Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Should We Admit Syrian “Refugees”?


jew devil{Editor's note - this is a guest post. A question that I would ask those who favor large-scale immigration from the Arab-Muslim Middle East and North Africa into the United States is why, as a Jew, should I ever favor introducing a highly anti-Semitic population into my own country? It is simply not rational to do so. - ML.}

It is clear that the Constitution allows Congress to determine the qualifications needed for entry into the United States.

Therefore, let's first find out who are these people. Fortunately, there exists some statistics on these people. Some of the statistics I quote are from a statement of Daniel Greenfield, Stillman Journalism Fellow at the Freedom Center. He focuses on Radical Islam.

In a 2007 poll, 77% of Syrians supported financing Islamic terrorists, including Hamas and those groups that became ISIS.

63% wanted to refuse medical and humanitarian aid from the United States.

Some will claim that those numbers are too old and don't represent the feelings of the “refugees”. However, a poll this summer showed one in five Syrians support ISIS. Additionally, one third support Al Nusra, affiliated with Al Qaeda. Since these groups are mutually exclusive that means over half of the Syrians support an Islamic terrorist group.

Polls of the “refugees” show similarly alarming results.

Let's assume the refugees are clever. Nevertheless, 13 % still admitted to supporting ISIS. Nineteen percent of Syrian refugees chose America as the greatest threat. That wasn't too far behind the 22% that chose Israel.

Syrian refugees view American foreign policy negatively (63%).

The Sunni Muslims that the administration wants to admit are the oppressors. Countless stories from the refugee camps show the maltreatment of Christians and Yazidis. There are reports of the Muslim on Christian violence in the German “refugee” camps. That may be one of the reasons that Syrian American Christians oppose admitting Syrian Muslims.

We have taken in only 53 Christians and one Yazidi since the Syrian civil war began.

For those who claim that once these people enter the American “melting pot” they will adjust to the freedom of religion, women's equality, tolerance, separation of religion and state, and so forth. This has also proven to be false. Statistics published by the Pew Trust, state that significant percentages of American Muslims say suicide bombings are “sometimes justified”. In the same poll. 31% of American Muslims see “a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society”. In Britain a Sun poll stated that one fifth of British Muslims have sympathy for jihadis. A 2015 poll by the Mirror newspaper, showed that 1.5 million British Muslims see themselves as supporters of ISIS.

There are a number of American, Canadian and European Muslims who are attempting to “reform” Islam. i.e. modify the interpretation of some Islamic tenets, and bring it into the culture of a sectarian democracy. But, so far, these groups have not gotten as many American supporters as it hoped. This could mean that the above quoted statistics, of Muslims living in a democracy, will not decrease.

Of course, political correctness dictates that the “elephant in the room” should not be mentioned. I refer to the anti-Semitic views of both the Syrian government and the Syrian people. In 1944 before the establishment of Israel, the government prohibited immigration to Palestine, restricted the teaching of Hebrew in schools and tolerated attacks against Jews. The Jews, a population of 30,000, many whose families had been living in Syria for over 2000 years, had to leave. They left their property, (synagogues, land, business, etc.) barely escaping with their lives.

It's unfortunate, but we must come to the conclusion that these Syrian “refugees” should not be allowed in this country. It is a potential “fifth” column that we have to avoid.


  1. It all depends on what the definition of the difference between success and failure looks like. Tear off the doors and let everyone in if that's what you truly want. If you want to permanently and fundamentally alter your society to the point where it dies and is replaced by something else, then yes, do that. If that's your definition of success then by all means.

    And it's not predicted on waves of immigrants. Those are just means to an end. It's not unique to Europe. Rhodesia did it, South Africa did it, Cambodia did it. Maoist China did it, Rwanda did it, North Korea did it, Mussolini and Franco did it. Many states have intentionally, purposefully chose to unravel their own societies so that they go extinct.

    Various European states will add their names to the list. Some places fail because they wanted to. There's little to be done about it.

    1. Because the utilitarians were wrong. very little of human behavior or nation state behavior is rational.

  2. In the same poll. 31% of American Muslims see “a conflict between being a devout Muslim and living in a modern society”

    I'm not sure what this actually means. If the poll mentioned "a democratic society," or "western society," it would be much clearer. It's not uncommon for devout religious people to have their doubts about "modernity," which in and of itself can be a loaded term. What do we mean by modernity? For instance, do we mean "loose morals?"

    I also wonder about poll results indicating that 1.5 million British muslims supporting ISIS. Please tell me that it's not really true.

    I think that Muslims can be integrated into western societies, and have been, when the numbers are small enough and enough time is given for assimilation. But with the current upheavals and Islamist movements on the rise, gaining popularity, now might not the time for grand experiments with mass immigration of muslims. Europe will be sorry. We shouldn't make the same mistake, and to some extent already have by having mainstreamed organizations such as CAIR and other Muslim Brotherhood front groups. Then again, if we were to stop all people of Muslim background from coming here we would be deprived of the likes of Ayaan Hirsi Ali, and her type that are huge fans and advocates for the Western way of life, and that would be a shame. Such people help us to remember who we are, and reinvigorate a West that is losing its way.