Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Enough! (Updated)

Michael L.

Hana Levi Julian, writing in The Jewish Press, tells us:
rock throwers fileSuspected Arab rock throwers have allegedly murdered a Jewish Israeli motorist as he was driving late Sunday night in the southern Jerusalem neighborhood of Armon Hanatziv...

Alexander Leiblovitch, 64, was driving the vehicle when it was hit by a barrage of rocks and careened out of control, striking an electricity pole at around midnight.

Leiblovitch was mortally wounded in the crash, stated Jerusalem District Police spokesperson Luba Samri.

“The driver who was involved in the accident… apparently as a result of rock-throwing … died at Hadassah Ein Kerem Medical Center,” she told media.
Stoning Jews is a time-honored tradition in the Arab world and North Africa.  Western leftists like to think that Arabs stone Jews out of righteous opposition to the alleged "Israeli Occupation of Palestinian land," but this is false.

Arabs in the Middle East have indulged themselves in the Jew-Stoning Tradition for at least fourteen centuries.  The only difference is that now they claim to do it for reasons having to do with "social justice," rather than Koranically-based anti-Jewish malice.

Anyone familiar with my writings can easily predict my response to this kind of thing.  It is attempted murder and should be treated as such.  Anyone over the age of thirteen endeavoring to kill another person in Israel through stoning should be shot in the leg and thrown into either prison or a juvenile detention facility.  The parents of children who throw stones should be charged with a crime or heavily fined in order to discourage such behavior.

In any case, the Israeli government has an obligation to its citizenry to crack down on this kind of thing.  Netanyahu is calling an "emergency meeting" of the Security Cabinet in order to determine how they wish to proceed.

I very much hope that they come down hard.  They need to make it painfully clear that anyone in Israel who pelts anyone else with stones is going to pay a major price for that behavior.  Again, it is attempted murder and Israel needs to do whatever it must do to make it stop.

Each and every person in the picture above throwing stones should be identified, tried in court, and thrown in prison.  What's an appropriate prison term for attempted murder?  In California, anyone convicted of first-degree attempted murder - which means that "the attempted murder was willful, deliberate, and premeditated" - faces a life sentence in a California state prison facility with the possibility of parole.

Furthermore, "If the first-degree attempted murder was committed against a peace officer, firefighter, or other protected person who was engaged in the performance of his/her duties, you face the same sentence, but must serve a mandatory minimum 15-year sentence."

That sounds fair to me.


The Jerusalem Post reports:
Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, vowed late Tuesday "to use all nececessary means" to "combat stonethrowers, those who hurl Molotov cocktails, and those who detonate pipe bombs and shoot fireworks with the aim of doing harm to police and civilians."...

The government resolved late Tuesday to re-examine rules of engagement that determine the extent to which IDF combat troops are permitted to use live fire. It also agreed to establish a minimum punishment that includes heavy monetary fines on parents who permit their children to engage in violent rioting.
 From the Comments in the JP:
MULTIFACETED • an hour ago

Alexander Levlovitz your blood will be avenged, your son is flying back home, we will do the correct thing here

for your memory Z"L
Oh, for chrissake.
MarkyMark • an hour ago 
Throwing stones at Jews is part of the Arab culture and has been for many generations and many hundreds of years. It has nothing to do with resistance or any of the other falsehoods being spread by the brainwashed and blinded Fallastinian loving left wing m0r0ns.

According to historian Benny Morris the practice of throwing stones at Jews is a venerable one in the Middle East, symbolic of Jewish degradation under Muslim rule. Morris quotes a 19th-century traveler: "I have seen a little fellow of six years old, with a troop of fat toddlers of only three and four, teaching [them] to throw stones at a Jew."  [William Shaler, American Consul to Arab Algiers from 1815-1828, reported that the practice of Muslims throwing rocks at Jews was commonly seen.The practice of Arab rioters throwing stones at Jews was seen in the 1948 Anti-Jewish Riots in Tripolitania, Libya.
Sweet_binky • 5 hours ago

That picture shows there is practically no difference between "Palestinian" Arabs and the KKK in the U.S. Racist Rednecks that speak a different language.
My guess is that Sar Shalom would quite agree.
Peter Hagyo-Kovacs • 5 hours ago

When I was living in Jerusalem, I went for a bike ride from Jerusalem's Forest of Peace and met and talked to a group of Palestinian youth from Silwan, but after I continued riding into Silwan with the goal to "ascend" to Jerusalem and up to the City of David, they crossed through the village and started chasing me throwing stones and shouting "Yehudi! Yehudi!" It was insane! Those were just little kids, and thankfully I was fast enough on my mountain bike and wearing a helmet to avoid any injury, but it could've ended badly otherwise as we read of what happened to Mr. Levlovitz. My sympathies to his family and friends, and the Israeli police and other anti-riot units for a very difficult job. May they be blessed with wisdom and success! PM Netanyahu is doing the right thing.
Well, G-d bless Peter.

I just hope that Netanyahu has the will to follow through on promises.

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