing" -- whateverthefuck that actually means -- but really what it is is a distaste for criticism. They think that because I criticize the Left I must, ipso facto, be on the Right.
But I criticize the Left because I come out of the Left. I almost never criticize the Right because they don't mean much to me, anyway.
The Left still thinks of itself as Abbie Hoffman but, in truth, it has become Judge Julius Hoffman.
This is me from not all that long ago.
Right-wing, eh?


  1. Why would you want to hang out with progressive-Zionists, who are not Zionists or liberals, despite what they pretend? Or on FB for that matter? Would not be surprised if they were happy what happened over the weekend to the Jews in NYC. Or if they seethe at the peace Israel is making with Arab states. Imagine what they say about you behind you back, and relish that you no longer participate in a place almost certainly fueled by TDS and NDS.

    1. I was invited in because one of the admins was a leader in the Reem's vigils.

  2. As I see it, you're already in trouble for some of the view you mention,

    1) equal pay for equal work - how quaint and old fashioned of you. Hillary spoke of something like "equal pay for women's work, whatever that means. I surmise it has to do with the fact that men put in more hours in a given profession than women in the same profession on average. As a result, men wind up making more money. That's not allowed. Women "must" think of child care and nice vacations. How unfair. The patriarchy strikes again!

    The next two, "racism and ethnic or gendered favoritism of any sort," and, "I favor freedom of speech," put you at odds with the progressive movement. What were you thinking! lol
    You're not thinking intersectionally, i.e., you're thinking.

    On top of those, you support Israel instead of a "binational" (Arab) state, and refuse to condemn Israelis as racist apartheid meanies. You were supposed to get down on your knees and plead that Israel is mean to the bunny rabbits, and, you need to apologize endlessly for your very existence.

    There you go. Three strikes and you're out!

    P.S. "So moralistic and self-righteous and humorless." You left that they are relentlessly pedantic in slandering their opponents.

    1. One of the things that interested me about this little tempest in a teacup had to do with where and how we draw political lines between the acceptable and the unacceptable. Now, PZ made a rule -- which I did not even know existed, because I never bother with FP group rules, anyway -- that any Trump supporters would be banned from the group. The comment that got the goods on me was this:

      "Look, whatever else you may want to say about Trump, he is not a racist compared to Barack Obama and, compared to Bill Clinton, he is no sexist. He is also the best friend the Jewish people have ever had in the White House."

      They have 8 admins and not long ago they decided upon what some are calling a "purge," so I was one among others. There was no explanation and no warning. See, that's what pissed me off. I did not mind walking away from that group because, indeed, I am no longer a man of the Left. It's been years since I have been.

    2. "... any Trump supporters would be banned from the group."
      So Progressive and inclusive! lol
      But I can understand that when dealing with Adolf Hitler, or, in this case, delusional people who think they see Hitler and Nazis everywhere. The Left take swings at the air in order to con us.

      Of course, your statement to them was absolutely right on, IMV. I find the Obama's racism to be quite profound. And Trump's, if it's their at all, not to exist in any meaningful way, which is to say, "Why the fuck are we consumed and obsessed with "racism?" Ans: Because it serves the Left's present ambitions.
      The problem with that FB Group, I think, is that they have latched on to censoring information, even from themselves, and the suppression of speech, which in this case doesn't even give them the tools they would need to objectively evaluate your statement. Voluntary bigotry in the name of enlightenment. They don't see themselves as problem. All problems have now been deemed external.

      I would bet the amount of money being spent by the rich and powerful to defeat this President is unheard of. That's not counting all the in kind campaign contributions from media outlets and BIG TECH Barrons. And yet, these little "liberal" FB munchkins believe they are standing with the little people and protecting defenseless minorities from "DRUMPF," as the gullible like to say.

      Perhaps Gad Sa'ad could give a lecture on the symbiotic relationship between bigotry and stupidity in what would otherwise be seen in normal, intelligent people. There seems to be at least a mimicking of a pathogen involved. But we are seeing it everywhere!

    3. BTW, I too, have been "unfriended" for merely defending Trump only in principle by a Princeton graduate. Not even that - for merely pointing out the factual flaws in someone else's anti-Trump diatribe. Yes, even Princeton alumni who went to school on full math scholarships can still be closed-minded assholes!

  3. Not a peep from Biden or Jewish progressives, probably including the FB censors, about the blatant and violent antisemitism in NYC against non-violent Jews exercising their Constitutional rights. They were only "chumps," so they deserved it. Looked a pogrom. Is this what we can expect from Democrats, as their party becomes infested with hate?

    Note the empathetic words of, among others, Robert Reich, not someone on the fringe, but a former Cabinet Secretary:

    “When this nightmare is over, we need a Truth and Reconciliation Commission,” tweeted Robert Reich, the progressive former Labor Department secretary to former President Bill Clinton and adviser to President Barack Obama. “It would erase Trump’s lies, comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness, and name every official, politician, executive, and media mogul whose greed and cowardice enabled this catastrophe.”

    What is wrong with these people that they have no empathy or respect, and believe they are entitled to dictate?

    1. Well, last I checked, Robert Reich was hanging out in Berkeley. Don't know if he is still there, but I do take his little diatribe as absolute proof he is off his rocker. Where do they get the hifalutin chutzpah?

      "comfort those who have been harmed by his hatefulness"...WTF?

      How about the guy was killed in Portland, shot to death for merely being a Trump supporter. Was he harmed by anyone's hatefulness. That's a good question to ask Bob Reich.
      What I keep finding is that many of the people, university educated elites with advanced degrees, can be as disgustingly bigoted as anyone. Of course, we learned that lesson with the Third Reich. I blame people like Robert Reich and the rest of the privileged class (yes, there is one) for letting the lessons of WWII and the Nazis be forgotten and for replacing those lessons and facts about what the Nazis actually were with cheap cliches that mock history.

      I would say, "fuck you," to his face. If I want insights from a short man, I'll look at a Toulouse Lautrec painting, or pull out some Johnny Puleo records. lol

    2. "How about the guy was killed in Portland, shot to death for merely being a Trump supporter. Was he harmed by anyone's hatefulness. That's a good question to ask Bob Reich." -- Jeff

      An even better question is, what happened to his killer? A NY Times report provides evidence that US forces executed him on the street in front of many witnesses, without any attempt to arrest him.

    3. Another question is why the Oregon authorities did not act to arrest him, after video showed he lay in wait and then executed an innocent person, and expressly claimed he was Antifa, you know, the myth and idea.

      That does not excuse Reich's remarks, however. Does it? Do you think Reich is alone in these sentiments? Do you support that? Do you think Trump is Hitler and his supporters should be held punished? There are plenty of progressives that intend to model the very worst we have seen in repression. The future of the Republic is bleak because of them, not people that support Trump. And they will come for Jews before it's over, like it or not.

    4. The Oregon authorities were part of the task force. And As for Antifa, AFAIK it's not an organization, or at least no one has shown any contrary evidence.

      An earlier Times piece, on the original shooting, tells how the "victim" maced the killer, who then killed him in response. Seems like self-defense, not murder.

      Meanwhile, Robert Reich ran his mouth. You equate THAT with the Feds committing murder in public?

      Drumpf ran HIS mouth as well. From my original link:

      “This guy was a violent criminal, and the U.S. Marshals killed him,” the president told Fox News. “And I will tell you something, that’s the way it has to be. There has to be retribution when you have crime like this.”

      Get that? Not justice, not law and order, but RETRIBUTION. Much more dangerous coming from the Presidebt than anything a professor might say.

      "The future of the Republic is bleak because of them, not people that support Trump." -- old

      Only on Opposite Day. The Trump gang have the Feds, the Senate, the courts, and the Presidency.

    5. You have to stop relying solely on the NY Times unless you prefer the "truth over facts" narrative. After all the disinformation there, not to mention the apparent antisemitism and cancel culture, it is no longer a credible source. How many times must it be wrong, and receive Pulitzers for the fabrications? That 1619 project was a Whopper!

      The NYT and 95% of the mainstream media are totally in the tank for Democrats and you know it.

      This case is just another example. If you think the original murder was a case of self-defense, you have no clue. There is video, both the lurking in wait and the actual shooting. Maybe you should watch it more closely. Next you'll say "Hands up, don't shoot."

      Antifa does not need to maintain a formal hierarchical structure according to regular norms. Just a myth and idea. Got it. Guess all that violence when they show up is a mirage. The killer called himself 100% Antifa. Maybe one day someone will show where Antifa gets its money. Let's not even get started with BLM, its origins, goals and actions, it's antisemitism.

      Reich is far worse than the isolated killing here. He is a former Cabinet member, and you pretend that does not matter? He is not alone. Have you been listening to elected Democrats? Tlaib and Omar and those driving the agenda? What they seek will negatively affect far more people than one Antifa criminal. They intend persecution because of political and thought crimes. Pretty scary.

      And you KNOW they mean it. As they, and apparently you, scream that Trump is the threat to freedom.

      Trump did not kill the guy, either, yet you seem to act like he pulled the trigger. Did you know Trump caused all the covid deaths in America? Truth over facts, once more. He called for apprehension, after Oregon officials did nothing. The guy had other charges pending and was a violent person, not a peacemonger.

      Finally, when say "Drumpf" you give yourself away as nothing more than a hater. TDS. Fake outrage. So sad. How do you expect to be taken seriously?

      The coming Cultural Revolution that will occur if Democrats take power will not be pretty. If you cannot see the darkness, which will make McCarthyism seem like a walk in the park, that is incredibly short sighted. But the TDS explains it. If you can rid yourself of it, you might come to see that Trump is defending himself from a resistance, that has existed from the start.

    6. "An earlier Times piece, on the original shooting, tells how the "victim" maced the killer, who then killed him in response. Seems like self-defense, not murder." - Randall

      No, Randall, that's murder.
      What else do you think is self-defense, shooting someone for throwing their gum?
      The man was murdered.
      But in your conspiratorial version, the murderer, with the BLM raised fist tattoo on his neck, was hunted down like a dog according to probably the same sort of witnesses who saw Michael Brown with his hands up. In your conspiracy theory he was executed on orders from Fuehrer Trump. You're sick.
      Left wing violence has been on the rampage for years now. I never thought I'd see the day when the establishment and legacy media would try to cover it up like sociopaths for their own ends. The US Constitution is hanging by a thread. And you've been sucked in, because in your tale of woe it is the killer who becomes the victim. Common sense, morality, and the world itself are turned upside down in service to the lie.
      The coocoo left has not been on the streets of America's cities playing defense for the past four years, Randall. Wake up from you woke slumber.

      Randy, the Feds did not murder a man. They shot a known murderer who was armed, dangerous, and did not surrender. You sound like Hamas.

    7. Ahhh, that great NYT. Read it and be misinformed. Here is what they said about "Anonymous":

      I understand readers’ frustration that we didn’t provide a more precise description of the official. But we felt strongly that a broader categorization was necessary to protect the author from reprisal, and that concern has been borne out by the president’s reaction to the essay. The term we chose, senior administration official, is used in Washington by both journalists and government officials to describe positions in the upper echelon of an administration, such as the one held by this writer.

      Fact is, he was not even senior at DHS.

      So please stop citing the NYT as your authority for the Antifa killer or a myriad of other slanted news, that causes people who rely on it to appear unknowing.

    8. "All the news that fits our views" is what today's NYT is about.

    9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    10. Vic Rosenthal, no doubt, would not be welcome at The New York Times:

    11. School, you write, "What is wrong with these people that they have no empathy or respect, and believe they are entitled to dictate?"

      I think that what we are seeing is the progressive-left slowly but surely eroding its liberalism.

    12. This comment has been removed by the author.

    13. That horse left the barn awhile ago. Indeed, was progressive thought ever liberal?

      These people are so quick to cast folks away. Did you see Don Lemon the other day? They see Trump as a caricature, then interpret slanted news they receive against the caricature, not the actual man. That allows them to accept every tidbit in the worst possible light, to believe no matter what. They cannot see the human side that so many people do, and viscerally understand. Trump is simply a demon in cartoon fantasies of these people that hate so easily. Then again, it's easy for them to engage in delusion. They have done it before. They STILL see Obama as the composite from his fictional autobiography.

      This helps explain why they are so easily misled by fake news. It preys on their predilictions. It’s very Pavlovian in nature, or so it seems.

      In addition, they are very misinformed. Information they consume omits things they ought to know. They never ask what they are not being told. It's hard to find positive information about Trump. Talk to some of these people. It's obvious they have not received the whole story. Terence Samuel, NPR’s managing editor for news, said it perfectly: “We don’t want to waste our time on stories that are not really stories, and we don’t want to waste the listeners’ and readers’ time on stories that are just pure distractions.”

      If that does not create actual ignorance, what does? Because how else could people, actually informed, support a guy like we now see in Biden, a corrupt politician, a liar, with a record of racist acts, and who raised a pervert. Would not a moral compass force rejection of such conduct in any circumstances? But as we see with so many things, maybe they just don't know. Duped yet again. They will believe anything when subjects are caricatures.

      Yet they speak with such authority. The lectures. The moves to cancel. How absurd. How sad. So quick with moral judgments, which is most inexcusable. It's the formula for fascism. They will tag along, like lemmings or Pavlov’s conditioned dogs, until freedom is gone for all of us, but they have relish the latest technology in hand.

  4. You mean "Commie Zionism," I think. To them, centrists are the far right. Freaking pinko freaks.

    1. As they say, if you're standing at the North Pole, the only direction available to you is south.

    2. I hope you are well, Doodad. It must be getting cold up there in the "tundra."

    3. Yes, winter is a coming. Altho, one day last week we had 78F followed the next day by 45F. Crazy. No snow yet in my little town though it could come any day. Covid is increasing with 5 whole new cases. That's 253 cases since this began and only 5 deaths, so we have been lucky. Thanks for asking and hope you too are well and safe.

  5. This is shocking

    I don't know who this ugly gang is but they are not Zionist or "progressive" in any way I understand the word.

    Are they even Jews?

    I doubt it.

    I certainly hope not. It is my strong suspicion that there is something sinister behind this face.


    1. How are things in the great Down Unda!

    2. Well you know

      Nothing that a covid 19 vacinne and a major injection to the economy wouldn't cure.

  6. She will say something with plausible deniability and be careful not to say, "Jew." She is busy learning the craft of being obscurantist, so necessary to her ambitions.

  7. Unfortunately, many, many, many woke liberal leftist or whatever the fuck you want to call them, Jews, buy into this shit. To me it's a blasphemy. It's a disgusting comparison which cheapens history and the mass destruction of WWII and the Holocaust so some lackluster dirty mediocrity, aka Joe Biden can get elected with more wind at his back than a hurricane.
    (A friend called yesterday and asked me how a man who spends an entire campaign in his basement out of sight can possibly be leading in all the national polls. I think we all know the answer. Well, maybe not Randall.)

    It makes me sick, because I took the trouble to study this stuff at university. The most Nazi-like thing that has been going on is the mass media, deep state and Democrat collaboration on a 4 year long mass propaganda campaign of defamation the likes of which I have never seen. Trump has been painted as cosmic evil. And big money has convinced many of my high school classmates, congenital Democrat's, that they're standing up for minorities and the little guy. Schmucks. And yes, a lot of them hang on everything they read in the NYT. Shit, even Bari Weiss couldn't take in anymore. The sheer number of lies being told by the Biden campaign with the full backing by the MS Corporate M and Big Tech midgets like Jack Dork-see and the suppression of speech is truly nauseating. Dorsey's answers to congressional queries sounded like those a of 15 year old caught with his hand in the cookie jar, "How do you know I was stealing a cookie? I could have been counting them or feeling for their size and firmness." And this guy isn't worried a bit that anyone is going to do anything about him and his anti-social media platform, Twits. They have gone a long way to copying the political campaigns of some of the worst dregs in history.
    And it all reminds me of the things I used to just hate about Republicans!

  8. And a big Oy Vey to.....

    1. It's better with musical accompaniment.

  9. Why would a liberal ever feel comfortable with a symbol of a clenched fist in the air? I don't understand that. A clenched fist is a symbol of brute force and coercion. I think that's universal.
    Why are so many liberal Jews embracing a Marxist, antisemitic organization, as if BLM (blame) is the best hope to overcome racism, and as if sucking all the oxygen out of the room talking endlessly about something at historical lows and casting aspersions at innocent people for something far down on any objective list of real problems we face is somehow a productive use of our energy and resources?

    It's both interesting and depressing to know that a entire line of propaganda from a deceased country - cause of death was an obsolete ideology -, the Soviet Union, has so captured the American imagination as a young generation believes that capitalism is the root of racism and economic failure and socialism is the way, despite the incredible amount of evidence pointing in exactly the opposite direction.

    Can someone explain this to me?

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Symbols aside, these are not liberal Jews, and should not be referred to as such. They are progressive Jews. They cannot see that progressivism is an anti-Jewish ideology. Strong progressives are much more fanatic about coercing others to follow their dogma than any Orthodox Jew.

      The same applies to anti-capitalism and progressives. Religious fanatics, trying to impose an ill-conceived utopia using pretend science and feigned reason. Pretend and feigned because it has already determined truth according to the dogma. So affluent are most of these souls that they can pursue non-productive education about matters that are ignorant, themselves, in the orientation to the real world. The Judith Butler school of intellect.

      In the end, they cannot locate actual liberalism inside anymore, so they turn to nihilism or rationalize it, secure that they will be least affected. Or so they think. Most are not smart enough, through their high education and technical prowess to have studied or learned anything from history and human experience.

      We'll see what happens. But so many progressive Jews really make it hard on other Jews, but they don't seem to care much, and some even relish in it. Which is why they should not be referred to as liberal.

    3. They refer to themselves as liberals. I don't like it, but...
      A reason I went on my little diabtribe was because of something I saw on FB. (I really gotta stay off FB.)
      This woman I know from my yute. "Your what?" "My yute." I digress.

      This acquaintance from my youth posted this idiotic thing. It was "art." It said "vote" and each letter was filled with artwork.
      The "V" was filled with the rainbow colors of LGBTQ+(or-2 to the 12th power)
      The "O" was that big black clenched fist in the air.
      Inside the "T" was a drawing of a uterus. (Are we nauseas yet?)
      And between the lines of the "E" was the image of a chain link fence with dark colored hands grasping, desperate for entry.

  10. Look who texted. How Ironic.

    Hi, this is former labor secretary Robert Reich. I'm writing you today to share that a MoveOn ad highlighting Joe Biden's plans to tackle the climate crisis increased voter mobilization by almost 4%!

    Four percent might not seem like much, but when I heard that number, I was amazed. In swing states, one or two votes per ZIP code could change the outcome of the election, which means an ad that increases voter mobilization by 4% could make THE difference.

    With just three days left to vote, MoveOn wants to blanket social media with this ad to mobilize young voters and voters of color and ensure that come Tuesday, Biden defeats Donald Trump in a landslide. MoveOn didn't budget for this, so your help is crucial. Will you make a final election contribution of $12, or whatever you can afford, to MoveOn and help turbocharge this ad campaign?

    1. Did he text you?

      "Voters of color." This racist tag is reason #26 why I won't vote for Democrats.

      BTW, why would a "voter of color" particularly care about Joe Biden's "plans" to tackle the climate change "crisis"?

      Is there a crisis? Of course, there is! Everything in Democratland is a crisis! It must be because of that environmental racism crisis which is part of the climate change crisis! But the biggest crisis for reasons of electoral hijinks is the virus crisis and Trump's personal involvement in mass murder, because he just thought he might want to do in people in an election year. That's why you must vote Biden! lol

  11. That's a nifty way to practice her name. I was having trouble with not pronouncing it like "camel-a".
    It's tough because if you say wrong, you can get into real trouble, because pronouncing wrong means you are insulting her "as a woman' which means you're insulting all women, and you'd better just shut up and obey.
    That being said, Joe Biden of course gets it wrong on a regular basis. But he is teflon. He speaks a lot like Peter Boyle in Young Frankenstein trying to sing "Putting on the Ritz."
    Also, having have lived so many years in and around Berkeley, CA, I can't imagine people not automatically pronouncing her name "Camel-a."
    Yes, she's a Commie, even if she doesn't quite recognize it.
    I can't believe they're getting away with it. America is broken.

  12. I heard Joe Biden say that Trump is the first President in 90 years, (if he loses), to leave office with a net loss of jobs in the economy. Joe Biden is willing to say anything.
    Okay, then. I notice that Joe Biden was in the government for 47 years, and in that time, the unemployment rate never went as low as 3.5%. It only went that low, i.e., we only got that close to full employment after he left. I guess his leaving government service did the trick. If he concedes that race right now, perhaps Americans can again be gainfully employed.