Friday, January 24, 2014

On Settlements and Stupidity

Michael L.

On Settlements and Stupidity:  

The Progressive-Left Betrayal of the Jews and Human Rights in the Age of Obama

Introduction: Defaming the Jews on the Progressive-Left

          The Betrayal: Stating the Problem

          9/11 and America Gone Crazy

          The Blogs and Bush Hatred

          Progressive-Left Anti-Zionism

          Universal Human Rights encounter the Multicultural Ideal

          Jewish Stockholm Syndrome and My Departure

          The Progressive-Left and the Democratic Party

Chapter 1: The Backdrop of BDS and Anti-Semitic Anti-Zionism

          Traditional Islamic Jew Hatred

          Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union

          The New Historians and Edward Said

          The Mavi Marmara and the Red-Green Alliance

Chapter 2: Erasing Jewish History

          Language and Propaganda

          “Jesus was the First Palestinian Shaheed”

          Pallywood and the Fabrication of History through Fake Journalism

          The Social Construction of Palestinian National Identity

Chapter 3: The Palestinian Colonization of the Progressive Jewish Mind

          Post-Modernity and Neo-Colonial Theory

          The Oslo Syndrome

          Friends as Enemies, Enemies as Friends

          The Palestinian Narrative

Chapter 4: Multiculturalism and the Betrayal of Universal Human Rights

          The Betrayal of Women

          The Betrayal of Gays

          The Betrayal of Jews

          The Betrayal of Christians

The Obama Administration

Chapter 5: Killing Oslo and Validating Arab Anti-Jewish Racism

          “Total Settlement Freeze”

          Biden’s Outrage and Hillary’s Tongue-lashing

          A Judenrein Palestinian State

Chapter 6: The “Arab Spring” and the Rise of Political Islam

          Befriending the Muslim Brotherhood

          Syria and the American Retreat

Chapter 7: Saving Hamas and the Birth of the State of Palestine

          Operation “Pillar of Defense”

          Mr. Abbas Goes to the United Nations

          Kerry's Threat


Chapter 8:  Moving On


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  2. Sorry to go o/t, but I made a great find at work on Thursday. I was salting the walkways and pavements around the plant, when I just so happened to notice a bit of print on the back of the bag. Dead Sea Works? Wait a minute, could it be...

    Yup. :)

    1. Dead Sea Works?


      But today looks like a perfectly pleasant day here in the Oakland foothills.

      It's nothing but sun and around 65 degrees.

      I hear that this is not necessarily true around the rest of the country!

    2. Snowing again here in Philadelphia. Because apparently, getting six years' worth of snow over the past three weeks wasn't enough. Supposed to 'only' be a few inches today, but everyone seems to have forgotten that three or four inches is generally the one big snowfall Philadelphia gets most years.

      To add to the mess, every block but ours has already had their recycling picked up (a day late this week due to MLK Day), and I fear Streets has skipped us this week. It's happened before. It's windy as hell right now, too, so I fear that when I get home in an hour, it will be to deliriously dancing displays of empty soda cans and suboxone wrappers floating in the wind. Maybe I should record the sequence on my phone's camera a la that scene in American Beauty.

      Anyway, I'm at the bar across from my laundromat, having a Philadelphia Brewing Company Joe Coffee Porter and an egg sandwich, waiting for my laundry to dry itself. I'm getting tired of shoveling, and hope I don't have to do much of it after this stops in a few hours...

  3. Anyway, what is this, Mike?

    You writing a book or something?

    (Yeah, our recycling still hasn't been picked up, but at least the winds died down a bit... if Streets skips us again, I'm of half a mind to gather up a few bags' worth of it, and deliver it to the steps of our completely useless city councilman, Mark Squilla...)

    1. I think I might turn into a book.

      I want to start using this place to fill in the chapters and to work on it. I think what I might do as I continue to revise my outline is write brief summaries of each chapter.

      I'm honestly not certain, yet.

      But, yes, the above is the beginnings of an outline for a book.

    2. You'd better come to Philadelphia and give a talk after publication, good sir!

      I'm collecting authors, and it would be good to actually agree with one of them for a change... ;)