Friday, February 7, 2014


Michael L.


  1. Good one. And speaking of karma, how's old Norman Finklestein doin'? Not so hot. We can only wish Gershon such success.

  2. This 'question' from the interview is disgusting -

    "Okay, moving on then. You mentioned in numerous instances that you grew up in a household of Holocaust survivors, but your parents never shared their haunting experiences with you. It was only after reading about it in books at the age of 13 did you begin to understand what they must have gone through. As you approach 60, your entire career has been shaped by the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. After decades of diplomacy and countless deaths, there will eventually be a time when fighting will end. And a century from now, a Palestinian student will find one of your books in her library and learn about her history, much like how you did. How do you feel about that?"

    I've never heard of "Urban Times" before, but they should be ashamed of themselves for this sick bit of Holocaust minimization and inversion.

  3. Jay, agreed but of course they are just doing what a whole lot of idiots are doing nowadays. Wonder if they ended the interview with a Quenelle salute.

    Randall, exactly. World peace depends on keeping Jews out of their homeland.

  4. Hopefully some karma will visit Roger Walters who is now claiming MLK would have been anti-Israel were he still alive today. What a moron has been.