Friday, February 28, 2014

Love of the Land Links

Michael L.

Ambassador Oren’s Perilous Plan B

Finger on trigger, Amnesty fires and again shoots self in foot

The Millions of Real Victims of Israel Apartheid Week

Temple Mount rioting and BBC omissions

The Truth about "Israel Apartheid Week". Where's the Coverage?


  1. Restoring a comment from Jay and one from myself.

    I wrote a post, yesterday, concerned with the SFSU story, but decided to delete it. In the process I also deleted a comment from JayinPhiladelphia and one from myself.

    Here is what Jay had to say:

    "Since they use the same rhetoric, I have to wonder if SFSU also funds anti Mexican 'student' groups, or Ku Klux Klan-affiliated 'unions.'

    If, as I suspect, they don't and never would, I feel I have to ask what the difference is?"

    This was my response:

    "You have hit the nail on the head, Jay, and I do not know the answer to your question.

    What I do know is that I find this whole story particularly miserable. It cuts a little too close to the bone, I suppose. And the thing of it is, I do not know that the university has necessarily done anything wrong in regards the killing of "colonizers" thing from last year. It could be that the university was exemplary in their methods and swift in the applications.

    School seems satisfied, but I am not... not yet."

    1. This stuff is all so confusing anymore. Nowadays, we need not only a list of which groups of people it is still considered acceptable to hate, but also to which group one must belong in order to hate any such other group!

      For the obvious example, those who claim to support Palestinians can use classic antisemitic tropes and raise not many eyebrows amongst certain sects, but of course white supremacist groups can no longer get away with that.

      Progress, I guess!

      Maybe I'm just an old-fashioned liberal kinda guy, but I personally look forward to the day when hatred of any group of people is considered unacceptable, with no exceptions...