Thursday, September 24, 2015

Let the Arms Race Commence

Michael L.

One not need be Cassandra to prophecy the coming Middle East nuclear arms race.

Former Minister Belayat of Algeria is an obscure figure in the West.  He may even be an obscure figure in the East, North, and South, but when he calls for arming Algeria with the world's most vicious weaponry you can be sure he does not speak for Algeria alone:

Published on Sep 24, 2015

Former Algerian Minister of Urban Development and former head of the FLN party Abderrahmane Belayat stated that Algeria should obtain nuclear weapons. Speaking on September 20 at an event organized by Al-Hiwar newspaper under the title "Zionist Violation of Al-Aqsa," Belayat said that Algeria should place its nuclear weapons on a mountain and tell the Jews to leave Palestine.
Barack Obama's Iran non-treaty is going to set-off an arms race throughout the Middle East, if it has not done so already.  I do not know how much of a potential threat Algeria represents, but when even an Algerian former high-level government official starts making nuclear sounding noises concerning driving the Jews out of the Land of Israel then you know that the whole region is embroiled in such sentiments.

Of course, anti-Jewish genocidal ambitions have animated the Muslim Middle East for an exceedingly long time.  One might even say millennia.  The difference is that now they want to replace their recently impotent malicious ambitions with malicious ambitions backed by nuclear weaponry.

In truth, Barack Obama has betrayed us all... Americans, westerners, and Jews.

Obama wants a more modest American foreign policy paradigm.  He therefore recognizes that someone is going to have to fill the vacuum created by American withdrawal and views Iran as a potential strategic partner in that part of the world.  There is no reason to assign malice to Obama when ideological blinkertude is a more reasonable explanation.

Obama does not envision a future wherein the United States is a global super-power.  On the contrary, he wants to see the United States as one significant power among others within an international community that resolves disputes via diplomacy.  There is no malice in such a vision.  On the contrary, it borders on the utopian.

The problem is that in order to realize such a vision the Obama Administration, and the progressive-left, in general, must blind themselves to the clear and obvious fact that Iran is an enemy to both the United States and Israel.  Suddenly the words "cognitive dissonance" leap to mind.

How does the United States, under Obama, intend to maintain a long-term strategic alliance with a country that calls not only for the slaughter of Jews in Israel, but Americans within the United States?

It simply makes no sense and clearly demonstrates how upside down and backward Obama administration foreign policy actually is.

Iran, with Obama's blessing, is moving steadily toward the bomb and, you can be sure, right on their heals, is almost every country in the Middle East with any means.

{Obama is igniting a powder-keg.}


  1. Obama has already sparked a Middle East Arms race. We know the Saudis are moving towards that aim. It's impossible that the Obama administration would not have predicted that. Iran is now, de facto, in control of Syria; or what's left of Syria. And Russia has begun to fill the vacuum left by America's withdrawal from the world stage. Other countries in the Middle East which cannot afford their own nuclear programmes can do deals with the more powerful countries. Pakistan's nuclear weapons are a potential market. Etc.
    The idea that the world's conflicts can be solved by diplomacy alone is the stuff of fantasy.
    By the U.N.? An organisation so unfit for purpose it has failed at virtually every task in its history. So toxic and obscene that it gives Saudi Arabia a place on its latest human rights panel.
    You say Obama's vision of the world is ideologically blinkered. And "Utopian."
    Many of the worst and most dangerous outcomes have been from people - or movements - who fit into those descriptions.
    People who believe in "Utopias" usually lead us into disasters and nightmares.
    I find it hard to think of such people as merely "naive." They tend to be better described as breathtakingly arrogant. Convinced of their own inability to be wrong. And unable to accept criticism or engage in any meaningful debate.
    It's difficult to know what constitutes being without malice. I would say the western left are steeped in malice towards their own countries. Such narrow obsessional thinking seems to blind them to the complex realities of the world as it actually is. Obama is, by calculation, and by grotesque blundering, leading the world into greater instability and danger than it is possible to measure. He will leave office having made the world less safe for everyone.
    And he will never blame himself for that.

    1. Also:

    2. Kate,

      "I find it hard to think of such people as merely "naive." They tend to be better described as breathtakingly arrogant."

      Well, there is no question that Obama is arrogant, but that's pretty much a pre-requisite for the job.

      It is, I think, past time for Israel to look East.

      Europe has way too much anti-Jewish historical baggage and is consciously trading the "Enlightenment West" for the Muslim Middle East.

      Some people are predicting violence in the streets because these masses of immigrants into Europe will not leave the Middle East behind them, but take it with them. I envision football thugs fighting it out in the streets with young Arab men.

      The East Asian rim, however, has no particular history of anti-Semitism. Israel is in an excellent position for all sorts of economic and scientific exchange with the Japan, China, South Korea, Vietnam, and Taiwan.

      Europe is not going away any time soon, but they have consigned their children and grandchildren to a sort-of never-ending conflict that will deplete their ability to advance their own societies and interests.

      Given the fact that Europe, particularly England, represents the very foundation of the political Enlightenment that gave us Magna Carta and, eventually, the Constitution of the United States of America, it is disheartening to see it bow to a political movement intent on harming it in the name of a retrograde and pernicious 7th century religious-political ideology.

    3. Mike,
      what's happening in Europe regarding the migrant crisis is only just beginning.
      And it's extremely complex.
      At the moment, very few countries will take in large numbers of refugees. Not least because Germany and Sweden ,particularly, are opening themselves to refugees, and are also the most popular destinations for people arriving in Europe. Britain will take very few people.
      What happens further down the line is anyone's guess.
      There are a lot of tensions between various European countries. And within countries. Virtually none of the political class have grasped the enormity of what is happening. Certainly they have not made it clear that they have to the general public. It will be interesting to see what happens following the recent summit. But, as I said, it is only just beginning.

    4. Kate,

      I don't doubt you in the least.

      This is nothing less than the transformation of Europe before our very eyes.

      The question is, what do you want to call it?

      We could go with Bat Ye'or's Eurasia, but I am not certain that quite gets at it.

      Phillips has a more accurate conotation with Londonistan, but how do you translate that into Europe as a whole?



      Sorry. I don't mean to be terribly flip about this because, yes, this is huge and it is bad news for the Jews of Europe and bad news for the Israelis.

      I am also pretty sure that it is terrible news for - particularly - western Europe.

      What European leadership needs, at long last, to understand is that immigrants from the Arab-Muslim Middle East are not leaving the Middle East behind them.

      They are bringing the Middle East with them.

    5. It's a huge subject, Mike.
      Obviously the crisis we are seeing now is unprecedented, but the difficulties that will be presented are not new. On a different scale, yes. But not new.
      The best, I think, analysis, and history, of the ideology of " multiculturalism" as opposed to multi-racial or multi-ethnic societies, is in a book by Ed West. It's called "The Diversity Illusion" and is extremely well-researched and thoughtful. It's really worth reading. It references America a lot, not just Europe. It provides an analysis of why multiculturalism leads to a more divided, intolerant, and less free society. All the things that are the opposite of what multiculturalism is supposed to produce.
      It's rather pessimistic about the future. Sadly.
      He talks about some of the issues you have mentioned re the anti-Semitism of Europe being "fused" with the anti-Semitism of Muslim immigrant communities. It's an interesting book, written a few years ago but recently reissued. I would recommend it.

  2. You think that Iran is going to attack Israel during Obama's remaining term in office, or during his future career as Secretary General at the UN?

  3. I think Iran will do two things, restore Hezbollah now they've been defeated in Syria. They will attempt to drag Israel into a war with both Lebanon and Syria by using chemical weapons on missiles. Then I think that Iran will announce it has a nuclear capability and will take control of the Persian Gulf. Europe is neutered, America is neutered.

  4. Trudy,

    you remain among the most frightening people currently active on the pro-Jewish / pro-Israel blogosphere.

    Good for you!

    An excellent example that illustrates why this is is your comment above.

    The problem with it - aside from the fact that it presents a potential geo-political horror scenario - is that it is also entirely plausible.