Thursday, July 19, 2018

Sacha Baron Cohen, while you're at it, could you ...

Sar Shalom

Anyone paying attention this past week knows about Sacha Baron Cohen's latest fictional character interacting with real people in Who is America? Among his exploits was convincing Congressmen and gun lobbyists to go on the record advocating for providing assault rifles to toddlers.

Without getting into the merits of Cohen's lampooning gun aficionados, there's one target I would particularly like to see hit by this antic, Linda Sarsour. The interview would start with discussion of the recent Gaza protests. It would its way up to the Palestinians having the right to march on the settlements, such as Kisufim and Nirim. It would continue with what should be done about the settlers. She should be goaded with statements about how those settlers have stolen Palestinian land leading to her agreeing that the settlers deserve to be killed. The more brutal the method she can be induced to endorse, the better.

Sacha, are you up to it?


  1. I suspect that will never happen. Cohen's general view of America is the same as Hollywood's view of America. Anyone who doesn't live in on the far west coast on the water, or on the far east coast between Baltimore and Boston is a cousin humping no shoes wearing bible thumping gay hating Islamophobic moron who should be put down like a mad dog. And everyone to the right of Emma Goldman too, lock them up and gas them.

    BTW did you see Trevor Noah just got excoriated by the French Ambassador to US after Noah on his show denied that the French won the world cup, instead calling it "Africa's Victory" because according to him you can't be black and French. Coming from a guy who's half black and half white, from ZA that's maybe the stupidest thing I've heard in days.

    1. I don't think his view of America is so much that, given that he did make a movie about Islamic dictators which also made fun of feminists in it. I think he's doing what he's doing to "make his bones" of anti-Trump cred, so to speak.

    2. I would be satisfied with Tuvia Tenenbaum pulling it off. Just so long as it goes viral.