Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A New York State of Mind

Michael Lumish

I think that this little blog may have lost Mr. Cohen.

I honestly feel bad about it.

I sincerely do.

But this post is not specifically about that good man.

I appreciate his participation here because I want diversity of thought and because - although I am not very religious - I have respect for my fellow Jews and to the faith that I was born into.


Nobody is going to tell me that this guy is out of line.

That cuts a bit too close to home.


  1. Too bad. It appears it was all a misunderstanding.

    In posting the song, you made a little reference to Billy Joel being Jewish, that's all. And it's true the song was autobiographical. And maybe Mr. Cohen thought there was something about Judaism in the actual song.

    But there's nothing about a Jewish guy in it (and I don't even think it's well-known he's Jewish).

    The only controversy regarded his treatment of Catholicism. And it's an old controversy by now.

    1. Edward, thank you for dropping in.

      I don't really know that this was a misunderstanding.

      The truth is that I am more-or-less secular Jew and Mr. Cohen is not. Because he is not he takes some offense at some of the terminology and sensibilities that are flung around this joint.

      I have respect for those of faith and, in fact, am looking forward to hosting my annual Passover Seder soon.

      I love Passover like I love Thanksgiving and baseball, but this not something that everyone will appreciate.

      I certainly have nothing against Mr. Cohen who has been a consistent friend of this place for a long time, now.

  2. I love New York. Ive been there many times but not since the eighties.

    I promised my old dad that I would take him there but it never happened. Im stil in mourning. Worse now than ever

    Ive been told to expect that for the rest of my life.

    Ive been told to expect that for the rest of my life.

    1. I am sorry about your father, Geoff.

      Sometimes there are no words.

      These are the wounds that we carry in life.

    2. By the way, my mom (passed) was from the Bronx and my dad is from Brooklyn. I grew up in various towns just outside of NYC.

  3. I was holding back not asking if Billy Joel owed an apology to rich people for "Uptown Girl," or maybe to Ravel for mildly ripping him off for the first 4 bars of the melody. :0)