Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Heroes Have Always Killed Invaders (Updated)

Michael L.

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In response to the SFSU story, Geoffff has a few words:
Can you imagine the fury if a campus Jewish group did this? 
"My heroes have always killed invaders". 
T-shirts with the face of Baruch Goldstein on sale" ". the only ‘peace’ I’m interested in is the head of this f—ing scum on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the invaders. The Liberation of Israel from the river to the sea can only come through the destruction and decimation of this Muslim plague and it can’t possibly come soon enough."

I could go on.

A guy with an Uzi saying "I seriously can not get over how much I love this weapon. It is the deadliest thing I own and cuts through bodies like swiss cheese and just holding it makes me want to shoot an invader".

Can you just imagine?

What would the university's reaction to that? Not to mention the media. Not to mention the Jews. All Jews everywhere.

Of course we can't imagine. That is because such a thing is impossible.
Geoffff is, for those of you who may be unaware, referring to the genocidal rantings of Muhammad Hammad, the president of the General Union of Palestine Students at San Francisco State University who said this on a social media site, referring to an innocent Jewish female Israeli soldier:
I’m sitting here looking through pictures of that f—ing scum (name removed to protect the soldier) … Anyone who thinks there can be peace with animals like this is absolutely delusional, and the only ‘peace’ I’m interested in is the head of this f—ing scum on a plate, as well as the heads of all others like her, and all others who support the IDF. The Liberation of Palestine can only come through the destruction and decimation of this Israeli plague and it can’t possibly come soon enough.
The double-standard is obvious.

The bottom line is that the students associated with GUPS, and other San Francisco State University political student organizations, called for murder.

Yes, they most certainly did.

"My heroes have always killed colonizers" is nothing less than a call for murder and I fail to understand how it is that the university can fund student organizations that quite literally call out for murder, if not genocide.

Who are these "colonizers" in need of killing?

San Francisco State University is funding student organizations that are calling out for blood.  Well, whose blood?  I feel reasonably certain that when a Palestinian Arab student in an organization like the General Union of Palestine Students holds up a sign declaring that "colonizers" should be killed that he means Jews.

Who else could he possibly mean?

It is clear as day and for the university to do nothing sends the message that calling for the murder of the tiny Jewish minority is within university standards of student behavior.

Have we really come to the point where calling for the murder of Jews is acceptable to San Francisco State University?

It is hard to imagine, but there it is.

It is a wake-up call and we sure as hell better wake up.


Dusty at Pro-Israel Bay Bloggers and San Francisco State Unbecoming asked me what should we do?

What is the next step?

Dusty knows activism, and the Bay Area Jewish community, better than do I, but it seems to me that the thing to do at this point is to contact the university and simply ask them what measures the university has taken given the fact that they are funding student organizations that recommend violence and murder?

President Wong claimed to be "disturbed" and "dismayed" and "concerned" about this call for violence by students at his university.

Therefore we simply need to discover just what his office has done in regards those concerns.

Therefore we need to call:

Ellen Griffin
SFSU, University Communications
Associate Vice President
415 - 338 - 6990

It's easy enough.  I called her yesterday and am hoping that she will return my call.  If not, I will call her back.

You might also, of course, consider dialing up the office of the president of the university:

Mr. Leslie Wong
Phone: (415) 338-1381

I am still hoping that the university took some measures concerning this issue.  My fear is that they will simply stonewall, thus affirming the idea that calling for murder by student organizations funded by the university has their approval.

It is simply not right and the larger Bay Area community, and the world-wide Jewish community, needs to let them know that we find this unacceptable, if we find it unacceptable.

I certainly do.


  1. I was informed that the university has acted on a complaint, but that the matter is confidential.

    It was suggested to contact Ms. Griffin to see if there can be more transparency so that the university community is not left in the dark about this matter.

    1. I just received an email from Ellen Griffin.

      She says this:

      Mr Lumish--

      Thank you for following up with us. The University has investigated the issue and has taken action. We are strictly bound by student privacy regulations. But I can assure you and the public that anyone who violated University rules has been held accountable under University policies.

      I am not really feeling the love.

      Are you?

    2. What we need are Jewish lawyers willing to do a little pro-bono work.

    3. You might ask her when the action was taken and if SFSU considered this:

      It would be illuminating to know how the investigation was commenced, and how the university can impart transparency when it appears to many on the outside that nothing was done.

    4. In addition to asking Griffin if the "accountability" meted out gave consideration to this repeat episode, you could contact the perpetrator directly to ask if he was disciplined. He can waive confidentiality one would think.

  2. Looks like I pretty much nailed it with my comment last night then, eh? At least about the confidentiality part. This student's incitement to murder and genocide was a very public act, however, wasn't it?

    1. You certainly did, my friend.

      You hit that nail right on the head.

      What pisses me off, tho, I have to tell you is that I do not think that anyone gives a shit.

      They simply don't care.

    2. When it comes to battling hatred, some targeted ethnic minorities are clearly less equal than others.

      But we knew this already. It's always a good time to fight like hell, though...

  3. It seems to me that as a minimum you are entitled to know what action the university has taken to ensure that events of this type will not recur. That does not violate anybody's privacy.

    And more to the point does the university consider that the events in issue violated university rules at all?. And if so which ones?

    That does not impose on anybody's privacy either. The events happened in public.

    It is merely a request that the university advise exactly what is its position in regard to the public events described. Are they within the rules? Or not?

    You must be entitled to know that. Nothing to do with anybody's privacy.

    1. This.

      "The events happened in public."

      This incident was not a private case of bullying or harassment. It wasn't cheating on an exam. It was a very public incitement to murder and genocide on the part of Mr. Hammad.

      I'm not calling for it to become a criminal case (though it would possibly be one in other countries), but some concrete reassurance on the part of university administrators that they do not take such incidents lightly would be nice.

  4. The Obama administration is, perhaps, the most racist administration in recent American history.