Monday, September 28, 2015

Note to a Friend

Michael L.

eclipseYesterday, Laurie and I met with a buddy of ours for some good German food and beer at Brotzeit and a trip up to the Chabot Space Center in Oakland to take a gander at the "Supermoon" total lunar eclipse.

As we were drinking beer and discussing our friends and planning our trip up to the space center, I brought up the European immigration crisis.  My friend, who is the well-educated liberal son of a college history instructor and a software programmer, seemed indifferent to the likely consequences of the forced insertion of additional millions of devout Muslims within the European home.

This was my response to that question in an email:

I have to say, tho - switching gears - that I was a little surprised at your seeming indifference to the European immigration crisis.  This is, in fact, the very biggest story coming out of Europe probably in decades.  You should not underestimate the significance of this mass movement of people, the biggest since World War II.

Europe is changing and now it is going to change considerably more within the coming years... and not for the better.

The introduction of millions of hard-line, conservative, fundamentalist Muslims onto the continent will change the nature of European society.

These migrants are not leaving the Middle East. 

They are bringing the Middle East with them. 

Majorities are not the least bit interested in democracy, rights for women, or rights for Gay people, and we must not take such liberties for granted.

Of course, the very last thing in this world that they care about is the well-being of Jewish people who, in percentiles according to polling data, they hold in contempt with percentages above the 80th percentile.

Jews are drizzling out of Europe as Arab-Muslims are pouring in and pouring their scorn upon the Jews that remain.

When you see Europe in 2025, it is going to be an exceedingly different place.

And, yet again, it will not be friendly to the Jewish people.


  1. So now "not a muslim" Obama has released Abdul Shalabi, the 20th 9/11 high-jacker. Pollard is still in jail.
    Currently US Muslim population is 3 million. Every year 280K new Muslims are brought here legally. Which means their population tripled since he was elected.

  2. I can't say as I care either way what happens to Europe. If they implode in flames or go totalitarian, so what? In a few years there will be fewer than a million Jews left in all of Europe. Essentially the last recognizable generation. After that, if they want to rape and behead one another to the last one standing, fine. Burn every library and museum, kill every infidel, blow up the Eiffel Tower and the House of Commons. Reopen the death camps. In 2025 Europe will be more like Yemen. Keep Calm and Akbar On.