Friday, December 18, 2015

Palestinian shot dead in attempted West Bank car-ramming

Michael L.

Times of Israel staff writes:
clashes 635x357A Palestinian attacker was shot dead Friday afternoon as he tried to drive his car into Israeli security forces at the entrance to the settlement of Ofra in the northern West Bank.

A Magen David Adom team sent to the scene said that no Israelis had been wounded in the attempted attack, Channel 2 television reported. The driver’s death was confirmed at the scene.

Initial reports said that the driver hit a concrete barrier and the soldiers there managed to scatter seconds before the impact. The troops then opened fire on the vehicle. The IDF said that the attack took place during widespread riots at the adjacent village of Silwad.
I find it difficult to believe that anyone can think that the Jewish minority of the Middle East are not a people under siege within the third intifada against them.

In truth, World War II never really ended for the Jews in that part of the world.

This is the third attempt since the late 1980s wherein Arabs send their children out into the streets for the purpose of killing Jews, and getting killed in the process, to much applause and celebration within Palestinian-Arab society.

I am certain that the families are very proud of their "martyrs" and will appropriately celebrate their welcome into paradise for the noble effort of endeavoring to murder Jews.  The Palestinian Authority will name streets and sporting arenas and elementary schools after those who have been most successful in murdering innocent Jewish grandparents and children in the streets of Jerusalem or Hebron.

I honestly do not know what more can be said about this other than the fact that Israel must clamp-down hard on its internal Arab-Nazi-Klan situation and make it exceedingly clear to their families that when they seek to murder Jews on the streets in Israel that there will be a very serious price to pay.

I do not know if Israel should bulldoze the homes of these murderers or subject them to the death penalty or oust their families from the country.

In any case, very serious measures need to be taken in order to send the appropriate message to the families of these bastards that the Jews will simply no longer put up with this.

One thing that non-Jews need to understand is that Israel stands for the Jewish people.

Israel stands for the Jews.

Our presence in the world as a people - not as cringing victims - is assured by the Jewish State.

Thus Israel must fight back against the miserable bastards that seek to run Jews down with their automobiles or who send their children out with knives to murder innocent Jews on the streets.

If Israel does what is necessary to protect its people Europeans, progressives, and Arabs will scream from the hillsides about Jewish "aggression," but if Israel fails to stand up there will be more Jewish dead and a continuing diminishment of the already tiny Jewish population.

Israel has no choice but to seriously fight back, whether Europe or Barack Obama likes it or not.

From the comments: 
Jan Poller

If Palestinians don't want to die while trying to kill Israelis, they should stop trying to kill Israelis.  It isn't a difficult concept.

Maybe if they believed that they were going to eternal flames and damnation instead of "paradise" they wouldn't be so anxious to commit murder and then die.
What Jan understands, but the EU and the UN and Barack Obama do not, is the religious nature of Arab hatred toward Jews in the ancient Jewish homeland.

They honestly believe that the people who have treated the Arabs best in that part of the world are the ones who have treated them worst and therefore deserve whatever beating they get from their former conquerors.


  1. I do not know if Israel should bulldoze the houses of these murderers, or subject them to the death penalty or oust their families from the country.

    Well, in my opinion, they should do none of those things.

    And, apartment from anything else, none of those things would bring about the outcomes you want. Do you really believe that it would stop the hatred or the violence? Do you really think, taking everything you know into account, that such measures would have much impact on people who have such a deep and irrational hatred?
    Isn't it obvious that so little of this is rationally based, and that, therefore, using what seem like very harsh ( I would say unacceptable, but that is another argument) measures would only be effective if the people you used them on were capable of responding rationally. If people have been brought up since childhood to wish to be "martyrs" what difference do such retaliations make? In reality, those sorts of responses would only add more fuel to the already raging fire.

    I understand your anger and your desire for "something to be done." But it can't be just what would give you - and others - a brief sense of satisfaction.
    We are looking at a situation that is possibly impossible to solve. A very difficult and disquieting thought.

    This is an interesting article that takes a very pessimistic view, but it needs to be thought about, I think.

    1. Edit:
      Not "apartment", "apart"

    2. If we will not survive, we should take the world down with us. There is that capability.

    3. Jacob,
      Seriously hoping you can't possibly mean that.

    4. Jacob,
      I'm going to assume you're not actually serious.
      I need to assume that.

  2. It's not a human unalienable right to be a citizen of a given country. Exile the entire family. Send them to the US embassy or the embassies of some EU state if you wish. With arrest orders if any of them return.