Tuesday, February 13, 2018

This Week on Nothing Left

Michael Lumish

Nothing Left
This week Michael Burd and Alan Freedman feature Mordechai Kedar, one of the stellar commentators on the Arab and Muslim world, and then hear from Israeli political media commentator Michael Tuchfeld.

Carli Dvash, the events manager for the UIA joins us to talk about their upcoming annual appeal and the guests they have invited, and Isi Leibler is controversial as always.

3 min Editorial:  ADC focus on anti-Semitism in Australia

9 min Mordechai Kedar, Israeli scholar on Arab & Muslim world

31 min Michael Tuchfeld, Israeli media political commentator

51 min Carli Dvash, UIA events manager

1 hr 31 min Isi Leibler in Jerusalem

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  1. "The former chief-of-staff of Iran’s armed forces said Tuesday that Western spies had used lizards to “attract atomic waves” and spy on his country’s nuclear program."


    The Elders of Lizard.

    Honest to Betsy. Where do they get these people? Free Iran from nincompoops.

    1. I always thought it was "Heaven to Betsy." Must be some Canadian thing.

      How does "Gosh oh golly gee" strike you?

  2. LOL my grandkids posted an "alternate to swear words," list on Facebook so I thought I'd share the fun! Heaven to Betsy is more used.

  3. "Three of the nation's top intelligence officials confirmed Tuesday that they have seen evidence of Russian meddling in the upcoming midterm elections — part of what they say is Moscow's escalating cyber assault on American and European democracies."


    So.....stop it. Ya'll didn't stop 911. Ya'll didn't stop the alleged meddling last election so what use are you? Prez Trump, find some guys who can do the job Americans expect. Please.