Sunday, June 11, 2017

Calling Pro-Israel "Kossacks"

Michael Lumish

This morning I received the following note from
Looking for Kossacks who kept notes when they banned the Jews

From what I can remember, there was an organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah by publishing their propaganda every day and getting rid of their opposition. Someone found Meteor Blades on a published list of the PR team. Talking Points Memo had a guy publishing the same propaganda. I don't remember the details. Did anybody save this information?
I do not know "cecrops" but the name is vaguely familiar.

I also do not recall any "organized PR campaign to promote Hamas and Hezbollah...".

There were antisemitic anti-Zionists who enjoyed promoting violence against Jews by spreading the idea of Jewish guilt to naive, but well-meaning, "progressives" but I was never aware of much of an organized effort on their part.

Sure, they were more coordinated than the pro-Israel contingent, but it was not as if Meteor Blades (an anti-Israel Daily Kos administrator) was organizing an effort against the Jews at that joint.

Cecrops sent a second email:
I was not able to find contact information for most people. is running a wine blog 
Shane Hensinger has gone places. 
Adam B
AmbroseBurnside went net.dead in 2009
another American
Borat Sagdiyev
DemocraticLuntz - possibly
Eyal Rosenberg - quit, could not find the same user
Flash Savior of the Universe - net.dead since 2009
Jay Elias
Keith Moon
Krissy McD
leftynyc - net.dead in 2009
Paul in Berkeley
Red Sox
Red Tulips stopped blogging in 2009 but has appeared in the comments in Israel Matsav
ZionistYoungster has not blogged since 2007 may have been involved in the defunct Revolutionary Zionism / Zionist Freedom Alliance movement

Possible friendlies:
Captain C
Steve Love
Borat Sagdiyev
buckhorn okie
The Raven
Sagebrush Bob

Possible neutrals: 
Marisacat and Madman in the Marketplace have appeared on Breakfast In The Ruins, but neither of them has been active for a few years.
I find it a little surprising that he sent me this email without putting "Karmafish" on that list of eminent pro-Israel Daily Kos advocates.

Sad for me, really, but I guess I will sleep tonight, anyway.

In any case, if any of you peoples have any information that could help this guy out, you have the email address at the top of the page.

Those of you who are my friends from the "bad old days" should consider contacting this guy.

The name "cecrops" sounds damn familiar.

It's probably one of you assholes!



  1. Don't recognize the name or the situation but brought back fond memories of V-boys famous GBCW:

    "Hey Shithead Bigots - You got your wish... GBCW
    First allow me to say to the Bigots who think this is Mondoweiss and or related anti-Semitic hate sites like Stormfront, or You are right. This is. It is pretty fucking obvious that Jewish Posters who are not "Good Jews / Kapos" or don't toe the line on "Israel is Teh Suck" pretty much are not welcome here. It seems that Markos in his infinite wisdom has decided that "Fuck all, I want to be just like that rousing success of a website; Firedoglake".

    Love the comments wherein so many were disappointed Volley was no longer the good Jew he had been:

    "I'm sorry to see this

    in my experience, volley has been up to date one of the more reasonable posters in the I/P arena and has really worked to try to lower the temperature in those diaries"

    1. The thing is, what do any of these people really know?

    2. Some of these guys were quite knowledgeable on both sides. But, y'know, it's like anything else. Some people know more than others and some are more fair than others. As you know, dkos meant something to me because it opened my eyes to the advance of antisemitic anti-Zionism within the progressive-left.

    3. A bunch a noise. Virtue signalling at its finest. Thankfully, scant tangible effect on the real world. If it never existed things would be no worse.

      Now there's Twitter, the need to comment about everything permeates culture. Life was much better when what people thought was a mystery.

    4. Knowledgeable? I don't think so. It's virtue signaling at its lowest.
      They understand the world's oldest hatred? The slanders and libels that precede the inevitable violence? I don't think so. Anyone who did could see the Arab cause coming from a mile away. Why have the Pal Arabs refused offers of statehood 5 times?

    5. "Now there's Twitter." A bit Pavlovian, ain't it?

  2. very few I/P diaries at dKos nowadays but when there are you can bet they are antisemitic.

    1. And, yet, there was never the slightest evidence that Moulitsas, himself, was prejudiced against Jews. I honestly do not think that he was... believe it or not.

    2. Or pro-Jew or certainly pro-Israel Mike so I think he was just extremely careful and let the others do all his dirty work. The buck needed to stop somewhere.

    3. Markos Moulitsas says, “Republicans are getting what they want.”

      There is hate in his heart and it's not limited to the above.

      He is no democrat.

  3. does anyone realize that "Kossacks" was cultural appropriate of the Cossacks of Russia?

  4. James Kirchick writes, "On Linda Sarsour's Politics of Hate and the Pathos of her Jewish Enablers"

    1. This is just the kind of thing that we've been pointing out for years, but its coming into clearer focus now. The Jewish left has a very difficult dilemma on its hands, but it's no different from the one that we faced. I say "we" because you were, once upon a time, a lefty, yes? No? I was. I wonder if I still am?

  5. More interesting stuff:

    1. Democrats are the party of Islam, Socialism, and Transvestites.

    2. I have no particular problem with either transvestites or reform-minded Muslims. And socialism influenced the necessary reform of laissez-faire capitalism. The problem with both Islam and socialism, however, is that both have a tendency toward totalitarianism. As for transvestites... I don't know... it just cannot be easy. For the most part my heart goes out to those people.

    3. I've actually experienced real Socialism in Soviet Union already, so no, thank you very much. American Jews just don't appreciate the country they have. If it's not broke, don't fix it.
      Democrats are a party of Islam, Jew hatred, crony capitalism, greed, and power at any cost.