Sunday, February 1, 2015

IDF Kills Local Arab Terrorist

Michael L.

The Jerusalem Post reports:
amud anan human shield1An IDF unit opened fire on two Palestinians who threw firebombs at Israeli traffic south of Nablus on Saturday night, killing one suspect and injuring a second. An army spokeswoman said soldiers spotted the Palestinians firebombing Israeli cars, adding that the Palestinian who was injured in the incident sustained a gunshot wound to the leg. The IDF said it is investigating the incident.
Well, as one wag said in the comments under that article, "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes."

What I think is that the parents of young local Arabs should make it very clear to their children that harassing or endeavoring to injure or murder Jews can result in some very ugly consequences.

Israel should make this abundantly obvious to the enemies of the Jewish people within the Arab population.

Young Arabs have been pelting Jews with rocks and other projectiles for centuries, for millennia, in fact.

They do it because it is part of Arab culture, a method of expressing grievance and hatred, and because it is condoned, if not encouraged, by their parents.  Israel needs to make it so that the very thought that Arab kids might be out there throwing stones, or worse, would strike fear into the hearts of the parents.

This, needless to say, presumes that the parents care about the well-being of the kid more than they care about nurturing and spreading hatred toward Jews.

This is, in many cases, a rather iffy proposition.  This being the case, charges of criminal negligence, or other such appropriate legal measures, should be taken against the parents, themselves.

By the way, the reason that the image above is appropriate is because the extent to which the local Arabs condone or encourage this kind of behavior from their kids is the degree to which they are using their own children as violent proxies against their neighbors.

This is cowardice brought to the highest possible level.

Can you imagine sitting at home while condoning your own children to go throw rocks at people?

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  1. The only problem with that image is that the terrorist 'fighter' is hiding behind far too few women and children.

    Understandable, though, considering space limitations and all...