Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Raw Deal 8: The Clinton that Wouldn't Go Away (Updated)

Michael Lumish 

{Update: It has been brought to my attention that I made a factual error in this post. Hillary intervened in 2012, during Operation Pillar of Defense, not Operation Defensive Shield. The essential thesis, however, stands.}

Heya guys,

This is Michael Lumish talking atcha in the Oakland hills this dreary and cool morning, October 11, 2016.

Like many of you, perhaps most, I cannot friggin wait for Nov 9th to arrive because this has absolutely been the single most excruciating presidential campaign that I have ever subjected myself to.

I mean, it’s just disgusting.

On the one hand, we have a crazed egomaniac that the Democrats have successfully painted as some vile cross between Adolph Hitler and the Marquis de Sade.

On the other hand we have Hillary. Oh, joy. Y’know, there are just certain politicians who simply will not go away. Year after year, decade after decade, there they still are.

These ghostly presences that shadow our lives.

I cannot even begin to tell you the sheer horror  I went through at the conscious realization that from this very moment until the day I die a Clinton is going to be shoved into my face by the media on almost a daily basis.

I don’t know if I can take it.

And don’t get me wrong, I voted for Bill Clinton twice.

Although, when I think about the history of Oslo I get a little nauseated at that fact, but there it is.

But with Hillary we are getting the Sec of State who rushed to the defense of Hamas once Israel finally responded to the hundreds of Kassams and Qatyushas that were damaging the lives of everyone living anywhere near S’derot or Ashkelon and giving the kids post-traumatic stress disorder because they were constantly racing into bomb shelters in the middle of the night.

As soon as Israel stood up to fight back in Operation Protective Edge during the summer of 2014 – bam! – Hillary was on a jet for the purpose of allegedly bringing peace to the region.

Pure bullshit, of course. Peace will come between Israel and Hamas when Israel eliminates Hamas. Period. There is no way around that. I wish that there were, but there isn’t.

All that Hillary did was intervene on the behalf of Hamas so that this heinous, genocidal Jihadi organization did not get the ass kicking that it so richly deserves. She did not intervene to bring peace. She intervened to save Hamas’s butt and thereby, whatever her intentions, to prolong war.

What’s most galling from my perspective, tho, is the absolute inability of Obama or Clinton or anyone in their administration, or virtually anyone within the Democratic Party, as a whole, to seriously acknowledge the significance of the rise of Political Islam.

Most of our friends on the Left would rather have root-canal surgery than honestly discuss the meaning of Political Islam or Jihadism or Islamism or whatever you want to call this fascistic political movement arising from the Middle East and infecting Europe with its love.

What this means, of course, is that after Hillary wins the election we will get 4 to 8 more years of denial and avoidance and deflection on this issue because to do otherwise would be to spit in the face of the kind of progressive-left dogma that to so much as name the unnamable is to court disaster and reveal oneself as a racist of the worst order.

Whatever anybody might want to say about Donald Trump – and boy do people have plenty to say about this guy - he’s right on that score.

I believe Sun Tzu said it about a million years ago. You cannot defeat an enemy that you cannot name. The reasons for this could hardly be more obvious.

If you refuse to name an enemy than you cannot study that enemy because what is there to study? And if you do not know your enemy you are in no position whatsoever to defeat it. Right?

Of course, the Obamabots and Clintonistas don’t care because they tend to support Political Islam, anyway – much to my never ending astonishment – and they don’t really believe in even the concept of enemies.

I tell ya, it must be nice to come from an air so rarified and so cozy and so safe that to even mentally evoke the notion of “enemy” is to make one go queezy with guilt.

Y’know, I was talking to a guy the other day about this kind of thing and at one point he looked me square in the eye and said, "But what is this to you? You’re not an Israeli and the likelihood of you getting blown to smithereens by a terrorist are virtually nil.” I paraphrase, of course, but that was essentially it.

What he failed to understand is that Jewish people throughout the world feel a connection with one another that transcends cultures or borders or politics or, even, religious beliefs.

If someone were to say to me, “Hey man, why do you bother with this crap?” The only answer I could possibly give – aside from all that cool Zionist cash that Israel deposits in my account each month – is that I feel a gut-level connection to my fellow Jews around the world and most particularly those under siege in Israel, but also in Europe.

The rise of Political Islam matters, tho, not only because their ideology is essentially genocidal toward all non-Muslims, most particularly Jews, but because al-Sharia cannot peacefully co-exist with western secular forms of jurisprudence.

These are mutually exclusive legal ideologies and the west is slowly allowing the erosion of fundamental civil liberties, such as rights to freedom speech, in the face of that challenge.

This is not so prominent in the United States where we mainly only face a little self-censorship – for the moment – by elite forms of media.

But aside from the direct threat to Jews by the rising Jihad, there are also the not so small facts of Yazidis buried alive as their twelve year old daughters are sold into sexual slavery. The genocide of the Christian population throughout the Middle East, complete with church burnings, riots, kidnapping and forced conversions.

Just ask Raymond Ibrahim. He may very well have something to say on the matter.

And, finally, there is the matter of what the progressive-left aversion to even discussing Political Islam means to its ideological core.

What it means is that the progressive-left, as a political movement, no longer believes in its core reason to be and that core reason is the promotion of universal human rights.

The Left can redeem itself anytime by simply opening their eyes to an important reality that is staring them directly in the face, but I do not see that happening anytime soon.

Certainly not with Hillary in the White House.


  1. re: the guy you were talking to

    I can't help notice that most of those coming to the aid of the "Palestinians" are not themselves Palestinian. What do they care if Israel bombs Hamas for shooting rockets at Israeli schoolchildren? After all, the probability that Israelis are going to bomb THEM is zilch, zero, nada.
    BTW, your chances of getting blown up by a jihadi correlates to the number of them we let into our country. The more that are here, the better your chances. 40 years ago your chances were zero. In recent decades it has been rising. Let's call it a trend.

    1. I agree with you about 99%. But I do think the Clintons understand the concept of enemy. Whom they deem that to be is another question.

  2. On the surface Donald Trump appears to be an egomaniac; however, I believe and perhaps wrong that God is using him for a purpose. It's come to this time in life that America could be a new battleground. I concur with everything you have to say. I 100% support Israel and all Jewish people around the world. I am but a mere gentile and believer in Jesus Christ. I denounce obama, hillary and the corrupt politicians and special interest groups because of their greed, lies, personal ambitions that are sucking the life out of America.

    1. Trump detractors seem unhinged, acting with hatred in their hearts against him and the "deplorable irredeemables" in the name of tolerance.

      The union of interests fight so hard to keep a system in place that has become a fraud.

      Even if Trump loses, the toothpaste is out of the tube, so at least the push back has started.

      Deals people make with the devil will only make the road back more difficult, and hopefully more people will realize the extent of what there is to lose.

    2. Anonymous,

      if there is one thing that we need it is our Christian friends and supporters wherever we may find them.

      Peace to you, please, my friend.

  3. There are facts and there are memes. The absurdity of this post is best exemplified by the actual fact that Hillary Clinton was not the Secretary of State in 2014, John Kerry was. She did negotiate a peace in 2012, before Israel had to invade the strip. She had the confidence of all involved and it is unfortunate that she left, perhaps she could have negotiated something more permanent. Perhaps not, but at least she had a better chance than anyone else.

    1. You're correct.

      If I made a factual error, as it appears that I did, then I made a factual error.

      It was apparently not 2014, but 2012.

      I can live with owning up to that mistake.

      However, the main point stands.

      Obama administration efforts, including Hillary's, can never bring peace between Hamas and Israel because that peace can only be achieved through victory.

      Do you agree, Joseph? Or, perhaps, you feel that Hamas can be persuaded to lay down their arms?

      Do you believe that Hillary, Obama and the Democratic Party are encouraging a conversation concerning the rise of Political Islam?

  4. I don't think there is the slightest chance of negotiating a peace with Hamas or Fatah. They are both led by fascist kleptocrats who are making fortune under the status quo. Bill Clinton recognized the problem and made it clear who he blames for the failure of peace talks. I'm quite certain HIllary, who after all does listen to Bill, will know the same thing. Hillary is much stronger than Obama in this regard. She will attempt to reach common ground, as she did with Russia, but when it becomes clear that one side is not acting in good faith she has no problem walking away from negotiations.

  5. by the way, I'm in the Midwest. Yom Kippur starts shortly and therefore I won;t respond further until after the holiday.

    1. Well, you may very well be right about Hillary and, as my dear ol' ma used to say, "When you're right, you're right."

      Of course, I suspect that you are not correct, but I also suspect that we're going to get an opportunity to see one way or the other.

      G'mar Tov.

      Have an easy fast and, you should know, I value dissenters.

  6. This from Greg Sheridan, the Foreign Editor of The Australian, Australia's only quality newspaper IMO and Australia's best journalist by far. As you would expect from a journalist of his stature, he is fiercely pro-American and pro-Israel.

    " The second presidential debate between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton was gruesome, ghoulish and tragic.

    "It was tragic for the American people because it revealed the appalling choice they next month between the two most deservedly unpopular presidential candidates in modern political history. It was tragic also for the Republican Party because the debate showed Clinton 's tremendous weakness against any remotely upright, mainstream Republican candidate.

    " Unfortunately, in Donald Trump the Republicans did not produce a remotely upright, mainstream candidate.

    And so on. ..

    1. Horse manure. First of all, if the voters wanted one of the other candidates, they would have picked them. Trump got almost 50% of all the primary votes cast.

      Second of all, not one of them would have avoided being demonized just like Trump has been. Remember Mitt Romney, someone you can disagree on policy-wise but in his personal life a man of character...at least until this year.

      Any Republican is going to be painted as corrupt, 'sexist,'racist,' you name it, complete with any number of phony scandals. And none of the others would have done anywhere near as well or attracted the support Trump has.

  7. To fellow who asks why you care one answer is 'do you live in the ghetto? Are you an illegal alien? Why do you care?' Why does anyone have a moral code?

  8. I caught myself trying to console myself by thinking there have been other candidates worse or at least as bad as Clinton and Trump in my lifetime.

    After all. .. There was Jimmy Carter.

    Then I remembered he nearly surrendered the world.

  9. Also Obama. It's easy to forget him.

    Surely Trump or Clinton couldn't be worse than him?

    OK ... Im clutching at straws here.

  10. I've been doing some Googling.


    No one seems to like him.

  11. Who was that guy who ran against Kennedy and wanted to nuke the Soviets?

    1. Geoff might be thinking of Goldwater in '64 against Johnson.

    2. That's him. Goldwater.

      I can remember my old Dad saying at the time that Australia should become the 51st state so at least there would be someone to vote against Goldwater.

    3. Goldwater was a sort-of libertarian hawk out of Arizona. Half Jewish, btw, if I am not mistaken. LBJ trounced him in the election of '64.That particular campaign was famous for the "Daisy Ad" which only aired once, but has been famous ever since.


    4. LBJ (also a Spanish nickname for Bill Clinton, if you know that joke) won almost every state. Goldwater knew all along, even when he accepted the nomination, that he had no chance at all of winning.

    5. I remember his father was Jewish.

      He scared the hell out of Australians and other friends of the US. People were building bomb shelters. For what they were worth.

      I remember the Daisy ad. Scariest political ad in history.

      I remember the result was a landslide.

  12. Donald Trump and Mike Pence represent the most pro-Israel, Judeophile ticket to run in decades. That alone should get them a much larger percentage of the Jewish vote then shamefully, they're going to get in actuality.

    And if Trump is such an 'egomaniac,' how do you explain his running at all? He didn't need more fame or money, and he certainly didn't need to be demonized and actually risk his life, something I'm sure he knew going in.

    He didn't need to suffer a 15% loss in his business, or endure the physical toll of campaigning at age 70 either.

    Could it be that just maybe, he's a patriot who simply felt he had to do something to save America from continued decline?

    1. Rob,

      there is nothing mutually exclusive between being a patriot and being an "egomaniac."

      In truth, anyone who decides that they should be POTUS is pretty much an egomaniac by definition, so I don't mean that as a terrible kick in the head.

      Besides, the piranha are out in force as we speak, gnashing around in the water, and chewing the guy into little pieces.

      All they need is for the MSM to keep tossing 'em fish guts and blood.

      But here is something to chew on. If Trump loses (and the smart money definitely says he will) it will be the first time in American history wherein a candidate was disqualified by the will of the American people due to sexism.

      That is notable.

      It will also represent perhaps the only time in American history where virtually the entire national news press was so entirely in the bag for a particular candidate.

      I've never seen anything quite like it.

      Y'know, my wife is a Democrat and the other day I turned to her and said something like, "Hey, have you heard the latest on Trump?"

      She said, "No. What?"

      "Well," I said, "they've got him on tape having sex with a fourteen year old Peruvian chimpanzee named Edgar during the Super Bowl!"

      So, yes, egomaniac or no egomaniac, the man is electoral toast.

      He would have been a good friend to the Jewish people and the State of Israel and he would have opened the much needed national discussion on the rise of Political Islam and what that might mean to the United States.

      C'est la vie.

    2. How's the chimpanzee?

      Begging for more of that good Trump lovin'.

    3. Of course he had to go down....the man was just too real for the thimble sized consensus of homo sapiens as we currently know ourselves.

      Don't worry about the USofA or Israel...I personally look upwards and say, 'G-d help this Planet'...as the approaching decade or two will amply demonstrate.

      I may sound over dramatic...but I've seen the future, and it doesn't look nice...believe me.

      I looked back from where have come from....to where our state of the art barbarous abilities have now positioned us....(Not nice at all!)