Sunday, February 2, 2014

Love of the Land Links

Michael L.

I still have yet to understand how it is that Jews living in Judaea and Samaria is a terrible crime that prevents dictator Abbas (in the tenth year of his four year term) and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu from drawing a line on a map.

I have also yet to understand how it is that of all the world's peoples only the Jews are said to be prohibited from living either here or there, even on the very land where Jewish people came from and have a 3,500 year history upon.

In the mean time, Yosef and Melody continue to live in Hevron, the city of Abraham.

Reflecting on a momentary slip by Secretary of State Kerry

Sweden’s Nordea Bank and the rather dubious ethics of anti-Semitism

A gang of bullies and remembrance of meetings past

Whether to focus on the victims or celebrate the psychopaths is the core issue

Is there a question? Yes, Israel will be blamed

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