Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Harper Learns the Truth about Arab anti-Semitism

Michael L.

The tidbit below was written by Gil Ronen and published in Arutz Sheva:
Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper planned to tour the Temple Mount after visiting the Western Wall (Kotel) Tuesday, but the visit was torpedoed at the last minute by the Muslim Waqf, which said it would not allow Harper's security detail onto the Mount, since some of the bodyguards are Jewish, leading Temple activist Yehuda Glick told Arutz Sheva in an exclusive interview. Bnei Brith Canada confirmed the story.

There are also alternative versions of the events, however, and it cannot yet be said with complete certainty which is the correct one.
If you read the article you will see that the Huffington Post is implying that either the Waqf or the Canadians requested that no Shin Bet officers be allowed inside the Al Aqsa Mosque in the event of hostilities.

We also read:
Arutz Sheva spoke to sources in the Foreign Ministry who confirmed that the Waqf had cancelled Harper's visit. However, their version was that the Waqf simply refused to allow Canadian security men into the Temple Mount.

Glick, a prominent Temple activist and LIBA project coordinator, told Arutz Sheva Wednesday that he spoke to sources within Harper's entourage who confirmed that the Waqf refused to allow Jewish bodyguards into the Mount.
The true source of the never-ending war against the Jews of the Middle East is plain for all to see.  It is century upon century of Arab-Muslim hatred for, and bigotry towards, the Jewish people.

Period.  End of story.

Anti-Semitism is hard-coded into Islam and until this religion reforms itself it will continue to raise and harvest genocidally-inclined Jew Haters and we will continue to get racist incidents like the one described above.

Western progressives like to think that the reason that so many Palestinian-Arabs are filled with murderous rage is because the Jews are mean to them.  Israel put up a fence which is inconvenient and humiliating for its Arab neighbors.  Israel set up check-points that Palestinian-Arabs sometimes have to pass through and they are not happy about that.

Well, I have to wonder just what the local Arabs expected after the greater Arab world has treated its Jews like second and third-class non-citizens under the system of oppression known as dhimmitude for thirteen long centuries?  What did the local Arabs expect to happen after they tried to drive the Middle Eastern Jewish remnant into the sea directly after the Holocaust?  I am sorry, but one does not get to try to murder people and then complain that they are mean to you after you fail to do so.

It simply does not work that way.

Nonetheless, Arabs make up about 20 percent of the Israeli population.  They share schools with Jews.  They share hospitals with Jews.  They share restaurants with Jews.  And they vote their own leadership into the Knesset.  Yet, I feel reasonably certain that if you were to research the number of Jews holding any position within any Arab government you would find nary a soul.  Jews are not even allowed to live as Jews in either Saudi Arabia or Jordan as a matter of law and, needless to say, the Arabs chased the Jews out of the Middle East entirely, with the obvious exception of Israel, after their failed attempt to complete what Hitler started.

There are only two possible resolutions to the ongoing Arab hate-fest toward the Jewish people.  Either Islam reforms itself, and foregoes the anti-Semitism rooted within it, or the Jewish people resolve to do whatever is necessary to secure the well-being of themselves, their children, and their grandchildren.

The former choice is, of course, the preferred choice.  There is also, unfortunately, nothing even remotely on the horizon to suggest that any such Islamic reformation is going to take place any time soon.  In fact, the opposite is true.  The "Arab Spring" was an affirmation of political Islam, not its reform.  What we are left with, therefore, is precisely what western progressives despise us for, Jewish self-defense and self-determination.

One way to express that self-determination would be to cancel the Waqf's administration of the Temple Mount.  If the Muslim authorities had the slightest respect for the Jewish people then the situation would be very different.  As it is, however, they destroy Jewish historical artifacts and discriminate against us in our access to the holiest site of the Jewish people.

It is entirely unjust and Israel is entirely wrong to collude with the Waqf in its denial of the rights of the Jewish people.  If we cannot bring ourselves to stand up for ourselves than no one is going to do it for us, that much is certain.

I say that we take back the Temple Mount.

From the comments:
5. Outrageous - when is this going to change?!

Way past time the Jewish people's holiest site is run properly by Israel, so that ALL can enter and pray freely in peace. This whole situation is an appalling and outrageous denial of human rights.  
Gila, Beit Shemesh (22/1/14)
I could not agree more.
8. So really the Arabs are demonstrating to Harper he's right

So far we have a Hysterical unhinged Arab MP, a hateful PA leader Abbas encouraging the creation of an overtly racist state, and disgusting racial discrimination by the Arabs of Jews on the Temple mount. Yeah sure, the Arabs are masters of PR...

James E, Jerusalem (22/1/14)
James seems to think that this incident will result in a bloody nose for Palestinian-Arab public relations.  I doubt it.  The Europeans already tend to empathize with suicide bombers and this will be hardly a blip on the American screen.
11. Time to bulldoze Al Aksa and kick out the Waqf

(n.c) Dave, London (22/1/14)
Well, that's just a tad extreme, I would say.  We do not need to bulldoze Al Aksa.  All we need is for the Israeli authorities to take over the administration of the area so that non-Muslims can have equal access to the site.  It is highly ironic that the Israeli authorities bow to Islamic supremacism right in the heart of Jerusalem.

It is also disgraceful and it needs to change.

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