Saturday, October 8, 2016

Brief Note: Trump is Doomed

Michael Lumish

briefnotesUltimately it was his arrogance that did him in.

He thought that he was untouchable.

Well, I do believe Hillary just touched him good.

One of my grievances with the progressive-left and the Democratic Party is that they have taken genuine issues concerning racism and sexism in the United States - as given to us from the Civil Rights Movement and second-wave feminism - and turned them both into political clubs designed to beat back any opposition and to silence any meaningful discussion.

Did Trump not know this?

Was he unaware that - particularly given his appalling behavior during the Republican nomination process - that the Democrats would fling around charges of racism and sexism like confetti? And did it further not occur to him that as an exceedingly public figure there was a treasure-trove of blathering nonsense for them to pick through?

What a fucking idiot.

And what that means is that we will have another 4 to 8 years of ignoring the rise of Political Islam as it chases the Jews out of Europe and creates its series of Sharia-based subcultures throughout the continent.

One has to wonder whether, as rates of Jihadi attacks continue to rise in the West, will the Democratic Party finally begin to discuss the issue in an honest manner or will it simply continue developing tolerance for the intolerable?

My guess is door number 2.


  1. Well in either case we should make at least some pretense at making her accountable after the 2nd or 3rd or 4th nuclear terrorist attack on the US. Or, not. Who cares?

  2. Of course, Bill Clinton pursued married women, single women, lots and lots of women, and Hillary called these women lewd and disrespectful names. It is said she ran the "war room" against these women which handled what their campaign titled "bimbo eruptions," another nice respectful name for women, along with "trailer trash," "unstable," "stalker" and the rest to explain Bill's behavior and Hillary's fealty to her man. Bill had to pay $850,000 to Paula Jones, was disbarred and was accused of rape. How do the Clintons walk away from all this stuff as "feminists?" Because they'll defend "your right to 'choose'?" Or is it because Hillary claims she will get you "equal pay for womens work," a phrase and formulation I had never heard before, and one whose meaning I can't claim to even understand?

    How could a debate moderator with a good conscience ask Trump about any of this without asking feminist Hillary, at the very least, if she still considers Jennifer Flowers "trailer trash?"

    Considering the Clintons past, and most likely their present, how can this possibly be considered an issue for tarring Trump who has never portrayed himself as a holy roller? And to echo the voices of Democrats past, "what's that got to do with running the country?"

    You were right when you called this a "gang bang." One needn't think Trump the optimal candidate to notice this. Some PC's over at Elder's joint took issue with your description, but it was a perfect metaphor.

    1. Jennifer Flowers reports hearing from Bill that "Hillary has eREDACTED more REDACTED" than he ever did. Her and Huma are celebrating 20 years anniversary of their "professional" relationship. I feel for both Bill and Anthony. We also have not so closet homosexual as a sitting president right now. Yet somehow we are supposed to be appalled by the shocking fact that Trump likes women? Is it because he is a cis gendered male? There Mike, I've used that word again :)

    2. Uhh, Jacob?

      "We also have not so closet homosexual as a sitting president right now."

      Where the hell did that come from?

      First off, there is nothing to indicate that Obama is Gay.

      And number B, I don't care about the sexual orientation of our politicians.

      I care about their stance on policy.

      You are, naturally, free to disagree.

    3. There is plenty of circumstantial evidence to suspect that Obama is gay.
      I'm not going to convince anyone who doesn't want to believe it, and
      in any case that would be irrelevant if the left wasn't so hypocritical about 11 year old stupid remarks by Trump.

    4. While we worry about "hurtful things" Trump said years ago the POS in the White House is bringing in a thousand Muslims a day. Hillary will complete the Sharia transformation. We are truly f..d.

  3. Trump may not be the only one that is doomed.

    Words are more important than actions these days.

    Calling millions of Americans irredeemable is worse, especially for someone that claims to respect all.

    Doom will result because the playing field is too slanted and the tilt is accelerating.

    1. And to think that I am only now coming to learn who Tammy Bruce is.

    2. Check him out.

      Heard him say in one of his talks that he's started to be contacted by kids 12 & 13 who are rejecting the PC orthodoxy, and who will be the actual wave of counter-culture against the conformist ideology and safe space of progressives and millennials.

    3. Milo stinks.

    4. Milo's "bigotry" spares no one and needs to be understood for what it is, a frontal assault on political correctness. Jews have much better things to be concerned about than he.

  4. Excellent article on the matter at PJ Media:

    Don't need to be religious to see the historical and tangible benefits of religious values on the ethical and moral health and development of society.

  5. Trump has taken off the gloves:

    ""I've said some foolish things, but there's a big difference between the words and actions of other people. Bill Clinton has actually abused women, and Hillary has bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims. We will discuss this more in the coming days. See you at the debate on Sunday."

  6. And as one wag points out, when Trump made those sexist remarks, he was a democrat.

  7. Me, I'm voting for the giant asteroid or alien takeover.

  8. I mean you guys do understand how bizarre this looks from outside? It's hard to understand what exactly is going and you have concerns for the health of US political culture.

    Barely weeks off and look at what the US political process has thrown up up as the only candidates at a critical moment. 300 million people and these two are the best the machine ofdemocracy can throw up?

    You're right. This could be a Voneget

    1. Wouldn't it be remarkable if Trump actually won?

      Howls in the night would ring throughout the countryside.

      In any case, the debate this evening should prove entertaining.

      I intend to have my popcorn at the ready!

    2. Thanks for reminding to restock my popcorn!
      It all looks bizarre from the inside too!
      I doubt Trump can recover, even though the litmus tests being given are insane as far as choosing either of these two extremely flawed people.
      The problem is that this election is sending an urgent message to our national leadership, and I fear that Hillary Clinton may well be thoroughly incapable of absorbing that message.

  9. The election will be as faked as the democratic primary process. This is all theater. The 'votes' so to speak, have already been determined.

    1. Did the Democrats even have a primary process?

    2. Not according to them but Bernie Sanders was ok with that. Either he was a fake candidate or he's really so ideologically hidebound that it doesn't matter. And for what it's worth, for BOTH parties, all the 'Never' People; Never Trump, Never Hillary will vote 98% for their respective parties. All they really want is an opportunity to see you watch them complain.

      I'm not watching the debate or the next one. I'm no longer watching the news at all. 50/50 I might not vote this time. Although it might be nice to get a souvenir of what could be the last presidential election in America.

  10. we gotta see to it that the GOP keeps Congress; they've done a good job trying to fight Obama on Iran, Israel, Islamic refugees, etc. While yea Hillary is of the same party, she is a DLC centrist like her husband, at heart. Islam is almost like the welfare/crime of today; something the left is out of touch with the country on the whole on, which means the mostly likely for non-ideologues like the Clintons to compromise, while Hussein calls opponents "racist."