Friday, February 16, 2018

CA Democrats for Peace Not BDS

Michael Lumish

CA Democrats for Peace Not BDS is putting together a discussion and fundraising campaign on February 24 in San Diego.
We invite you to help fund our work within the California Democratic Party (CDP) as we foster much-needed engagement and dialogue concerning Israel and Palestine, while cultivating a narrative of collaboration and engagement in response to the polarizing and divisive global Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement.
I am no longer a Democrat, but I have considerable respect for the people putting this thing together.

Michael Harris has been fighting the good fight for decades in the San Francisco Bay Area and elsewhere.

Susan George and Matthew Finkelstein stand up, as well, and they were both key figures in the ongoing protest against Reem's racist bakery/cafe in Oakland.

Those of us who support the well-being of the Jewish people and the State of Israel need not always be within the same political party, but we should definitely support our friends within the Democratic Party.



  1. I wish them well. There are still, of course, some decent, principled, intelligent Democrats.

  2. "In the Mood." I dig it! Thanks. I did this with a big band when I was living in CT.

  3. Hypocrisy of the Anti-Israel BDS Movement:


    Articles Refuting the BDS Movement
    from Aish HaTorah:

  4. "Terror Supporter Reem Assil a Semi-Finalist for James Beard Award for Best Chef"

    Suggested Reems menus disclaimer: Our products may contain peanuts or peanut products. All products contain the desire for Jewish blood.

  5. What is collaboration and engagement?

  6. "I have, over the past year, slowly put together a video using my archive of recordings of BBC Global and CNN International’s news broadcasts. It portrays a mindset among journalism that has them “in the name of the ‘whole world’,” misinforming the whole world by reciting Palestinian war propaganda as news. “Everybody knows it’s Israel’s fault” that there’s no peace settlement."

    Landes most powerful expose of media collusion in Palestinian lies.

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  9. More than 30 centuries ago,
    King Solomon of Israel taught:
    "...he who rejoices at tragedy will not go unpunished."

    People who think that the Holocaust
    is funny are rejoicing at tragedy.
    May we live to see their punishment.


    How intermarriage harms
    Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel