Sunday, October 6, 2019

The White Jew

Michael Lumish
When I was growing up to be a "white" person meant to be a person of European descent. This is no longer the case.

To be "white," today, means to be a "bad" person, particularly if you tend to be of the manly persuasion.

In contemporary political parlance, "whiteness" is a signifier of racism, oppression, colonialism, imperialism, privilege, sexism, Islamophobia, transphobia, capitalism, and, most particularly, racism.

The irony is delicious.

"Progressives" -- throughout politics and the academe and, even, corporate America -- consider "white" to be a category of ethnic guilt. In the name of "social justice" they are condemning innocent young kids, particularly boys, of some sort of original sin.

They are, in fact, damaging your children and most of you are A-OK with it.

In this way, the "progressive" movement is deeply religious and increasingly medieval. The movement used to be about open-mindedness. Today it is about hysterical dogma. Mario Savio would not recognize it.

It used to be about social libertarianism and freedom of expression. Today it is about ideological conformity and a Puritanical patrolling of the borders of acceptable thought.

What, therefore, is increasingly disturbing to many of us is this association of Ashkenazi Jews with "whiteness."

Throughout Euro and American history when "whiteness" was considered good, Jews were not considered "white." Now that "whiteness" is somehow considered bad, Jews are considered "white."

What is most important, in my opinion, is for those of us of Judean descent to not buy-in to this Euro and American nonsense.

We should not allow them to impose their own historical neuroses around race upon the Judean people, the historically oppressed Jews.


  1. "Throughout Euro and American history when "whiteness" was considered good, Jews were not considered "white." Now that "whiteness" is somehow considered bad, Jews are considered "white."

    Nothing says it more clearly nor signals their intentions than this.

    1. That's right. And I have been pointing this out since my days at UC Berkeley, which makes it quite a long time already.

      70 years ago Jews were "not quite white" and now we are the quintessential white people, even the originators of this sinfulness. Whiteness now begins with the Jews. All of western civilizations "crimes" will be ultimately blamed on us, because....drum roll. You already know why.

      But I also find the whole darned thing as sick as can be. The attainment of power by these so-called progressives will usher in an era of backwardness and darkness.

      As Sargon of Akkad has mentioned, if you wanted an icon that represented most of human history it would be an asian with brown skin holding a sword.
      Now that we know that, I guess brown people suck. So, what do you think? Do we ferret them out for "special" treatment?

    2. And of course, there is that whole Judeo-Christian ethic thing. It predates, inspires and validates the whole Western worldview thing and Jews come first so they are most to blame.

  2. Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz
    said this about Israel:

    "No country faced with comparable threats can boast a better record of human rights, a higher regard for the rule of law, or greater efforts to reduce civilian casualties.

    Nor has any country in history contributed as much to humankind — medically, scientifically, environmentally, academically, culturally — in so short a time than has Israel in its relatively brief existence as an independent state."

    SOURCE: New Dershowitz Memoir
    Is a Must-Read for Israel Advocates

    by James Sinkinson for JNS dot org, 2019 September 8


    Mr. Leon Kushner said:

    “Israel is not perfect. No country is.

    But attacking the only Jewish state
    and ignoring the rest of the world’s bad
    players is anti-Semitic, plain and simple.”

    SOURCE: It’s Hard to Raise Jewish
    Children in an Anti-Israel World

    by Leon Kushner, 2018 July 25


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “G*D will give the Jewish people strength,
    only then will the Jewish people have peace,
    and that is the lesson of the Holocaust;
    that is the lesson of Israel.

    A strong Israel is required to get peace.
    Never apologize for your strength.”

    Alan Dershowitz Dismantles the BDS Movement
    a YouTube video by Alan M. Dershowitz, 2016/7/23


    Lord Ian Livingston of England said:

    “Whilst the Israeli Defense Forces are not
    perfect, the obsession of focusing on them
    despite being the most moral and professional
    army in the Middle East is very strange.”

    SOURCE: Ten Baroness Tonge
    Pilloried at House of Lords Session She Initiated
    on Israel’s Treatment of Palestinian Children

    by Benjamin Kerstein, 2019 July 8, The Algemeiner


    Harvard Law Professor Alan M. Dershowitz said:

    “This phenomenon, which currently has no accepted name, assumes a variety of forms, but its most obvious manifestation is the special and often gloating attention paid by the media, [and] by intellectuals, and by the government to any deviation by Israel, no matter how trivial, from the highest norms of humans rights, civility, and sacrifice.

    Though Israel may be deserving of criticism, what is missing is the comparable criticism of equal or greater violations by other countries and other groups. This constant, often legitimate criticism of Israel for every one of it deviations, when coupled with the absence of legitimate criticism of others, creates the impression currently prevalent on university campuses and in the press that Israel is among the worst rights violators in the world.”

    SOURCE: Chutzpah by Alan M. Dershowitz
    (chapter 4, page 119) published year 1991
    by Little Brown & Co ISBN: 9780316181372 * ISBN: 0316181374

  3. Mark R. Levin
    (a lawyer and best-selling author) said:

    The examples of the [New York] Times and mass media’s hostility toward the Jewish State is not even a matter of indifference, as it was during the plight of European Jews in the 1930s and 1940s, which was horrifying.

    Instead, there is frequently open and affirmative hostility toward the Jewish State, despite the fact that the small country, a democracy and an ally, faces daily threats of extermination from terrorists groups and surrounding terrorist states, including, if not especially, nuclear-weapons-obsessed Iran.

    After examining more than a year’s worth of recent coverage by the [New York] Times, Gilead Ini of the Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America [CAMERA] concluded that the [New York] Times:

    “consistently flouts the rules of ethical journalism.
    And it does so as part of a campaign to protect anti-Israel activists and steer public opinion against the Jewish State.”

    SOURCE: The ‘Times’ and Israel:
    A Review of 2018
    by Gilead Ini, February 2019

    SOURCE: Unfreedom of the Press
    (chapter 6, page 163) by Mark R. Levin,
    published by Threshold Editions, year 2019,
    NYC, ISBN 9781476773094 * ISBN 1476773092

  4. Mark R. Levin
    (a lawyer and best-selling author) said:

    “How is it possible that such colossal media failures of integrity, morality, and professional canons in the face of the mass extermination of Jews and Ukrainians do not permanently cripple the reputation and standing of the New York Times and the other press organizations, or at least force serious circumspection within, and reformation of the media industry?

    And what of the weak excuses and feeble explanations offered decades later, as if they are atonement enough for the abhorrent consequences of the media’s role in the cover-up of the genocidal murder of millions?”

    SOURCE: Unfreedom of the Press
    (chapter 6, page 172) by Mark R. Levin,
    published by Threshold Editions, year 2019, NYC,
    ISBN 9781476773094 * ISBN 1476773092

  5. Caroline Glick said:

    “Given the progressive, activist media’s effective control over the public discourse in the U.S., today it acts not as the guarantor of freedom of expression, but as the most powerful bar to freedom of expression in America.

    By determining what is “racist” and what is not racist, what is “politically correct” and what is unacceptable politically and culturally, the media do not serve as a vehicle for informing the public about the issues of the day and the state of the country and the world. Rather, they serve as indoctrination nodes, instructing the public what they can say and what they cannot say; what they can think, and what they cannot think; who can be accepted as legitimate and who must be ostracized and shamed as illegitimate.”

    SOURCE: The New York Times’ 120 year war
    against the Jews
    by Caroline Glick, 06/05/2019

  6. Matti Friedman
    [former Associated Press reporter] wrote:

    “Hamas’s strategy is to provoke a response from Israel by attacking from behind the cover of Palestinian civilians, thus drawing Israeli strikes that kill those civilians, and then to have the casualties filmed by one of the world’s largest press contingents, with the understanding that the resulting outrage abroad will blunt Israel’s response.

    This is a ruthless strategy, and an effective one.
    It is predicated on the cooperation of journalists.

    One of the reasons it works is because of the reflex I mentioned.

    If you report that Hamas has a strategy based on co-opting the media, this raises several difficult questions, like:

    What exactly is the relationship between the media and Hamas?

    And has this relationship corrupted the media?”

    SOURCE 1:
    What the Media Gets Wrong about Israel
    by Matti Friedman, 2014/11/30

    SOURCE 2: Unfreedom of the Press
    (chapter 6, pages 159-160) by Mark R. Levin, published by Threshold Editions, year 2019, NYC, ISBN 9781476773094 * ISBN 1476773092

  7. Matti Friedman, a former Associated Press correspondent who covered Israel for a time, explained the modus operandi of most of his former journalist colleagues when reporting about Israel.

    On November 30, 2014, he wrote an article in the Atlantic titled:
    What the Media Gets Wrong about Israel –The news tells us less about Israel than about the people writing the news, a former AP reporter says.”

    [Matti] Friedman wrote:

    “Journalistic decisions are made by people who exist in a particular social milieu, one which, like most social groups, involves a certain uniformity of attitude, behavior, and even dress (the fashion these days, for those interested, is less vests with unnecessary pockets than shirts with unnecessary buttons). These people know each other, meet regularly, exchange information, and closely watch one another’s work. This helps explain why a reader looking at articles written by the half-dozen biggest news providers in the region on a particular day will find that though the pieces are composed and edited by completely different people and organizations, they tend to tell the same story”

    Sound familiar? So does this: [Matti Friedman wrote:]

    “In these circles, in my experience, a distaste for Israel has come to be something between an acceptable prejudice and a prerequisite for entry. I don’t mean a critical approach to Israeli policies or to the ham-fisted government currently in charge in this country, but a belief that to some extent the Jews of Israel are a symbol of the world’s ills, particularly those connected to nationalism, militarism, colonialism, and racism—an idea quickly becoming one of the central elements of the “progressive” Western zeitgeist, spreading from the European left to American college campuses and intellectuals, including journalists. In this social group, this sentiment is translated into editorial decisions made by individual reporters and editors covering Israel, and this, in turn, gives such thinking the means of mass self-replication.”

    SOURCE 1:
    What the Media Gets Wrong about Israel by Matti Friedman, 2014/11/30

    SOURCE 2: Unfreedom of the Press
    (chapter 6, pages 158-159) by Mark R. Levin,
    published by Threshold Editions, year 2019, NYC,
    ISBN 9781476773094 * ISBN 1476773092

  8. Former New York City mayor Ed Koch wrote an opinion piece in the [New York] Times [on 2006 June 1] titled “The New York Times’ Anti-Israel Bias,” asserting that “the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] and the New York Times consistently carry news stories and editorials that are slanted against Israel and sympathetic to the Palestinian Authority and Hamas.”

    SOURCE: Unfreedom of the Press
    (chapter 6, page 157) by Mark R. Levin,
    published by Threshold Editions, year 2019, NYC,
    ISBN 9781476773094 * ISBN 1476773092