Friday, February 7, 2014


  1. I rock that fisherman's hat like Gorton.

    So at work, I'm known for dressing up in full rain gear most of the time, including the blinding yellow jacket, hoodie and knee-high boots which make it impossible to walk much faster than a turtle.

    But anyway, I've earned the nickname of Long John Silver, as a result of this. I argue that I prefer Captain Gorton, in response to which I receive blank stares.

    A majority of my coworkers are African-Americans in their 20s from the Newark, NJ area, and I find it hard to believe that they are not only unaware of Gorton's fish sticks, but that they also seem to miss this obvious reference to the song Black Jesus from Ghostface Killah's classic 1996 album, Ironman.

    In the first case, I now feel I have to investigate the Fine Fare grocery store a few blocks down on Front Street at Susquehanna (seen multiple times in background scenes of the film Rocky V, it's an actual inner city grocery store here in my neighborhood which still exists) to determine as to whether Gorton's fish sticks still exist.

    In the latter case, damn. I feel old.

    What the hell do these kids listen to these days?! How are they not fluent in the language of the Wu and Tony Stark(s)?!

  2. I go back to Daily Kos for (almost) the first time in a couple of years, and already I'm having my American citizenship questioned.

    It's good to know some things never change, I suppose...

    1. Jay, how do I sign in on that site of yours !!
      That person is a screw ball.
      How can she/he be 'half a Jew?"
      She/he says her/his father was Jewish but not her mother.
      Therefore she/he is not halachically Jewish.

    2. It's probably best to just stay away from that site, to be honest. I never should have gone back there myself. It's one of the leading 'progressive' blogs in the US when it comes to mainstreaming antisemitism. I went back tonight just to play around with the first idiot I found, and inadvertently ended up providing what I feel to be a very nice demonstration thread on how to deal with them. ;)

      I could have said much more, but then I would have opened myself up to banning and having my comments 'hidden.' As it was, I just ended up beating him senseless with one hand tied behind my back the whole time.

      Good times.