Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Fun with antisemitic anti-Zionists

Michael Lumish

I suppose this is rather stupid, but I find "trolling" antisemitic Facebook pages to be kind-of a kick.

There is a page called "Israel is a War Criminal" that I recently became aware of and - as one would expect - they specialize in separating out Jewish people in Israel, if not pro-Israel Jews, more generally, as a unique evil.

Therefore this morning I dropped in briefly to say hello with this little message:

Good morning anti-Zionists! How are you guys today? One of the things that give me a great deal of satisfaction is the knowledge that the Jewish people, after 2,000 years of diaspora have reconstituted our ancient homeland and reclaimed Jerusalem, the ancient capital of the Jewish people. That in itself is a very beautiful thing, I can hardly even tell you. But, y’know, when the Jews who arrived in the Land of Israel from the concentration camps nobody thought that they could actually beat the combined Arab armies. But nobody quite realized that the combined Arab armies were so feminine. 

Former dhimmis, along with Jewish women and half-starved Holocaust survivors actually beat the very cream of the Arab fighting forces in 1948 to re-establish Jewish sovereignty on historically Jewish land. And then to see this small struggling country not only survive but thrive just fills my heart with joy and gladness for the redemption of the Jewish people. Now, of course, Israel is a world leader in a variety of areas including technical and medical sciences, water reclamation, agriculture, not to mention arts and letters. Some of the top universities in the world are in that country. It’s really very gratifying.

Peace to you, please, my friends.

So far responses include these:

And this:
Ade Dino Sutrisno

Life is short. But but the hellfire is for eternity. Peace be upon the prophets and their fervent followers. The killer of the prophets may enjoy this world as much as they can. Prosper and oppress as much as they want. The earth the only paradise they will ever know. For a day will come for them when they will stare in horror.
But, ya know, when I was twelve I used to turn over rocks, too.


  1. Someone has to be psycho; might as well be them.

  2. Invite them over to Israel Thrives, we could have some fun.

    1. I did, actually. I think that it would be fun, too.

  3. Michael Lumish, I have very great respect for your pro-Israel activism and knowledge.

    But my dear Jewish brother, you are making a big mistake by unnecessarily provoking these people.

    Since you are highly intelligent, I will not insult your intelligence by explaining why unnecessarily provoking these people is a mistake, in many ways.

    Instead, I will trust that you will make your own list-of-reasons, using your formidable intelligence and wisdom.

    1. Mr. Cohen,
      I think Mike's response to these people - they are the provocateurs - is necessary.

    2. Mr. Cohen, I am open to a discussion.

      ...you are making a big mistake by unnecessarily provoking these people.

      And I here I thought all this time that they were provoking us.

      I cannot respond to your argument unless you give it to me.

    3. Do you think it would be better if Jewish people hid in holes so as not to provoke our enemies?

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    Why Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable:


  5. any chance there are former Anonymous guys out there who left in part out of their pro-Muslim anti-Zionism? Could be useful!

  6. As someone who's old and insane, I prefer more direct action. Go all Gran Torino on them.

    1. I don't know what we'd do without you , Trudy.

  7. How a pro-Palestinian American reporter
    changed his views on Israel and the conflict

    by Hunter Stuart, 2017 February 15


  8. Anne Coulter can't speak on campus. This is easily fixed. Anne, go kill some Jews. Preferably Israelis but in a pinch any Jews will do. Then claim Israel tortured your confession out of you like Rasmea Odeh.