Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Scarlett Johansson Rocks!!!

by oldschooltwentysix

For more about Soda Stream, see my post from last year here, along with a really good video.

But this post is just for Scarlett!

PS -- She is stepping away from Oxfam, too.

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  1. Yes, I think that we all feel pretty good about Scarlett Johansson this morning.

    I remember when I first learned that she was Jewish.

    I do not think that my eyebrow could have been arched any higher!

    1. There's no doubt that BDS proponents are having a conniption.

      Rather than show any compassion for the Palestinians of Syria, they freak out over SodaStream.

  2. Good on her, and shame on those comfortable, Western pseudo-progressives who value their hatred of Israel above all else, even at the risk of taking away the livelihoods of a good number of Palestinians they claim to 'stand for,' somehow. The more they carry on the charade, the more they expose themselves for who they really are.

  3. I wonder what kind of a hit that Oxfam is going to take for this?

    This was a pretty high profile dispute, to be sure, and definitely Oxfam is going to absorb some sort of falling out.

    I wonder how significant it will be for them and would hope that most American Jewish donators would give serious consideration to pulling their support from the organization. This is one of those moments where we, as Jewish people - left, right, and center - need to stand together.

    Organizations like Oxfam are telling Jewish people that we must make a choice between them and our own historical, religious, and familial communities.

    For me that choice is easy.

    It should be easy for any one of us.

  4. And that old antisemite Walter Rogers adds misogyny to his list calling her "cute but....... not paying attention.",7340,L-4483878,00.html

    1. But he does it in serving the cause of 'social justice,' though, Doodad, so it's all good...

  5. I'm not sure it means much either way. Oh it's splashy and whatnot and I for one was amazed that the No Fun League begrudgingly allowed the SodaStream ad to air at the very end of the SuperBowl. But who among us hasn't been saying since 2000 that NGO's are in effect, unapologetic foreign policy tools of well funded governments. They SAY they are. It's not simply the UN which nations like France make a cornerstone of their own foreign policy, but every foundation, flotilla, charity, NGO, movement and such is OPENLY funded by governments opposed to Israel and the Jews generally.

    There are dozens of NGO's in Israel today which are owned and operated by European governments opposed to Israel's existence. There is HRW, AI and others who's money comes from states that actively support terrorists. Even our own little J-Street would not exist w/o Iranian money and clear marching orders from the White House - they say this themselves. Even publications like Lancet, ostensibly a publication of medical and health issues - has been caught unapologetically printing up falsehoods out of whole cloth to smear Israel and/or the US and was only forced to print retractions when they get caught.

    So Oxfam works for BDS? Of course it does. The small percentage of its work NOT dedicated to Jew hate is merely a cover to provide some credence to the fiction that they are what they claim - an organization to stop world hunger...

    Meanwhile HRW about 5 years ago finally admitted that their own pathological obsession with Israel-bashing in fact renders EVERY OTHER ONE of their efforts meaningless. They haven't the time people or money to spend any effort on anything BUT Israel. They said this. This is the working definition of a government sponsored 5th column.

    1. Even as all that is so, specific episodes where they are exposed opens more eyes, tarnishes the halo effect, and is necessary to build momentum to bring change..

      Same effect with the ASA.