Wednesday, September 16, 2015

A Palestinian-Arab Worshiper and his Pile of Rocks

Michael L.

(Editor's note - Doodad used the same image in his piece below, and the Elder did, as well, because the image is evocative.  It gives away the lie that Al-Aqsa is honestly considered holy among Palestinian-Arabs.  It is, for them, in fact, political... violently so.)

stonesNothing says "holy" so much as stock-piling primitive weaponry in the Al-Aqsa mosque to be used for violence against Jews.

The Temple Mount issue is of particular fun because it is particularly unjust.  We are told that the holiest place within the Jewish tradition also happens to be the "third holiest site in Islam."  I have not dug into this question as much as I will need to, but I wonder just when Al-Aqsa became the third holiest site within Islam?

The Temple Mount has been the holiest site for religious Jews for over three thousand years because it is the site of the First and Second Temples.  It represents where the Jewish people come from.  Just when - I wonder to myself aloud - did it become the third holiest site in Islam?

My guess, in historical terms, is a quarter past last Tuesday.

My suspicion, and I have yet to verify this, is that this notion of Al-Aqsa as "the third holiest" whatever is a recent invention designed specifically to challenge Jewish claims to Jewish heritage on Jewish land.

domeIn the nineteenth century, prior to the rise of modern Zionism, the Temple Mount was desolate.  Jerusalem, itself was desolate.  The Arabs did not care about either until the Jews sought to save ourselves and our families through returning home to the Land of Israel after centuries of persecution by Europeans... not to mention Arabs.

Probably the biggest mistake that Moshe Dayan ever made in his life was handing over the Temple Mount to the Jordanian Waqf.  To this day it baffles me why he did so.  I understand that he was not a particularly religious Jew and that the rabbinate generally believes that Jews should not go up there to begin with - being the site of the Holy of Holies - but why hand it over to Jordan?

That was a terrible mistake, because now they use Israel's holiest site as a weapon against Jews.

What is truly disgraceful and disheartening, however, is Israel's complicity in the discrimination against all non-Muslims on the Temple Mount.  It undermines everything that Israel allegedly stands for.  If Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people, how is it that we gave away our holiest site to people who vow to drive us from our own land?  If Israel is the national homeland of the Jewish people, why are we terrified to claim Judea as Jewish?

Arabs stock-pile rocks and pipe bombs and molotov cocktails in Al-Aqsa in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah because they know that Jews are going to show up to acknowledge the holiday.  When Israeli police respond the West orders Israel to stand down as the Arab world screams to the heavens about Zionist intrusion onto Muslim holy space.

Jordan threatens Israel with significant consequences.  The United Nations and the United States demand that Israel maintain the status quo, which means that they are demanding ongoing discrimination against Jews within the Jewish State of Israel.

It's wrong.


  1. I've also written about this in part and used the photo which is everywhere, even on Arab sites.

  2. The rock is the national flower of 'palestine'

    1. Mine three. You can see the piety in the face of the Arab rock whisperer as his "flock" immerses themselves in worship on their little prayer rug.

  3. Looks like Ann Coulter just came out of the a Progressive.

    1. Wow, did she ever.!!

      With a vengeance.

    2. What she has shown is her bigotry, i.e., something at which she excels.

    3. I don't have much to say about this one.

      I never really cared about Coulter one way or the other.

      When I was a full-on leftist, I simply did not care about her ideas and when I freed myself from the Left I still found myself entirely indifferent to the woman.

      She's essentially a political entertainer for the Right. One writer recently referred to Coulter as a "circus barker."

      My suspicion - believe it or not - is that Coulter actually is not anti-Semitic. Certainly I have never heard of anti-Semitic remarks coming from her in the past.

      Coulter may have gotten just a tad too comfortable in her public remarks, in her roll as political gad-fly. In truth, the remark that she made indicates that she doesn't hold to the anti-Semitic canard that the Jews run everything. So, the substance of the remark is the opposite of anti-Semitic.

      That just leaves the word "fucking."

      You know, it is possible to use that word in reference to an individual or a group without actually expressing malice.

      For the moment, I will give some benefit of the doubt.

      Besides, I hate accusing specific individuals of anti-Semitism.

      I almost never do it.

    4. Gee, I'm a little surprised that I am not getting any push-back.

      I must be the only pro-Israel blogger out there who is not entirely convinced of Coulter's anti-Semitism.

    5. I've got to tell you, for a guy that's been walking around for the last week with a couple of broken ribs, I feel pretty good.

      I learned something, too. I learned that when you break ribs they don't do squat for you. At the hospital they took ex-rays, gave me some ibuprofren and sent me on my merry way.

      I couldn't even get any decent pain killers out of my general practitioner!

      But, nonetheless, I feel pretty good. As long as I can handle the Oakland Coliseum next weekend to see the Giants play the A's!

      As for Coulter, I honestly don't know, nor am I the least bit certain that I actually care.

      I have no doubt that Coulter drops the F Bomb regularly in her conversations without it necessarily meaning much of anything other than Anne's a bad girl. (Tee-hee!)

      What I don't understand is why she felt so free to do so concerning Jews in a public venue.

      I'm guessing that she was on her fourth appletini and... y'know.

    6. Mike, I'm glad you're feeling better. Yeah, the doctors don't do anything for cracked ribs, it's like a broken toe, i.e., just let it heal. It's the soft, deep tissue bruising that takes the longest.

  4. Looking at her responses and all the tweets in context, I feel she is probably not antisemitic either; just a little too quick to spout off.

  5. Some material for your research on exactly when the shrine at which they point their asses at (when it's time for prayer), the building against which they kick soccer balls; became the "Third Holiest Hoax in Islam" (Surprise it's the Nazi collaborator Husseini!)