Friday, June 30, 2017



  1. Dear media; grow a pair. Pro wrestling is not real and you guys don't get the joke. And now you are snowflakes too; emphasis on flakes.

    1. Sorry Doodad, but the sky is still blue, 2 + 2 is still 4, and Drumpf's tweet is an obvious incitement to violence.

    2. And the guy who made the video is no prize either:

    3. Yes, Randall, the media is in great danger from a Wrestlemania video, which looks a lot like a lot of other videos. Remember the one of Trump slaying Hillary? I'm not sure, I don't think the media went crazy over that one.
      I wouldn't take it so seriously, but what do I know? I'm not the media. They know all.
      I'm thinking of donating Playdo and hot chocolate for a safe space.
      Label this one as stupid tweet and media outrage of the week.
      Although all this drummed up faked outrage makes one feel oh so "Palestinian."

    4. Oops, I wasn't quite done.
      When Mr. Obama used the organs of the state to go after those AP reporters and Fox's James Rosen, I'm sure they felt just fine and slept all safe and tucked-in in their beddy byes at night. But a stupid slapstick video, well, that's the kind of the that'll get right under Don Lemon's petticoat.

    5. President Obama told the press that Benghazi was caused by a video. They believed that one too!

    6. Remember Obama? He's the president who sent an envoy to Iran before he was ever elected to let them know that help was on the way. He's the one that said we needed to put some "daylight" between us and the Israelis, as if previous presidents had never taken a piss on them. But in Obama's case it played like a good ol' antisemitic trope for the young burgeoning postmodern progressive antisemites of today. Of course his hostility to the Zionist project was as plain as the nose on your face, but he denied it anyway, and the media believed it! But 2334, despite lame excuses he and Kerry made, was the proof in the pudding. I especially enjoyed Kerry's "three settlers on a hilltop in violation of Israeli law. " I certainly think that one was the all time topper of all the things Kerry has ever said after building a 40 year political career on his 5 month stint in Vietnam.

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    8. Yes, Jeff, the media is in great danger from a piece of chit "president" who incites his followers with a Wrestlemania video. And the rest of us are in danger as well.

      And I do recall just how bad the previous president was. It makes me glad I never had any use (or voted) for him. But that was then, this is now, and the smooth conman is gone, replaced by an old baby who spends every waking moment defecating all over himself, the WH, and the nation.

      We're going to need a bigger mop.

    9. I got some news for you, Randall. Presidents have been raking the press over the coals, and quite harshly, since the founding. One of the differences here is that the media today have a serious case of virtuous victims disease. They want to get in on the intersectionality of it all. Boo hoo.

      Camille Paglia, a Democrat for sure, believes the Democratic Party has destroyed journalism, while others believe journalism is destroying itself. Personally, I believe it's a collusion job, i.e., collusion being all the rage these days.
      I heard one of these media pundits (known in Yiddish as "schmucks") pontificating on how all the other presidents understood the importance of freedom of the press...that is, until now. Bruhaha. Talk about being ignorant and full of yourself! These guys offer authoritative opinions on things they no nothing about. That's why the media is in danger. They are in danger because they bullshit their way along. They are in danger because they colluded with a candidate in the last election to make sure another candidate didn't get elected. These twerps think they get to decide who will be president, and they got a big surprise, and they just can't get over it. They are in danger because they are dangerous to themselves and to good governance.
      I believe that some of the stuff Trump tweets is beneath the dignity of the office. That's a personal opinion. The media is in trouble not because it reports this stuff, but because it CHOOSES to elevate this horse shit above everything, because they are now in the click bait for dollars business, not journalism.
      From listening to the media cry about all the danger they're in due to Mr. Trump's alleged incitement one would hardly know that someone actually tried to murder several GOP members of Congress only a few weeks ago.
      Could that be due to the normalization of violence on the left? Which media outlet would I go to, to find out?

  2. Just-in-case you did not know, this unlabelled image shows the famous “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot lighting Shabbat-candles. Baruch HaShem!

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