Tuesday, December 22, 2015

In Memoriam: Avi Davis (1958-2015)

Michael L.

I did not know the man, and I do not know that I shared all of his political views or values, but it is important to acknowledge the friendship and demise of pro-Israel / pro-Jewish fighters.

Adelle Nazarian, from Breitbart, writes:
Ari DavisDavis suffered a heart attack 11 days ago while cycling. He was placed in an induced coma as doctors ran a series of tests to determine his brain function, but ultimately he was unable to recover. He leaves behind two sons, Mati and Amiad, both his parents, Betty and Jack, a sister Yvette, and brothers Yoni and Shimmi. He was just 57 years old.

I was alerted to the loss of Avi Davis by Michael Burd of Nothing Left on J-AIR radio, both of whom are out of Melbourne, Australia.
Davis was born in Melbourne, Australia, but called America his home. He also had residences in Tzfat, Israel, and in Montana. He loved to visit both places, where he would complete much of his writing.

Avi was a loving, caring father, known for his generosity. He loved to welcome people into his home and took the time discuss issues close to his heart, including fighting the liberal hijacking of education, securing the State of Israel, and preventing the rise of radical Islam. He hosted countless Friday night Sabbath dinners at his home in West Los Angeles, which were open to people from a variety of backgrounds.
Standing up for Israel is lonely work and it is important to remember our friends.

Avi, although I did not know him personally, fought for the Jewish people and he fought for the State of Israel.

I am very much looking forward to learning more about the man.

Many thanks to Michael Burd.

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