Tuesday, June 6, 2017

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week we start by discussing the relationship between Israel and New Zealand with communal leader Juliet Moses, and then we hear the latest on the British election with barrister and writer Jeremy Brier.

We speak with Christian Copt Raymond Ibrahim and then catch up with Isi Leibler in Jerusalem who has some thoughts on President Trump's waiver on moving the US embassy.

3 min Editorial: The Occupation

12 min Juliet Moses, New Zealand

51 min Jeremy Brier, UK commentator

1 hr 14 min Raymond Ibrahim, Coptic Christian

 1 hr 35 min Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

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  1. Raymond Ibrahim is a lonely figure.

    He is the only scholar that I know of who is focusing almost entirely on the genocide of the Christians under Arab-Muslim imperial rule.

    The failure of the West to even acknowledge that it is happening is a true disgrace.

    1. Haven't heard that name in a while. Have you read something recently?
      What's happening there is a disgrace. What's happening everywhere right now is a disgrace, including Obama's speech in Montreal, complaining about tribalism. This is the same man who had Al Sharpton to the White House scores of times as advisor on race relations. A man under whose watch race relations, and gender relations got worse year after year, and under whose watch foreign relations and the ME blew up. I think we've had enough of his healing.

    2. That is one of the issues that rarely is spoken about. It seems to me that we've gone back about two generations on "race relations" in the US in about the last ten years. Evergreen State is a very sad and interesting story. Pathetic, really.

    3. Did you watch the Ben Rubin show? I watched a little of it.
      Am I wrong or is Evergreen the college where Rachel Corrie was radicalized?

    4. Ayup. Rachel Corrie was an Evergreen student. For a place that seems to spread hatred into young people it has a very nice sounding name. "Evergreen."

      What does that mean, exactly?

      Forever green?

      Forever growing and youthful and fresh and beautiful?

      It makes me want to buy the world a coke.

    5. Forever green? Forever immature. Lacking in experience and worldly knowledge.

  2. Man oh man, Comey just released prepared remarks wherein he agrees that he did indeed tell Trump 3 times that he was not under investigation. CNN et all look dumber than dirt.


    1. It's over, at least as a matter of law. As for the politics, the gutter is awaiting. Political Islam bides its time.

  3. Courtney Love knows a rat (Linda Sarsour) when she sees one:


    1. This Twitter response from Sophie Ellman-Golan really struck me. She's a Jew for crying out loud!

      "FYI, the Daily Caller is a known right-wing site with not-well concealed white nationalist and sexist and transphobic leanings."

      The Daily Caller is run by Ben Shapiro. Ben is certainly not white nationalist nor sexist in any way. As for "transphobic" one need not look further than Linda Sarsour's preferred set of laws, Sharia. And yet Ellman-Golan is quick to point this out. I'd bet anything she's never read the Daily Caller or ever really listened to anything Ben Shapiro has to say on these topics.

      Here's the difference between Sarsour and these disturbed, nominally Jewish women who come running to her defense. Sarsour knows she's a Muslim, likes that she's a Muslim and will do anything for that cause, whereas these Jewish girls have been separated from their religion and heritage to such an extent that they are grasping for something of substance to support. They have no organic center. They are lost and susceptible to Linda's slick campaign which ends in a repeat of Jewish tragedy.

      P.S. Right-on, Courtney!

    2. As for Alyssa Klein, "Linda is the kindest, most generous, most incredible woman I know. She makes me proud to be a woman. I am forever proud to be her sister."
      Alyssa, Linda is not your sister. Enjoy your clitorectomy.

    3. Alyssa should go visit Linda's relatives in "Palestine". "As a Jew".