Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Rabbi Slifkin and Ayman Odeh on Israel's independence

Sar Shalom

The New York Times carried yet another propaganda piece by Ayman Odeh decrying Israel's Independence Day as the Palestinians' "Nakba." Among the points Odeh raises is that of the 70,000 Arabs in the Haifa area before the Independence War, all but 2,000 were, according to Odeh's narrative, expelled, with his grandparents among the 2,000 who remained.

Odeh goes on to list other crimes he attributes to Israel. On one level, it would be worth fisking those claims. However, on another level, it is worth looking at an analysis of another group's response to Israel's Memorial/Independence Day by Rabbi Natan Slifkin. In describing the reasons for chareidi practice, Slifkin describes:
There are the explanations that are given for kiruv or PR or even internal purposes, and that are believed by many Anglo charedi wannabees, and sometimes even by some real McCoy Israeli charedim. And then there are the real explanations, which are well understood by astute observers of the charedi world, as well as many people within the charedi world.
One of Slifkin's examples is Yom Hashoah for which Rabbi Slifkin writes:
Explanations such as "the siren is chukas hagoy," or "we don't mourn during Nissan," or .... The real reason is that Yom HaShoah is an event created by and for the nation of the State of Israel as a whole, and charedim do not want to identify as part of that wider community.
A similar phenomenon is in effect with Arab complaints about Israeli abuse of the "indigenous" Palestinians. The public reasons are the ones that Odeh wrote and the the NY Times published today. The real reason is that the Jews have abrogated the Pact of Umar and the Arabs are angry that they cannot respond as Abu Ishaq did in 1066.


  1. Yes, okay,...Odeh is using one well known tactic to screw the Jews, namely, to accuse them of crimes which coincidentally carry weight these days in the Western Left masochistic narrative. (At other times in history expelling your enemies would have been seen as a moral good.) His statistics of this alleged mass expulsion is probably pure bullshit. Bullshit is a moral good these days, but it all depends on the "racial" identity of the speaker. I happen to believe, with good reason, that that is entirely fucked up. (My apologies to Mr. Cohen.)
    Just to say "we want to throw the Jews into the sea for violating the Pact of Umar" isn't going to fly with the (shallow) sophisticates who write for, edit, publish, and read the NYT. There needs to be a rational or justification for the right to slit the throats of Jewish children and grandmothers and throw the Jews into the sea. Naturally the New York Times is there to help.

    1. Algemeiner has a response that fills in why the claim that Israel expelled the Arabs from Haifa is a lie, link in part 1 of today's links at EoZ. I would have liked to have put that in initially, but didn't have the specifics at my fingertips.

      You're spot on that calling for genocide because the Jews cast off the Pact of Umar will not fly and the NY Times is there to help make the alternate case for realizing that result. The objective of the link to Slifkin is to provide an example of stated motives being smokescreens for ulterior motives.

  2. “[The] Olso [peace treaty] because the Palestinians, while talking peace in English, continued to build hate against Israelis in Arabic, in their mosques and textbooks.
    And they continued to draw maps of a future Palestinian state that erased Israel.”

    SOURCE: Longitudes and Attitudes
    (page 224) by Thomas L. Friedman, 2002 April 7


    Winston Churchill said this in 1937 CE:

    “[Winston] Churchill did not accept that the Jews
    were a foreign race [to the Holy Land].

    He said it was the Arabs who had been
    the outsiders, the conquerors.”

    SOURCE: Churchill and the Jews
    (chapter 10, page 115) by Martin Gilbert, year 2007 CE

    Winston Churchill was British Prime Minister
    from 1940 to 1945 CE and from 1951 to 1955 CE.


    Ancient Roman historians
    connected Jews with the Land of Israel

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