Friday, February 6, 2015



  1. Speaking of interesting photos, caption this one from this year's Grammys.

    I'll start: "Get this worthless piece of Nazi filth away from me."

    1. It would be interesting to go back and read just what Carter had to say about the rise of the ayatollahs.

      Most people mark the beginning of the contemporary Jihadi fad at 1979.

    2. EFF Carter! He made Israel give away the Sinai Peninsula! Carter in my mind is actually WORSE when it comes to Israeli/US relations than Obama!

    3. It also doesn't help that, unlike President Obama, Mr. Carter actually is an antisemite.

    4. Obama may pander to our people here in the US, but he isn't too far away from Carter!

    5. ///////////////////////////
      Informal Peace Plan for Mideast Is Unveiled in Geneva

      Published: December 1, 2003

      GENEVA, Dec. 1 — To prove that Middle East peacemaking is possible, self-appointed Israeli and Palestinian negotiators came together here today to sign a sweeping shadow agreement that calls for creation of a Palestinian state and provides a mechanism for resolving the status of Israeli settlements, Palestinian refugees and the city of Jerusalem.


      Mr. Carter, when asked in an interview whether the absence of progress so many years after Camp David was bittersweet for him, replied, "It's not bittersweet, just sweet."

      But then his frustration over twists in history and missed opportunities spilled out. "The bitterness comes from the fact that the top leaders have not been willing to move with this degree of effort," he said.

      Mr. Carter, defeated in his quest for re-election by Ronald Reagan in 1980, speculated that "had I been elected to a second term, with the prestige and authority and influence and reputation I had in the region, we could have moved to a final solution."

      But hey, I'm just being paranoid, right?

    6. "Final solution"?

      Freudian slip?

      Maybe not.

      Probably not.

      But, still.