Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Michael Lumish

One of the major problems that the tiny Jewish minority has is that the western-left honestly believes that the Jews of Israel -- and by extension their diaspora supporters -- are not "humane" to Palestinian-Arabs.

The EU, the UN, and the Democratic Party feel so strongly about this that they are literally willing, under "Pay-to-Slay," to finance the murder of Jews in Israel.

They give Mahmoud Abbas and Hamas and the Palestinian Authority Western tax-dollars used to pay-off Jew Killers who ram us in the streets with their vehicles, stone our children, behead Jewish babies, and knife old people in Jerusalem.

And, yet, they lecture us about "social justice" as they teach Jewish kids to despise their own people in Western universities.

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  1. Whatever happened to Trudy? This place can use a woman's touch.