Thursday, October 24, 2019

Michael Lumish

I am just sick to fucking death of non-Jews telling us where we may, or may not, be allowed to live on the very homeland of the Jewish people. Obama did it for 8 years and nobody blinked although it certainly pissed ME off.

Now Warren is pulling the same schtick. She wants to cut aid to Israel depending upon just where in Israel Jews choose to live. Who the fuck do these people think that they are?

It is time for Jews to leave the Democratic party if only to create a reasonable balance between Jewish support for Republicans versus Democrats. I am not a Republican, but I do not want the Democratic Party to take us for granted, which they most certainly do.

I am a Californian and, until fairly recently, a Democrat for over 30 years, but the party does not have our best interests in heart. The reason for this is because the influential "progressive" wing of the party honestly believes that Jews are aggressors in the Middle East.


  1. "Who the fuck do these people think that they are?"
    Exactly. It's quite an imperialist position, and of course would seem ironic for people claiming to represent the polar opposite of that. Just like Obama. The barn door has been left open and the stench of horse shit is in the air.
    The progressive left in this country, taking after its European partners, has adopted the "anti-Zionism" of the old Soviet Union, which was absolutely and irrefutably soaked in antisemitism, despite thin claims to the contrary which bear no scrutiny.
    That they really believe it tells me something about them I never wanted to know, such as "what other nonsense do these people, who want to rule me, believe?" It opens up a can of worms. Therefore we can understand why such people double down on the antisemitism denial and the Israel bashing simultaneously. The more they deny, the more the need to deny.
    I was a Democrat from the time I was 5 years old. Too bad that when the far left steals your party, you can't just call a cop. Oh, forgot, cops are racists, and the Democratic field is in favor of letting criminals out of prison if they're nonviolent (ROFLMAO), and illegal aliens should be welcomed and have their medical care paid for, and NYC (so liberal!) has outlawed the use of the term "illegal alien" punishable by up to $250,000 fine even though the term is in the legal code of the United States.
    Watch. Hillary Clinton is going to enter the race as the "sane candidate" to beat Trump.
    Jeffrey Toobin is sorry for having harped so much on those emails which probably cost her the election - I have never seen so many make so many excuses for a lame and losing presidential candidate in my life, which is pretty long now. Imagine if they had made up so many excuses for Dukakis. lol
    So Hillary is going to pull the old Nixon, (so apropos when you look at her past political shenanigans) and run again. I'd rather have Nixon.
    Sorry to go so far afield. Let me just sum up with the strange phenomenon of both these candidates playing strong women and yet both claiming victimization to their base for authenticity. It is sick. The Democratic Party has a disease. I will not vote for them, because I think they are incredibly dangerous. They have proved it to me.

    Don't let the progressive Left tell you how they hate Saudi Arabia either, when in fact they support antisemitic/anti-zionist materials in primary and secondary education, as they do in Newton, MA, Elizabeth Warren's adopted home state.
    Left wing antisemitism is not a fantasy and it is not a conspiracy theory, it is a fact. And in the fight to expose it while it is still deplored, before it becomes thoroughly embraced, I'm afraid we're losing.

    1. Hi Jeff, I hope that Hillary does join the race, if only for the entertainment value!

    2. Do you really hate this country that much? ;-)

    3. Sheldan, this is going to be a very interesting election cycle. It's going to be one of the most interesting battles to the death in American political history.

      I tell ya, tho, I did not vote for Trump the first time around nor, as many of these guys can tell you, did I advocate for him.

      But he may get my vote this time!

      And the thing of it is, if I do vote for Trump, it will mainly be in opposition to all of this nonsense coming out of the Left these days. By which I mean "safe spaces" and "gender neutral pronouns" and men defeating women in women's sports and all the amazing hatred constantly spewed at this president.

    4. I just don't want people who think like that running the country. My guess is that Mr. Cohen would agree.

  2. BTW, a question for Elizabeth Warren:
    Q: As president, what would you do if Israel cut some of its aid to the United States?

  3. There are Jews who say it, too. They are entitled to their opinions, which are noise, less important than people that vote with their feet. Rhetoric is different than reality. Palestinians are losing their cache, among other Arab states and beyond. In Israel, Arabs are increasingly satisfied. Given the choice, how many would move to Palestine?

    The point is taken. However, these people that want to dictate have bigger fish to fry. Fortunately, most Americans understand what Israel is. Sadly, that number is decreasing among Democrats, where conformity is becoming the norm, and the woke can coerce the rest.

    1. Heya School,

      it seems to me that in certain ways the Democrats and Republicans have switched positions. When we were coming up it was the Democratic Party that represented liberalism and freedom of speech. Today, much to my astonishment, the Republican Party does so.

      {And, yet, nobody told us.}

      In any case, there is no question but that the Democratic Party has turned against Israel and, thus, against the Jewish people. But you and I saw this coming a decade ago.

    2. Mike,

      Dennis Prager remarked on this phenomenon in his book "Think a Second Time." The positions that were considered liberal in the 1960s are what are held by conservatives today. So I think that "liberal" is still an honorable term--the term "leftist," which is what people associate with "liberal," actually is the position of those who are opposite of what the term meant then.

  4. Why do they stay? is easier to do nothing than to change parties and hold principles. Even if the party s---s on you by more open antisemitism and hostility toward Israel.

    I am not sure if American Jews will ever again be majority Republican. It seems as if "Jewish" has been equated to "liberal (I am wondering if I should say "leftist"; 1960s liberalism has been shunned as being too conservative) Democratic Party principles" in the minds of most Jews, not having had Jewish education to speak of and assimilating to the point of disappearing. I would like to hope that more Jews are voting Republican, but the sentiment that "may my right hand wither" (Amazing that they go that far!) seems to be more entrenched than ever.

    I agree with you. More of us should be independent and make both parties work for our vote. My vote has become more Republican only because I don't feel I have a Democrat that I can vote for. And with you-know-who, I am not sure I have a Republican I can vote for. Sigh...

    1. While I am not a Republican myself, I do agree with Mike that a loss of the Jewish vote from the Democratic ranks is necessary. I think it is unnatural for Jews as well as for blacks to vote so heavily for the Democrats. Trump scared the hell out of Democrats by even talking about black people and asking for their votes, hence all the race baiting they have projected onto him.

      I was a registered Democrat for 40 years, still am, but my heart's not in it anymore. Shame on THEM.

    2. You are completely right. People should not be thought of as in the pocket of one or the other party. But I don't think it will happen soon.

    3. Yeah, I am with you guys on this. I was a Democrat for about 30 years and am now a proud independent. The Dems are following Corbyn, sadly enough. But all I want to see in the next cycle is a greater parity among Jews between the parties.

    4. I'd love to see that as well, but I won't hold my breath. It takes decades for that kind of shift.

  5. Jonathan S. Tobin said:

    “Like most of the rest of the Democrats, [Pete] Buttigieg [mayor of South Bend] seems to see Israel’s legitimacy as linked to the creation of a Palestinian state alongside it.”


    “At its core, the Democrats’ conception of the U.S.-Israel relationship is that of a great power and a client state that must do as it’s told.”

    SOURCE: Trump discarded the
    carrot-and-stick approach to Israel

    by Jonathan S. Tobin, 2019 June 20

  6. Unlike other people who comment on this blog,
    I actually QUIT the Democratic Party!

    I filled out the forms provided by the
    Department of Elections, and changed
    my official party affiliation.

    You could too -- if you really wanted to -- but you won't -- because you are not equal to me, and you never will be.

    I am sorry if that sounds arrogant, but it is the truth.

    I am sorry if that hurts your feelings, but the truth hurts.

    1. I think you are assuming that all states require stating a party affiliation and changing it formally is what you are referring to. In TN, there is not a requirement for this; I do choose whether to vote in the party primaries, but this is not the same as "joining" the party.

      In fact, I am a political independent. I have no need of quitting the Democratic party, because I never was a member of either party.

      It is possible that many of us are independent as well. Just because most American Jews identify as Democrat does not mean that this assumption applies to those who post on this blog.

    2. Thinking that quitting the Democrats makes you better than others is pretty sad. Saying it is worse. That is the truth! You have no idea of the accomplishments of others, or the quality of the lives they lead, yet you take it on yourself to judge. Just as profanity should be absent here, so should pride. You owe people here an apology. Let's see how humble you can be.

    3. Had to be said, although the profanity is unnecessary, here, and elsewhere. That, too, used to be private and it tends to vulgarize everything. It's so easy not to and it hardly adds anything to what is said, although it often detracts. Rather a profane saint than a polite scoundrel.

      As to political affiliations, usually the Democrats make these value judgments that they are better people, so it was surprising to hear this from one that quit the Democrats. Telling people you are better than them is not the recommended way to get them to listen to you or your message. It's a lose, lose.

    4. "...because you are not equal to me, and you never will be..."

      Mr. Cohen, you have been a welcome part of this forum for a long time now -- ages in terms of internet years -- and I am, therefore, very sorry that you feel this way.

      As for course language, this place is actually quite mild. Our ideas may be hard but, fuck me, our language rarely is.

  7. Another reason why the other people who comment on this blog are not equal to me -- and never will be – is because they refuse to stop using bad language, even on this blog, which is read by many people, both Jews and non-Jews.

    I was raised by parents who both used bad language, at least 100 times each day, 365 days each year, for more than 50 years. But I rejected that evil practice, and try my very best to avoid using bad language.

    In the past, I quoted –- on this blog -- classic Jewish holy books which explain that using bad language is a devastating mistake. I spent very many hours researching those quotes and translating them and precisely typing them into my computer.

    Then I presented those quotes on this blog – for free – hoping that my fellow Jews would stop using bad language, even if only on this blog.

    But my efforts were futile; I was just wasting my time.

    One day, the people who comment on this blog will look back into the past, and realize that by using bad language this blog, they made ALL Jews look bad.
    But then it will be too late.

    1. My parents rarely used foul language, so it's not such a big issue for me, like it is for you.
      However, proclaiming others to be unequal to your greatness is a special kind of obnoxious, as well as foul language IMV.

    2. It is important to understand what we mean when we say "bad language." Obscene language consists of words that are derogatory connotations of what is actually denoted. Racial epithets are obscene because what is actually denoted are people who have a right to be respected no matter their race, religion or nationality but the connotation is one of no respect. Words like "fuck" are obscene because it is a derogatory connotation of something that is not disgusting. Words like "shit" are simply crude because it is not a derogatory connotation of that which it denotes.

  8. I'm not so sure. I think it may be willful blindness...

  9. This is why I love you, dude!