Friday, February 2, 2018



  1. why isn't that a dog of color? RAYSISSS!!!!

  2. See, Kumar and Jacob want me to think that Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton believe that Snoopy is a White Supremacist.

    I don't think so, but these days it's hard to know.

    It never really occurred to me before, but Snoopy could be a White Supremacist or a White Nationalist or a Klansmen or a neo-Nazi or member of the Alt-CTRL-DLT-Right.

    They're everywhere!

    {And, yet, somehow, nowhere to be found.}

    1. From the picture it certainly looks as though Snoopy is moving to the right, but we must also consider that from his perspective he's moving to his left.

    2. I gotta tell ya, man, it is the hour before dawn and I love the hour before dawn.

      The truth is that we are being blatantly manipulated by the press and the politicians and most regular people - including many highly intelligent people - are falling for it.

      Do you know, I have never in my life met a single person who self-identified as a Klansmen or a Nazi or White Supremacist or any of that mierda?

      Not once.

      Does this mean that I think that they do not exist?


      But it does mean I find them politically irrelevant.

      When people start ranting about White Supremacists I always ask them to name a single self-identified White Supremacist in any political position in the United States.

  3. For anyone interested, some very interesting analysis about Fusion GPS by Lee Smith at Tablet Magazine. He started writing about Fusion last June, and his December post seems eerily on the mark.

  4. Reality and social justice. No good deed blah blah blah.

    Swedish Politician Who Fought for Equality and Open Borders Is Beheaded in Congo"

  5. Today is the 9th anniversary of when we brought home our Beagle-Rottweiler.

  6. Listen to Peanuts Cartoon Theme Music:


    Mr. Patrick Condell has no Jewish ancestors
    and no religion that might cause him to favor Jews.

    Please read these short pro-Israel articles that
    expose the Palestinians by Mr. Patrick Condell:


    Khaled Al Azm, who was the Prime Minister of Syria after the 1948 war, deplored the Arab tactics and subsequent exploitation of the [Palestinian] refugees, in his 1972 memoirs:

    "Since 1948 it was we who demanded the return of the refugees...

    while it was we [Arabs] who made them [Palestinians] leave [Israel]...

    We brought disaster upon...

    Arab refugees, by inviting them and bringing pressure to bear upon them to leave ...

    Then we exploited them in executing crimes of murder, arson, and throwing bombs upon...

    men, women and children, all this in the service of political purposes ..."

    SOURCE: From Time Immemorial: The Origins of the Arab-Jewish Conflict over Palestine (chapter 2, page 16) by Joan Peters, year 1984, JKAP Publications

  7. Have you ever wondered why so many people
    are trying to take Jerusalem away from Jews?

    The answer is in the Bible:

    The Biblical Book of Jeremiah,
    end of chapter 17, teaches:

    If the Jewish people observe Shabbat [the Jewish Sabbath] then Jerusalem will be ruled by Jews forever (verses 24 to 25).

    But if Jews DO NOT observe Shabbat, then the Land of Israel [literally, Jerusalem] will burn with fire (verse 27, last verse of chapter).

    How Shabbat-desecration harms Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem:

    Have you ever wondered why so many people
    are trying to take the Land of Israel away from Jews?

    The answer is in the Bible:

    In the Biblical Book of Joshua, chapter 23,
    verses 12 to 13, G_d reveals that:

    If Jews intermarry with non-Jews, then He will NOT help the Jews conquer the Land of Israel. And even worse, the sin of intermarriage will cause the Jews to be driven out from the Land of Israel.

    How intermarriage harms Jewish sovereignty over the Land of Israel:

  8. The amazing thing about this post is that it was made less than 36 hours after I downloaded the Peanuts Cartoon Theme Music to my computer.

    It seems almost as if Michael Lumish was reading my thoughts!

    1. shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the Elders hate it when you give aaway their seekrits.

  9. "In February 2016, BDS South Africa praised a decision to cancel a water crisis conference that was scheduled to take place in Johannesburg.

    BDS South Africa said at the time it was pleased “the rug has been pulled from the Israeli ambassador, who will not be able to exploit our very serious water crises for his own cheap publicity and whitewashing of his regime. Israel water technology is not unique or special; such technology is widely available through other more friendly countries.”

    Two years later, South Africa is experiencing a major water crisis. Unless a last-minute solution is found, Cape Town will soon have the dubious honor of becoming one of the few – if not the first – developed cities in the world to run out of water."

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA. Gotta love Karma.

    1. Desalination isn't that hard to do but it highlights the competing agendas of different left wing groups. Desalination takes an enormous amount of power so plants have to contain their own power plants. You can build a gas or coal plant and deal with that or you can build a nuclear plant and deal with that. Other renewable technologies either don't scale up or are too expensive now. So you can hate Jews and die of thirst or you can love the earth and die of thirst. Either way it doesn't matter.

      ZA has been a fairly arid country since forever. Industrial farming has already had to scramble for water. But as the politics and the economy of the country are tilted toward urbanization fewer and fewer resources are directed to the farm sector to make the best use of the water they have. As farms fall into disrepair the industrial expertise for water management leaves the country.

      What's funny is that even today, South Africans consider Cape Town to be an 'apartheid' city even though it's only 15% white. Odd since the white population particularly in the Western Cape Province has been falling since 1980. Whites still have economic power and household income in the aggregate in higher rates than their proportion of the population but the total numbers are dropping. White emigration is up 250% in the last few years and being South African, many people are eligible to easily gain or purchase outright in Commonwealth countries, accelerating the flight of personal capital from the country.

  10. Jay in Philly must be feeling pretty good right now. That 4th down play was something. Nice when it's just the game being played, rather than the "game." Not watching the halftime show and muting all the commercials sure makes it better.