Friday, January 17, 2014

Love of the Land Links

Michael L.

Yosef and Melody live in Hebron and Yosef edits and owns an on-line journal entitled Love of the Land.

Yosef and Melody are what some in the west refer to, with contempt, as "settlers."

Like many other Jewish people they have been trying to build a life for themselves on traditionally Jewish land and find themselves doing so under exceedingly hostile conditions.

I have been in regular email contact with Yosef and have decided to make his ongoing list of articles a part of Israel Thrives.

So, with no further ado.

Love of the Land Links!

Dealing with a society that praises itself for turning its children into human bombs

Can Israel afford to exist in twilight

Latest Palestinian plans show the "great" confidence in the efficacy of Kerry’s strateg

Fantasy, Illusion and Kerry’s Potemkin Village

When the messages heard in the Palestinian Arab villages go unreported in the wider world

Keep it coming, Yosef.


  1. I came across that blog long ago, yet keep forgetting about it for some reason. I need to read it more. Thanks for the reminder, Mike. I'm bookmarking it on my laptop and my phone.

  2. LOVE that photo, btw. Such incredibly beautiful architecture, and as it just so happens I am currently typing this comment from (the highly-recommended-by-me for beer, but not so much for food) Cedar Point Bar & Kitchen in Fishtown, Philadelphia, which is situated at just such a triangular intersection, with a strikingly similar classic Philadelphia rowhouse dominating the view directly out the window right next to me...

    Though I won't be able to see Hebron, I can't wait to see such similar ancient Jewish neighborhoods, particularly in Jerusalem, when my daughter and I take our first (and hopefully far from last!) trip to Israel, in 20-something months...

    1. Oh, I didn't realize that you were planning a trip to Israel.

      Good for you, dude.

      Be sure to try the falafel in the Old City and, I have to say, Haifa is a very interesting city.

    2. We were supposed to go in the late summer of 2015, actually. My daughter (who will turn 18 next year), her mother and I.

      Her mother is now out, for reasons I won't make public, but Sara and I will still be going. A bit later than originally planned, but it'll happen nonetheless.

      You'd better believe I have a food itinerary!

      We'll mostly spend our days in Tel Aviv, but Jerusalem and Eilat feature prominently on the itinerary as well...

    3. Jay, if you are already going to be in the vicinity,then please put Hebron on the itinerary, we'd be happy to host you and your daughter,as well as any others who may be interested.
      Yosef and Melody

    4. Michael,Shalom
      What can we say but to thank you for having us in mind. Shabbat was a busy day here with 11 guests and almost 160 on tour, but seeing the links on Israel Thrives was a great way to re-enter the week.
      All the Best

    5. Wow, thanks!

      I think we'll have to look into going ahead and doing just that, then...

  3. FWIW

    None of the links work for me, but send me to gmail.

    1. Good call. Same here, actually. I just went back to the site I already knew, and didn't try any of the specific links at the bottom of this post. But yeah, they send me straight to gmail, too...

    2. Ah, I did not realize.

      Well, I intend to publish a Love the Land Links once every couple of days and will fix it for the next round.