Friday, April 28, 2017

The Last Time Jews Faced Machine Guns


{The article Doodad refers to is this piece from the Daily Mail. - ML}

The Holocaust? No.

The last war against genocidal Arab countries? No.

Yesterday. In England. At Parliament.
Heavily armed Metropolitan police threw Jewish activists out of an event hosted by a Labour MP at Parliament this week after they asked 'disruptive questions', MailOnline can reveal 
Mark Hendrick, MP for Preston, chaired the pro-Palestinian event which was organised by the controversial Palestine Return Centre (PRC). The group has been accused of links with Hamas, though a spokesman denied this. 
The main speaker at Tuesday's event – which was held to discuss Israeli conduct in Jerusalem – was Kamal Hawwash of the Palestine Solidarity Campaign, who used his speech to accuse Israel of being 'an expert at inciting hatred'. 
At a previous Labour event, he said he considered a man who knifed two Israeli men to death, and injured a woman and toddler, a 'martyr' carrying out an 'act of revenge'. If people found his actions 'unacceptable', he said, 'that's up to them'. 
The Jewish activists listened quietly to the speeches but then strongly challenged the presentations during the question-and-answer session. Mr Hendrick summoned police armed with machine guns to eject them, leaving them 'shaken and upset'.
 Machine guns for pity's sake. Machine guns. Oh England, I weep for you.


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    1. Western Euro Jews need to move on if they can.

      The parts of the world where Jewish people can live openly as Jews without fear of violence or social constriction is getting narrower.

    2. I was hoping to see some press or blog stuff explaining why the machine guns but this thing has received little attention in any of the usual places. Now if they had been removing Muslims and carrying machine guns, well.....thank G-d for Israel is all I can say.

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