Saturday, October 5, 2019

Open Thread Saturday


Cause things were getting a little crowded on one particular thread.


  1. To understand and address the incapacity of the young, highly recommended:

    A good summary, especially the chart, is here:

    One adopted quote starting a chapter:

    No one would talk much in society if they knew how often they misunderstood others. —JohannAWolfgangAvonAGoethe

    Imagine how nice it would be if people would think more before they speak, and accept when they are told they are mistaken without then offering up something negative and often personal. One can dream.

  2. Looks like a great book. Will add it to my list of must reads. Thanks.

  3. Well, for the first time since 1989 I will be traveling to the USA. My family is driving down next Thursday to Columbus Georgia for a family reunion. My oldest daughter went 2 years ago but I couldn't but I wanted to for sure this time as my eldest brother is getting up there and my remaining brother is 78, so....6 of us this time around...should be fun with, of course, mounds of home made fried chicken and other Southern cooking lol Looking forward to all the Southern accents too; even after all this time they still remind me of home.

    1. Wow! That's 30 years since you've been in "America," as we like to say.
      Do your Georgia relatives really have southern accents? Interesting. Anyone named Beauregard? :0)
      Please drive (why are you driving?) safely. Do drop us a line!

    2. Yep, the drawl is strong with this lot. I doubt there's a Beauregard....too high class a name for my crowd. lol

      As to the driving it's my eldest daughter's idea; they did it 2 years ago and it's way cheaper. It cost more to get to Columbus than it does to get to freaking Europe for some reason. 3 drivers should make it easy going. And US gas is Wayyyyyyyyyy cheaper than Canadian. So we can do the rental and gas for about $1500 which would bought us only 2 plane tickets. It's a good thing too cause last Thurs my SUV engine imploded and I had to shell out a hefty down payment for a new used car. Never rains but it pours.

    3. Okay, Colonel Doodad. How many days will that take?
      Sorry about your car - cars are always a worry. Mine is ready for the big maintenance.

    4. We're driving straight through so 15 hours each way. With 3 drivers we should be good. @ years ago my eldest daughter did it with 2 drivers and 3 rascally fidgety kids. Only one grand kid going this time. lol

    5. OMG my youngest daughter is into the ancestry search thing with DNA and she just found my lost lost Jewish nephews from Chicago. My oldest sister who we all lost track of back in the 70's had married a Jewish night club owner (yes, it was mob related) and had 2 boys. My youngest sister met them back in late 60's but I only had pictures of them. One is hoping to come to the reunion. He and his wife and my youngest daughter and eldest niece are talking on Facebook and the phone. Pretty exciting stuff. Evidently my oldest sister, his Mom, is still alive at 79 years old but is reluctant to make any contact with her family. Not sure what that is about but we all thought she was dead. Should be an interesting trip.

  4. Abdul Hameed al Ghabin
    [Saudi writer and political analyst] said:

    “How can we achieve peace if the Palestinian people remain without a place to call home? The answer is simple:

    Jordan is already 78% of historical Palestine. Jordanians of Palestinian origin constitute more than 80% of the population according to U.S. intelligence cables leaked in 2010. Jordan is essentially already the Palestinian Arab state.

    The only problem is, the King of Jordan refuses to acknowledge this.”

    SOURCE: A new Saudi perspective for peace
    by Abdul Hameed al Ghabin, 2019/8/21

  5. “People tend to forget that the doctrine of territories for peace was used by [Adolph] Hitler in [year] 1939, when he declared that he would leave Europe in peace if territories in Poland that Germany lost in World War I were ceded to Germany.”

    SOURCE: Moshe Arens, former Member of Knesset
    and Israeli Minister of Defense, HaAretz, 2004/1/22

    Retired Lt General Tom Kelly
    (Chief of Operations of the 1991 Gulf War) said:

    “I cannot defend this land [Israel] without
    that terrain [the West Bank]...

    Without the West Bank, Israel is only 8 miles wide
    at its narrowest point. That makes it indefensible.”

    The Jewish Connection Magazine,
    2012 January 6 edition, page 14, article titled:
    The 2012 Arab Street Driven Security Requirements
    written by retired Ambassador Yoram Ettinger


    “J-Street and Peace Now and practically the entire Democratic Party and all of Western Europe take it as axiomatic that a new State of Palestine would bring peace.

    Voices who point out that Israeli concessions in the past to Palestinians has brought less, not more, peace have been drowned out.”

    Large majority of Palestinians say the conflict
    should continue even AFTER they get a state

  6. “In opposition to the view of the majority of Israelis and of the 2016 Republican Party platform, Graham insists on maintaining allegiance to the so-called two-state solution, despite its hundred-year record of continuous failure.”

    Strengthening the US-Israel alliance
    by Caroline Glick


    Links to Articles That Explain Why
    Israel’s 1967 Borders are Undefendable

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  8. News:
    There is now a 2nd whistleblower.
    This one saw Trump, Pompeo, and Pence at the punch bowl spiking the punch, while Hillary was upstairs in a bedroom getting gang-raped. Biden and his son were just outside the door selling tickets - nothing wrong with that, and Schiff was out in the car maintaining radio contact, while never personally meeting with the good samaritan.

    1. Biden was selling tickets, but is there any evidence that he actually spent the money on himself? Maybe he donated it to a rape awareness NGO. Let's not jump to conclusions here.
      We also need to ask Dr. Ford if she saw Giuliani upstairs?

    2. I don't know. What I do know is that Biden's kid and his brother made out quite well when he was putting the vice in vice president, and that the Clinton Foundation was going great guns only to peter out as soon as the victim lost the election. Add on to that a mile from Pelosi's house is one of the largest human toilets in the world. Her policies are working.

  9. Trump's definitely toast. He phoned Zelensky and said "Hi." So he's guilty of "Hi crimes," at least.

  10. The only good thing about this impeachment stuff is it kinda shut down the squad from the news cycle.

  11. "America’s Knowledge Crisis: A Survey on Civic Literacy"

    Have a feeling they are literate about social justice issues. Woke=ignorant. The proof is in the pudding.