Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Approach of the Zombie Apocalypse

Michael Lumish

I didn't vote in 2016. By that point, I had long been disenchanted with the Democratic Party mainly because I realized that they were betraying their own alleged values, particularly around issues of race. But I could not see myself voting for Donald Trump, either, so I didn't.

The Democrats, however, are not very friendly toward the Jewish state and, thus, toward the Jewish people. They honestly tend to believe that Israel is a racist, imperialist, militaristic, apartheid, colonialist, very bad, racist state. They even believe, following Barack Obama, that they get to tell Jewish people where we may, or may not, be allowed to live on the very land of Jewish heritage.
{Ho. Ho. Ho. I do not think so.}
In any case, I did not vote in 2016 because the media kept telling us that it was in the bag for Hillary. Besides, I live in California and most of my friends here would rather gnaw their right arm out of its socket and beat themselves silly with it rather than vote for a Republican. I even went on Nothing Left radio out of Melbourne with Michael Burd and Alan Freedman the day before to discuss what a Hillary presidency would look like in terms of Israel.
So, that day I hardly even bothered with the election news because there seemed no point. When Laurie showed up later that evening I asked her about the results and she said something like, "What? You haven't been watching? Turn on the news, you're in for a surprise."
I flipped on the channels and, sure enough, newscasters were crying on station after station. Women were wailing in the streets and young men were beating up anyone wearing a red baseball cap.
Three feelings came over me, one falling upon the other. The first was shock! I had thought, along with everyone else aside from Ann Coulter, that the TV entertainment host and New York billionaire real-estate guy was toast.
The second emotion was one of hilarity. I just couldn't believe it! How could almost everyone have gotten it so wrong? Then I just started laughing as Laurie, who is no one's idea of a Republican, stared at me with her hands on her hips. She was not the least bit pleased with the electoral outcome.
But then The Fear struck.
I was filled with foreboding. I was afraid for the country. I was not, however, afraid of Donald Trump. I was afraid at how my friends here in the San Francisco Bay Area might react and many of them did not disappoint. The hatred toward our new President was absolutely palpable! I never saw such political hatred. Even Richard Nixon, despite the Vietnam War, did not receive this much raw public malice.
As the weeks progressed I kept expecting the hatred to ease, but it didn't. Months of hatred turned into years of hatred. Friends broke up and families divided, even as the economy thrived and black unemployment reached an all-time low.
And, now, here we are again and the hatred has done nothing but increase as the progressive-left BLM/Antifa thugs - with the tacit support of the Democratic Party and the progressive-left -- terrorize the streets of Portland and Seattle and Minneapolis and Chicago and New York... defacing synagogues and attacking cops.
I like to kid Laurie that if Trump wins tonight we should head into downtown Oakland to enjoy the spectacle.
I will go dressed like this.


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  5. Over 70% of Americans believe that racism is either a somewhat serious or very serious problem in this country, which elected a black president to consecutive terms despite the fact that he sucked. But...he WAS a race hustler.

    Mass propaganda works.

    1. 49% have a positive view of Kamala Harris opposed to just 45% who don't. If only racism wasn't just such a huge an d ginormous problem.
      For instance, when I was growing up in the 1960's you never heard of black Harvard students, subsidized by the tax payer, claiming to fear for their lives. No, that kind of racism has only grown with the number of black people admitted to elite universities.
      But not all instances of our racism epidemic occur on university campuses. Black men with long rap sheets full of convictions for robbery, drugs and sexual assault just can't seem to get a break from the police while violently resisting arrest. Instead, cops shoot those people because they are racists. White liberals know that white people aren't shot be police, because if they were, why wasn't on CNN? They also don't accept statistics, because facts are deemed optional on the that repository of "the" science, the American Left.

      Now, excuse me, promised my neighbor I'd help board up his business just in case some Trump supporters get violent tonight. Watch out Mike, downtown Oakland is a known haven for white supremacist extremists.

  6. The Democrats are trying to steal this election.

  7. The count ain't done 'til Trump ain't won.

    Pennsylvania Democrat elves been busy filling in Biden votes all night to pop in the mail this am. LOL

    1. Of course, I have no proof at this time, but I always expected the Dems to steal it. Do I need to go into all collaborations and collusion leading up to this moment?
      Remember, the Democrats are so darned wonderful, they can even give endorsements and money to open antisemites in their party. No problem, as long as there are no "racists" or "Islamophobes," everything is cool,...with the liberal Jewish wing.
      They took probably the best friend we may have ever had in the oval office and dragged him through mud, and called him names, as good little lefties do in lieu of evidence. The media tells them that some named "Hussein" was the first Jewish President, and they are ready to believe. Just put a "D" after the name and they will follow along like little lemmings-owitz's.

      And the snobbish and snooty elites in this country still have no clue as to why this country is so divided. Nor do they really care.

      With Democrat victory comes a great opportunity for antisemites and Commies.

  8. Now we get to see how well Biden run things. His past history does not inspire confidence. Democrats have a way of overstepping, and there will be internal fights. Fortunately, the Senate will counter the impulse to instill the leftist agenda. Let's see how he deals with Covid, what happens to the economy, and if he actually reaches out to the disaffected.

    Then there is the laptop from hell.

    By 2022, would not be surprised if his popularity is in the toilet, so that Republicans take the House, as a precursor to 2024. If Biden is pushed aside, will Harris show any competence or inspire confidence?

    Trump opened eyes of many. Maybe someone else will have to rise in 2024, open more eyes to the corruption that now exists in this nation, and help turn things around, if things are not too far gone already.

    From his 47 years it's doubtful that things will improve under Biden, as America steps backward from the progress it made, and forward with plans that sound good in theory, but cause suffering.

    Thank you China, for Covid. You now have your puppet.

    1. Will the media now go after the Senate the way they went after Trump? The Dems really want to be the only political party left standing in this country. I read about the '30's, I lived through the '60's. I've never seen such radicalism within striking distance to destroy the institutions of the Republic. And they mean business. And then there is the #1 foreign policy issue for the Left, destroy Israel. That's not where Biden is, but he will be irrelevant shortly.

  9. I don't like this new guy. He has gutless wonder surrender monkey written all over his face.

    1. Democrat voters in this country are actually clueless about the record of a politician who spent almost 50 years in office. But the media told them that Trump is a bogeyman 24/7 for almost 5 years. Nobody voted for Biden. Any other POTUS with Trump's accomplishments would have glided to victory.
      They simply want him gone. They'll say it's the personality, but that's not the lion's share of what made the most powerful people in history tear this guy down. China likes Biden.

  10. Biden couldn't get more than 6 people at a rally but he got the highest possible popular vote in American history? I wanna sell you some oceanfront property in Arizona.