Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Adelle Biton Z"L


Adva and Adelle Biton; Arutz Sheva

The four-year old terror victim who was stoned by Arabs two years ago, as a two-year old, simply for being Jewish in the land where Jews come from, has passed away.

Adelle was critically wounded in March 2013, when the family car was attacked outside of Ariel in Samaria by Arab terrorists, who hurled rocks at the vehicle and caused it to veer off the road and crash headfirst into a truck.
The fist-sized rock struck Adelle directly in the head, leaving the two-year-old baby critically wounded and in mortal danger. Doctors said her recovery from the blow was nothing short of miraculous.

Adelle had been in and out of the hospital since in a grueling rehabilitation period.

Rocks kill.  May her murderers, and those who support such 'resistance,' never know a moment of peace again.

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